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Nice hike. Lots of people heading up to the top if you take trail 306 but if you take 100 to 306 to go up on the backside there isn’t a whole lot of people and a little more rugged terrain.

This is steep in initial ascent! Great views, walked with people the entire time. The trail split itself several times and was nearly impossible to follow without referencing the map. Luckily I had an older gentleman in front of me who saw me nearly veer off and helped me back to trail 100 when I was on the way out.

Amazing like always I love these trail systems we have in this state

Great trail to learn the other trails and mountains in the Preserve.

Great Trail for dogs. Always enjoyed crowd and views

did this trail this morning kiks my butt every time!but its a great hike!

The only drawback to the peaks of North Mountain Park are the towers and clusters of communication apparatus. Lots and lots of people on these trails.

Was a little skeptical at first because of the footing, but you get used to it. Great workout and view of the city is nice also

Love this quick butt kicker! The North Mountain Tower Road construction has displaced people who typically use the Tower Road off 7th St, so this Trailhead is getting pretty crowded. There are only about 20 parking spots in the lot & virtually no street parking in the neighborhood. Get there early to snag a spot or park at the Visitors Center and extend your hike a bit.

Compared to some of the other hikes in the Valley, the signage and trail markings were a bit more difficult to follow. I was very glad to be using AllTrails for additional direction. The view at the top was fine, but surrounded by cellphone towers and power lines. A definite stopping point would be the old restaurant that burned down - great views of the city and surrounding areas and neat to see the old structure. We went clockwise and it seemed counterclockwise would have been easier for the incline, but a good workout overall!

very nice this morning. nice cool

I like this trail. great incline first 2 miles and then descending last 2 miles. Get out there early. it starts to get crowded.

7 months ago

Short, steep, rough paved road with a good amount of elevation in a short distance. I like to make two round trips, but I've seen some people make multiple trips. Great views from the bench at the summit.

Great local hike right in Phoenix. Not the prettiest, but great views of the surrounding areas. Went clockwise as others had mentioned, definitely a calorie burn going up. Going down was then more relaxing. A solid moderate level hike. Well populated trail, but didn’t feel over crowded. Lots of dogs. Took me 2 hrs to do the full loop and I’m not in the best of shape, that also included a 15 min rest at one point on the way up to catch my breath. A hike worth doing if your in the area and need to just get away from city noise for a bit.

I did this hike clockwise and felt as though it was okay but I wish I hadn't brought my dogs. I went on a weekend and it was really crowded throughout the entirety of the hike. There were a people without leashes on their dogs that ran up to mine along with a few other owners that walked directly toward my pups even though I was clearly moving away to the side. My dogs aren't aggressive but one of them gets very nervous with other dogs so I like to keep them separated. I almost never have any issues like this and its possible that this was a one off situation but it really distracted me from enjoying the hike. The trail starts with an incline that gets the blood pumping and then the last half is a nice descend with some steep parts. The views were quite average in comparison to other nearby trails. The entire hike took me less than 2 hours going at a leisurely pace. The trailhead was easy to get to and had a large parking lot.

Great hike! It definitely will get your heart pumping.

One of my favorite go-to hikes for a reasonably good workout in a short amount of time. I always take the south route first, since there are rough, modest inclines which require some careful stepping, then take the north route down to the parking lot. Restrooms and water on site, and don't forget to stop at the Visitor Center!

It has as great views of the North and West Valley. Also of Central Phoenix. This was my first hike as a kid so it has a special place in my head. It’s pretty easy except for the somewhat tedious constantly minimal grade. Very few steep places. The trail itself is very ugly as it’s an eroded, wide, and partially paved service road for only the Shaw Butte high point route (306). There’s the foundation for the locally known ruins of a restaurant when you start to loop around the mountain. This is a perfect night hike as the trail’s terrain is not rugged or unpredictable at all. The parking lot closes early, but if you go into the neighborhood on Aster Dr from Central aways, you’ll see no more “No Parking” signs.

Parts are completely flat and others are very steep - there's not much in between. It was challenging but fun. Not the prettiest scenery I've ever seen, but has a nice view of the city.

Not a fan. There’s potential for a beautiful sunset, but it’s not very pretty in this area to me. The first part of the trail to the 306 loop was super flat, which made an immediate ascent tougher. Which, is a GREAT workout, but I prefer gradual hikes not one extreme to the other.

It was a mountain biking trail for sure. The trails seemed almost specifically built for that. Which was fine! Not a favorite place of mine, don’t know if I’ll visit again. But I never regret exploring.

Moderate is a great rating. Although, due to the length it feels as bad as Piestewa Peak in the end. there are 2 ways to go. 1, you can go south and take some rough terrain up or 2, you can take the North and have a less rocky path up. It is a lot easier to start south and end down North, it is impossible to run the south end. there are some nice little side trails on the south end just before the ascent and adds a couple minutes to your trip. Check out the old restaurant foundation that is from the 60s once you get to it, can't miss it.

There’s a long hike to the top no matter which way you go. I went clockwise and I’m glad, because the steep kilometer - long climb was on a rugged Rocky trail with lots of zigzags so it was interesting. The return downhill was mostly on a road that they drive with four wheel drives to get up to service the communication towers at the top, so that was a nice easy down but would have been a very boring climb up.

Great moderate hike

Great quick hike. Steep up nice gentle around and down.

Awesome trail to run.

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