Not a real "hike" thus only 4 stars, but it's easy with a big payoff. Great views and photo opportunities, especially at sunset!

This was an easily accessible yet very crowded trail that was as quick as you wanted to make it. Easy to fit in to a day filled with other walling activities. Parking was fine (March) but the zoo parking lot can be used as overflow with a 3-5 minute walk to the trail head. The "hole in the rock" was always filled with people, so I never did decide to climb up. I walked around the base and went in one of the many cavernous areas. I love the history of this structure, which is why I went. The Hohokam Indians used the hole to watch how the sun came in and where it shone within the rock to determine the solstices and "time" in general some 1500 years ago. That's some cool history to walk around in! Great one for kids. They can safely climb this one.

Camera-ready jaunt.

trail running
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16 days ago

many criss crossed trail but you won't get lost with the app

20 days ago

A short walk great for families and all ages/comfort levels. Wear thin shoes if you want to try to climb to the top of the rock - not enough grip with thick hiking boots.