Very hard on your feet due to all the loose rocks, it wasn't marked very well, but overall it was decent, we probably won't go again though.

My fiancé and I took an hour to check this hike out. I was pleasantly surprised at the views from the top and all of the plants along the way. we will take the kids the next time.

Fun trail! My dad finally went and he enjoyed it! Even made it around in a decent time, had to stop here and there because of his COPD. Loose rocks, but good quick trail!

Worth the view! Easy hour up and down

A great short hike. Can be completed in 40 minutes up and back. Great for November thru May. Bring more water than expected June thru October.

Bring bug spray. There were a lot of mosquitos tonight.

A good light trail, nothing spectacular, a good daily walk.

First hike in over two years and I'm pretty out of shape. Had to stop a couple times on the way up because there is a good incline but it was still manageable for this fat chick

Rocky Road all the way ;)