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Great hiking trail, bring walking sticks because of loose rocks but there are steps leading up to the hole in the rock. There’s picnic areas across the street close to a little lake with ducks and fishing if you’re an Arizona resident. Look for prairie dogs, They’re doing a holes all over the place, also walk the botanical garden behind a hole in the rock.

A nice confidence builder for people thinking of doing harder hikes in the area or just want to get outside. A nice compliment to visiting the botanical garden.

Super short and easy hike. Very overcrowded BUT the view is really nice.

It was an easy trail but really difficult to follow. When you begin you can follow the posts labeled “5” but as you get closer to the red rocks, the posts aren’t labeled anymore.

Dogs loved it. Heavily populated. Quick stroll for some great photo ops

Great with the dogs, beautiful too

I love this hike because it is a nice, easy walk but just long enough to get moving! Wonderful views and lots of people out on the trail.

I love this place. I mainly mountain bike here but also great place to have a date, picnic, or family hike.

They look great from the road, fun indentures to climb in, but the trails aren't very challenging, unless you create your own up the mountains, but the entire park seems to be littered with broken glass. I don't understand what is going on there, never seen anyplace in Metro-Phoenix that looked this way since moving here? A great easy trail for folks looking to just take a stroll or ride their bike or run around. Also a lot of bees towards the top of the mountains in various crevasses.

Last Sunday, I attempted to do the Elliot Ramada and Double Butte Loop as described in the book "Take A Hike: Phoenix". The trail was supposed to be marked with a number 5 but I didn't see one anywhere but on the mapboard. I would have had a hard time anyway since when I walked over from the zoo, I didn't see any indication which ramada was the Elliot ramada. It was fortunately not too hot yet so it was a good day for wandering around and, of course, the Hole in the Rock was beautiful, but it would have been a better.experience with more markings or some which were easier to find and follow.

18 days ago

Nice short trail, I think it only took a little over an hour even after stopping to enjoy the scenery and to catch my breath a few times. It’s easy until you get to the rocks and then it becomes moderate. The views were pretty ok once you get some elevation. It’s only ten minutes from my place so it was worth the trip for me.

such beautiful views! easy hike for kids, too.

19 days ago

Fun place to go for a quick hike and watch the sunset

This local hike was a very easy hike during the day in January. No shady areas along this loop, except a shelter at the parking lot and in between the buttes, so a hat was needed. There were paved paths for the 5k Loop and dirt hiking trails intertwining with some of the mountain bike paths so you can pretty much make up your own loop path off or on any one of them, including two options to go to the summit of each butte.
Free parking. No restrooms.

This very short hike was so easy. It was fun to perch in the hole.with views of the Phoenix Zoo on the left, downtown Phoenix and the Papago Buttes towards the right. It’s a very busy trail for locals and tourists on a Saturday morning in January. Some young adults dared to scramble to the top of the hole, which sets a dangerous example for the younger kids. The parking lot at the trailhead is very small, however, there’s another parking lot with restrooms just a short walk further. Free parking.

Nice trail but it is over before you get started. Nice view of the city looking down. Will probably focus on more challenging trails going forward.

Very nice walking path. Easy hike

Beautiful view- would be a great view at sunset

It’s a good little hike to take a 3 to 7 year old to.... just don’t let them try to scale down the front

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