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very cool hike, super windy at top..but beautiful views.

2 days ago

Good hike very easy .. it’s a long walk good scenery

We really liked this trail. It's pretty easy like the description states. It was really informative - I loved reading about the slide. Went on weekday later afternoon and we had the place to ourselves. Really nice views with some big neat rocks. Trail is well defined, well marked and pretty wide. Dogs loved it. Good for their paws, just watch for cholla. Really happy we chose to slow down for the night and give it a go!

I always enjoy this hike. Great when flowers in bloom. Nice rock formations

Great hike - scenic. One of the best hikes in the area!

I wouldn’t call this particular trail a hike. It was more like a long, challenging walk. I wish I had brought my camera because the scenery was amazing!

2 days ago

Fun and challenging hike. Right around 5 mi round trip. I’m in pretty good shape and pushed myself to get to the top and back in just under 80 min for a workout (not running). Casually this hike is more like 2.5 hrs if you want to enjoy the awesome views. Best to get there before 8 am to beat the rush.

amazing hike.

This is a lovely trail, albeit somewhat well used. Fairly easy trail, with some nice rock formations.

Great hike up and back with a lot of scenic views along the way. First mile is a little challenging but the reward is worth it.

Beautiful up and back on well maintained trail

3 days ago

The best hike I’ve been on so far! Absolutely stunning views, maintained trails and a bathroom on site!!! Fun incline workout, Loved it!!!

Nice Spring Break hike, beautiful views well maintained park!

Great quick hike. Took about 45 up and 25 down, ran most of the way. Good in the evening because it's mostly shaded. Good work out in 1.5 hours.

trail running
4 days ago

This was a great run. The first Mile is hard and really gets your heart rate up quickly. After that it levels off a bit to the top and has great views.

Nice hike. Relatively easy.

5 days ago

Nice, well defined/well marked trail. Easier side of moderate rating for sure! Views are nice, but not spectacular. Can lengthen your hike with connecting trails if preferred. Nice parking lot, restrooms and even a dog fountain at trail head. Took dogs and they did fine, a bit rocky but no issues with cholla.

An okay trail with typical Sonoran desert scenery. Nice morning exercise. No flowers - except for ocotillos - because of the drought. Probably pretty in a more typical spring. As shown on the map the loop (clockwise) is actually Lost Dog Trail to Old Jeep Trail to Ringtail Trail to Sunrise Trail.

Fantastic place to trail hike/jog! Beautiful scenic views and trails are wide and well marked. Quite rocky which I liked, more challenging than just a dirt trail. Didn’t see many wildflower....not sure when they are in season. Handy to have convenient parking, restrooms and filtered water fountain at the trail head.

Great trail with amazing views.

fabulous hike great workout

7 days ago

Great Hike

Nice steady incline and for sure more challenging after the first viewing point. So rewarding at the summit, amazing views. Didn't make it all the way up the first time, but paced myself and lots of small breaks and got to the top, well worth it!!

Beautiful hike, but much more challenging than i anticipated. Incredible views and very clean.

7 days ago

good workout and great views

8 days ago

Spectacular views! No wonder this trail is heavily used.

beautiful morning beautiful hike and views.

Great hike.
Great workout.
Take plenty of water.
Not crowded during the week.

I did not research where to park before I went to this trail. I ended up going through lost dog wash trail to sunset peak which proved to take a lot longer and I missed sunrise. I would say go at least two hours before just so you make sure you have parking and find the sunrise peak. It is a pretty easy trail, there are some parts where it gets steep but otherwise pretty doable. I'll have to go again at actual sunrise and see how it is lol.

Fantastic trail run. Got to the top of Bell Pass and thought I was all done with uphill and started running too hard downhill and burned out, only to reach wind gate which took me uphill again. But that wasn't for long - good for me. The last 3 miles was all downhill and I let gravity do the work for me. Got a decent time of 2 hrs 35 minutes.

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