Easy trail up with a decent view at the top. Only came across one person.

I agree with some previous reviews - the signage does get a bit confusing and I did feel lost at one point. But the terrain is varied and it was a fun hike.

Decent views of the suburbs. Trail conditions rocky, not suitable for running. Not much to look at foliage and rock formation-wise, but convenient and a nice hike overall.

There was so many extra paths, and not enough signs to figure out where you are supposed to be going. Speaking of signs, they don’t always point in the right direction, so you end up going the wrong way.

Short hike for those who love/enjoy a quick workout. Est. time from trailhead to peak is around 20min. Very limited parking. If you park at the Lookout Mountain Park (SE of mountain park), parking is generally empty. You can hike Trail 308 around to trailhead.

Loose rocks not that well marked