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Moderate is a great rating. Although, due to the length it feels as bad as Piestewa Peak in the end. there are 2 ways to go. 1, you can go south and take some rough terrain up or 2, you can take the North and have a less rocky path up. It is a lot easier to start south and end down North, it is impossible to run the south end. there are some nice little side trails on the south end just before the ascent and adds a couple minutes to your trip. Check out the old restaurant foundation that is from the 60s once you get to it, can't miss it.

There’s a long hike to the top no matter which way you go. I went clockwise and I’m glad, because the steep kilometer - long climb was on a rugged Rocky trail with lots of zigzags so it was interesting. The return downhill was mostly on a road that they drive with four wheel drives to get up to service the communication towers at the top, so that was a nice easy down but would have been a very boring climb up.

Great moderate hike

Great quick hike. Steep up nice gentle around and down.

Awesome trail to run.

Starts off pretty steep. Awesome views once you reach the summit.

Nice loop, good views, able to trail run a lot of it. The Hohokam Observatory is really neat.

The trail was very well marked, busy trail with lots of nice people! Great for a dog on leash too!!

I went around the backside. I thought it was a nice quick hike

Kind of rough, but really nice!

was great. brought our dog she's small it got alittle hard for her. Great for cardio. will probably so again!

This is my close to home weekend hike. For me it was a challenge to get to those towers at first but now its my strength builder. I love this trail. Cant wait to explore more of the city trails and then this great state.

Great views of the valley!

Amazing trail love this after work easy to get to and such amazing views, very friendly people on the trail

Parking lot with the most parking is at the Phoenix Mountain Visitor Center. Best (but limited) parking is at the parking lot located at Central Ave (south of Thunderbird Ave). The portion of the hike where you actually start climbing the mountain is a maintenance road for the towers on top of Shaw Butte. Wide enough for multiple people hikes but condition of road can be rough on the steeper part of the trail.

This was a little rougher than expected. I'm used to hiking Javelina/Ridgeline/Beverley Canyon at South Mountain but decided to try this since I moved up north. As this was the first real beautiful weekend of the year, I was excited. I'll admit, I'm a bit out of shape. The first part (100) was good, easy, and enjoyable. The second part (306) kicked my butt! I got to the first checkpoint before I had to turn around. (Note: I was going clockwise). I think next time I'm going to try going counter clockwise as it sounds like it's a little longer but more gradual up hill. The views were great and I definitely plan to try again! (PS i love that it's a real parking lot and little visitors center. I didn't go to it but I thought it was cool)

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