trail running

14 days ago

Pick up your trash, people.

Aside from carrying down two empty gallon jugs of someone else's water this was a nice short walk up to a cool feature.

22 days ago

Short and very lovely view! Nice one to do if you are flying into Phoenix Airport and not staying but want to do “something” in Phoenix before you leave to another city/town in AZ.

29 days ago

A short and very rewarding hike. The quick climb offers some great views of the Phoenix airport, downtown and Tempe. The other side offers a nice view of the Zoo and the lake.

Definitely more of a feature than a hike. You can park right beside the rock and will walk less than 10 minutes to the top. That said, amazing view and a really unique feature!

1 month ago

..this time i took my kids and their bikes in the evening to see how well they'll do on the paved trail..&& they actually did great..they enjoyed the mountain views and was happy they didn't ave to actually climb anything tonight..sn: they were knocked out sleep..being active has some great perks for parents..lol

Fun 5k run!

This is more of a sightseeing spot to see the hole in the rock..it literally took me 3-5 mins walking to get to the "top"

more of an attraction than a hiking trail but still very cool

More of a stroll but worth going and checking out! :)

Fun Quick little hike with great views! Phoenix Zoo area

Pretty trail. Nice views. Kind of difficult to follow. Easy to get off the trail without knowing it. The trail was pretty flat for most of the way.

Early hike! This is an easy trail (if you are not climbing the butte). My favorite part is where the stairs are at! Also the views of the butte.
Went with 3 kids and they enjoyed the hike

1 month ago

Pretty good hike. Very easy but something to take friends or family to without going far away. The construction off behind the golf course was loud but if you take your headphones I didn’t notice it anymore.

Great park!! Fun place to explore, hike, and enjoy! Loved climbing the rocks for great views 360 degrees. Very busy on the weekends but park is big enough doesn’t matter.

It’s fun to rock climb the mountains

loved the walk and the sights looking out of the rock were wonderful.

First time mountain biking. Used this trail to break in new bike. For beginners, its a great trail.

Very busy but beautiful view.

barely a hike, more like a busy stroll, beautiful nonetheless.

love this great place to take pics.

Nice easy hike. Great start to our family vacation.

Pretty straight forward most part ... I really like this place it's beautiful!

Quick and easy trail in a very convenient location. I would not even consider it a hike. I would suggest this hike if you are in the area like at the zoo or the botanical garden. There were lots of people when we were there around 3pm so it was nearly impossible to get pictures without other people in the background. There is plenty of parking unlike many other trails in the area.

Easy hike with little portions of elevation. Great for dogs and children.

A must-do. It’s not really a hike and it’s great for children. It’s a Phoenix landmark.

Very easy trail, highly trafficked “trail”. The view of the city is wonderful, however, make sure to take your anti anxiety meds before making the short walk due to people not watching their children close enough. Also, be sure to wear appropriate footwear as the rocks are rather slick due to the frequent use.

3 months ago

Roughly an hour loop including times I made a wrong turn and/or stopped for pictures. Got way too excited seeing a jackrabbit along the trail.

3 months ago

1st time there i was very impressed.

3 months ago

Touristy. And not qualified as a hike to me. The rest of Papago Park is much more interesting I think...Find a different hike to take. Hole in the Rock is underwhelming, especially if you’ve ever been to Arches Nat’l Park in Utah.

Nice trails, but some construction going on, so part of the Big Loop is closed. No big deal... just walked a slightly shorter path.

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