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Great views and vistas.

13 days ago

A really great (and free!) way to spend a few hours. The first mile and a half consisted of relatively steep switchbacks, but as you approach the last half mile the terrain evens out and the trail breaks into a number of other trails, giving you the option to make your hike as long or as short as you'd like. Really beautiful views, ample rock climbing, well maintained trail, and though popular, it wasn't too hard to find some solitude. There isn't a water source, so just plan ahead.

Great views! Some of the best just outside of city..

This trail is a great workout. It has some steep switchbacks and a lot of cool rock formations. The last half mile is definitely the hardest and the trail gets quite narrow. I'm slightly overweight and was huffing and puffing this trail out, but it's doable with some short rests. It took me about an hour and a half to reach the top.

Absolutely beautiful! Loved the scenery. Only wish there was more markers. It's easy to get lost!

15 days ago

Awesome leg workout, for sure, the first 1.5 miles up!! The "valley" part of it is so quiet and serene... Would definitely recommend this trail to anyone!

15 days ago

Love this one, the switchbacks are no joke going up or down but the views and rock formations are breathtaking!

16 days ago

Such a beautiful hiking trail! Good workout, pretty amazing views and overall one of the best I've done in Scottsdale so far. Looking forward to coming back again.

The wildflowers are abundant and gorgeous which made this hike the prettiest one we've done. It almost appeared as if it was landscaped it was that lovely.

17 days ago

Loved this trail!! It had beautiful scenery and we saw some wild pigs, coyotes and bunnies everywhere! We took our dog along with us and it was pretty easy for her! We all enjoyed this hike!

Loved it. Challenging with a rewarding finish!

Beautiful scenery. The hills were not too steep and a good workout! Very nice!