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Lost Dutchman State Park, in the Sonoran Desert 40 miles east of Phoenix, is a beautiful place named after a gold mine famous in tall tales told during the wild west days. Visitors can see the mine in the Goldfield Ghost Town. Several of the park's lead hikers into Superstition Wilderness and the nearby Tonto National Forest. The Arizona State Park offers a lots of hiking trails, picnic areas, over 70 campsites, bathrooms and showers, and day use areas. The visitor center has lots of helpful info. Come experience native wildlife like mule deer and jackrabbits and beautiful native plants. Depending on how wet this years seasons were, you might be in for great views of tons of desert wildflowers along the nature trails come spring. Make sure to bring water and good footwear.

great tough hike

My trip was crazy. So, first you have this boring stretch of dirt paths, but then you get to really rocky areas. Then, you get to boulders and your suppose to climb between 8 inches of space between 2 rocks. And you climb around 8 feet. It's hard but I got to the top. 12 year old completed it but it definitely is hard. Dogs can go on the first part, where there's dirt, but it's much harder after that.
After we started going down, we got lost. We tried to go on a different place because we went off the trail on accident. But in the process I scraped basically every place on my body. We finally made it down.
Bring at least 5 water bottles if you plan to go to the top!

This was definitely a rewarding Hike, difficult but worth it once your on top of Flatiron and see the beauty all around you. You have to be careful and look at your surroundings because you will find yourself on harder trails, but eventually will find your way to the top.

This is by far my favorite trail to hike. There are 2 main trails you can take to make it to the top. The trail which is to the left appears to be the most popular and preferred route to take, especially if you are not familiar with this hike. The other trail is a bit more of a challenge and I would only recommend it for those who are experienced in trail finding. I prefer the trail to the right which offers more solitude (most likely because it is hard to find) and the technical challenge of it. I would concider this hike to be "trophy" hike. The challenge is worth it! Not only are the views from the top rewarding, but the sense of accomplishment is indescribable (oddly enough I struggle more with Piestewa Peak...most likely because the scenery and the challenges of Flatiron keep me more engaged and eager to see more of what lies ahead). I find there to be many great places here to meditate and a place where I can just focus on hiking and leave everyday life behind. Bring lots of water, a light lunch for at the top, good shoes and gloves are a nice bonus for when grabbing onto rocks you don't accidently get stung or bitten by a desert critter.

Nice trail! Would rate it easy and not moderate.

Challenging rock climb hike that is totally worth making it to the top! The best way up and down is marked with white and blue markers. You have to look for them.

Absolutely beautiful hike. Surrounded by mountains, good views, and you don't have to work THAT hard to get to them. Definitely coming back.