Easy going trail...nice park to relax in after your work out..

Not fond of Papago. Just not a pleasant experience, decent trails but very dirty. There is even sections where groups of homeless live. Would do it if close. Y but not worth the trip there

Too close to my apartment not to take advantage of this area as often as I can. Not as congested as Hole in the Rock. Has everything, easy 5K trail around the mountains, and if you need a better work out there's some good steep mountain to climb with nice views, especially to watch the sunrise/sunset.

This was a perfect trail. Our 2 year old hikef the whole thing by himself. Back/right side of trail is super easy and gradual incline. Short and really fun. Lots to see around there. Beautiful area. Definitely will go back again!

I'm new to Phoenix and am fortune enough to have this beautiful park, right in my backyard! Great place to hike up the mountains and watch the Sunset! Absolutely breathtaking views! I highly recommend anyone to check out these mountains!

10 months ago

Great for a walk around! Or we climbed up on top of the buttes but it's pretty and lots of trails! Good for a run!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Great desert setting. Fairly easy walk. Climb to the top nit to difficult but great view.