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Extremely difficult trail, but well worth it! Took 4L of water and wished I had more. Make sure to keep left on the ascent. It's easy to get off trail and if you do, the dirt is very lose and it requires climbing a 15-20 foot boulder at the top.

First off let me just say - super rewarding hike. Really hard but definitely gives you a sense of accomplishment. The views at the top are awesome.

The bad?
- It is annoying to pay $7 to get in and then have the trail so poorly marked.

The advice?
- This trail is camelback/echo x5 in difficulty. It is super challenging and super steep. It is great but very difficult. My hike registered at a little over 8 miles on my Apple Watch.

- Once you make it to the top of the first scrambling ridge - don’t go to the right. You’ve gotta stay to the left. I did this wrong and really really paid for it. On the way down I got on the correct trail and it was substantially easier.

- The entire hike is very rocky. From scrambling to minor climbing the majority of the hike is uphill rock. Don’t wear trail runners - get something with ankle support.

- I’d really strongly recommend doing the hike early in the AM before the sun comes up. I started at 6:30 and if I had it to do over I’d go earlier.

It's a difficult one. prepare for 4 hours of hiking time. beautiful view from the top. kinda like rock climbing

Tough trail, but very fun with beautiful views at the summit. Lots of climbing! We each brought about 120 oz of water, and started at 6 am, but definitely could have benefited from bringing more for the trip back down.

Challenging but extremely rewarding!! The views are spectacular, and I felt a great sense of accomplishment upon completion :)

Challenging but do-able! Amazing View at the top!

Beautiful hike. I’m 22 years old and in good shape, this still kicked my ass. You will essentially be rock climbing for the majority of the hike, so make sure to where actual hiking shoes and not Nike running shoes! You may think you’re not on a trail most of the time- but you are. There’s a lot of big step ups and you will be climbing essentially. The first 1.5 miles is easy, don’t let it deceive you. The last 1.5 is TOUGH. This is not a glorified nature walk, be ready to hike. We got off trail 3 times on the way back, luckily I had my AllTrails on. Once you’re on the correct path headed down, stay right and avoid going DOWN into the valley. We ended up following the Draw for a bit and eventually got back to high ground.

All in all a VERY REWARDING hike, but be ready to go!

4* because I really wish they'd have a few more trail signs or markings.

Great trail for photos of the Superstition Mountains. Me and my parents in their 50's who don't hike at all easily completed this in 90 degree heat.

Best hike I have done outside of Sedona. It's so worth it no matter how hard it is for you.

This is the toughest hike I've had in the phoenix area. This hike really begins about a mile in on the path - so you have a good stretch to get warmed up and look at what is about to kick your tail. And kick my tail it did! once up to Siphon it gets harder. Lots of rock climbing, got lost off the trial a few times but met up with a great group and we took the rest together.

The second half of this trail is difficult with lots of rock climbing but I never felt like it was dangerous. Once on top the view is amazing. The hike down was a different story. Really had t take my time in some spots as it was pretty vertical and my legs were gassed.

For me this hike was a great test of your physical and mental status as a budding hiker. Couple of times I just wanted it to end - and I saw people turn back so close to the top - but I made it. Definitely not a trail for dogs on the other side of Siphon.

Will do this again for sure. Favorite hike to date. Dad-bod and sneakers on this one with 3L of h2o and made it alright in 4 hours with break at top. I went out early and sun didn't get me until half the way back down. Can't imagine doing this in the heat of day.

Can't give it 5 stars as there were places where the trail just wasn't marked other than that no complaints on this challenging trek. Ended up going an extra half mile out of the way.

This was a challenge for sure! Tough hike, lots of boulder jumping and outright climbing. The very last climb before you reach the summit trail is sketchy. The way down isn’t too much easier.

The view is very worth it, though. Can see across the city and a nice overheard of the superstitions.

was a great hike.. started at 11am weather wasn't to bad to handle once you get to the top it was much cooler and windy. wore the wrong shoes to hike but didn't have any issues. the view from the top was amazing. following the dots after Jacobs crossing it doesn't say if you're at basin or started hiking up to flatline. there was some climbing that had to be done which was fun! Took is about 2.5 hrs to get up there and about 2 hrs to get down.

Great trail for beginners. Beautiful scenery and views.

Great hike. Beautiful views. Lots of technical parts of the trail. Follow the markings (blue/white dots) and take your time. The view at the top is worth every moment!

Took 2.5 hours up and 2 hours on the way down.

Be prepared for this difficult hike. Lot's of spots to slip or take a misstep as there is a lot of boulder hopping. Leave early and bring 3L of water plus an extra bottle. We ended up handing out our extra bottles of water to some hikers heading up as we were heading down because they didn't have enough... Hike took us 2.5 hrs up and 1.5 hrs down. Left at 6:15am. Well worth it as the views are epic but this is a difficult hike.

I was not prepared for this one. I thought I was well hydrated and had enough water with me, but I think I was dehydrated from the get go and that made the hike pretty difficult for me. Ended up pretty lightheaded and lost my balance a few times. A lot of the rocks you have to traverse are either loose or covered in sand. Definitely only for experienced hikers and bring twice as much water as you think you could possibly need. Normally even on a hard hike I want to do it again sometime, but I think once was enough for this one!

Really gorgeous and absolutely astounding once you make it to the top, but this is one hard hike!!! My legs were giving out on me by the time we made it back down.

Did this yesterday I can say bring at least 5 liters of water I was quite challenging but well worth it. That time it follow the trail markers as it is easy to get off trail. Plan on a long day started at 0630 finished 1430 as I am just a beginner

Started at 5am yesterday Friday 5/11 and it was everything and more than described. A lot of scrambling and grueling both up and down. I saw only 6 people the entire hike. The view at the summit was worth every bruise, scrape and turned ankle.

Best hike so far for this year! Camped out on top of flat iron. Incredible sunset views across the valley. Fun scrambled, loose rocks and lots of laughs.

Did this one yesterday. Left early (started the hike at 0520 to avoid the heat. Already warm, quickly into the mid 70s on the ascent. Have good shoes with knobby tread, my trail runners are done after this one (descent delaminated the sole on one). Hydrate!!! It's no joke. I'm 45, 5'10", and 200lbs. Went through 96oz easily, with another 16oz chug at the car. Lost 6 lbs on this. Ascent was 2:30 with tons of small breaks. 30 min rest on Flatiron, and 90 minutes down, including a 15 min stop at Siphon. Way up is a pace yourself, steady as it goes, take small breaks, lower body punisher. Way down is much faster, but far more upper body, and increase in falling/stumbling risk. I could not believe how many people I saw coming up in full sun, 9/930am or later, with little gear and very little water. Be safe and be smart. This is not a good hike to be dehydrated on. Plan it out and be prepared, and you'll be fine.

Wow, hard hike. Maybe harder coming down with tired legs than going up. Gonna be sore tomorrow!

Very difficult, especially near the top, but worth the effort. Bring lots of water.

definitely hard but worth the view!

This is a great hike but make sure you are not hiking when it is getting hot- bring lots of water. I always see a few tarantulas hiding under rocks

An easy hike if you are able to put one foot in front of the other. Got to the top and bottom in an hour and a half. We left at 5am and it was already too hot! Avoid doing between the months of January - December. Almost got lost but found myself at the summit #wanderlust

A difficult hike but the view from the top is worth it, don't stop at the flat iron keep going to the peak. If you don't like scrambling then this is not the hike for you, but if you do it's awesome and you should go do it already!

Tough hike! Started at 6.30am and was done by 9.50am before it go too hot. Would recommend it to anyone up for a challenge!

One of the most challenging hikes I've done but also one of the most rewarding. The view from the top is gorgeous and overlooks everything. It's definitely a hike to start early to avoid the sun, because it's a long long hike up. Think Camelback on steroids and 3 times longer.
It took us 4-5 hours round trip spending a good hour on top enjoying lunch. Would absolutely do again.

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