Was a fun drive to trail, would recommend 4X4 for the ride in. I would park at top and walk down road, great views and many options for access to the mountain. Dogs had fun too.

We did the Frye trail #36 and checked this out once we got back to our jeep. You can see it from where you park. It’s really pretty and nice to see and hear the water coming in.

We picked this hiked because it was close for us. You park at the reservoir and hike up the dirt road. Pretty boring until you get into the wilderness. We saw a couple whitetail deer so that was cool. You can hear the water coming from the creek as your hiking. You do cross the creek on this hike. Also you must attention to the trail. It seems to disappear in some places!

Great views
Great for summer and winter
Awesome camping sites

3 months ago

It's an alright place to go. You start out at the reservoir and hike past it continuing up the road for a while which turns into a quad trail. The water slides are close by if you want to play in the water. The natural water slides are dangerous at some places so beware.

3 months ago

Love the drive! Beautiful scenery with great twists and turns to the road

scenic driving
4 months ago

This is a good way to get out of the desert heat in the summer. This road takes you from the desert floor to over 10,000' feet high. You can drive up to Heliograph peak, where there used to be an old fire tower there, not sure if it still is. Drive further and you'll have access to Mt. Graham which is the highest point. Further on down the road and you'll reach Riggs Lake. Used to be able to fish for trout here. Again, been a while since I've been up there, so don't know if you still can.
This range has the highest vertical relief of any range in AZ. 7000'. It is said that this mountain range also has the "highest diversity of habitats" than any other range in North America. That's pretty noteworthy. The forests at the top are dense and thick. I remember ferns that grew as tall as I was. Worth the steep drive up!!

Currently closed about halfway up at the Ladybug Trailhead.

10 months ago

A small but great little trail around Frye Mesa Reservoir. One of the few places you can legally fish for Gila Trout. The road to the trail is relatively difficult to navigate and downright impossible if you have a lower clearance car. The parking lot is also a great staging point for more hikes on this side of Mt. Graham.

scenic driving
Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The drive up Mt. Graham is absolutely stunning with a twist of terrifying. Some sharp turns and drop offs with no guard rail. But it is worth it when you get to the top, you can see the valleys below.

scenic driving
Saturday, December 12, 2015

Very scenic and great camping and hiking opportunities. It is great for a summer adventure when the desert is hot.

10 months ago