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nice hike, park at the parking lot and hike through the wash usually dry unless it rains and follow the road till it end then follow foot path to Indian Mesa and up to it nice views and easy to get to, shade at the first half of the hike but not other half so bring water and watch for wildlife always see something when I go

We did the hike with a dog but if your dog is not wild and agile and fearless then the second peak will be impossible and quite possibly dangerous.

1 month ago

Saw 3 wild burros about a quarter mile from the start! Spot #9 on the map is where we started and it was $7 per vehicle to get into the park. Lots of cactus, but nice weather.

Actually burros visited.

Gavilan Peak....Steep!!!! On ascent we did the class III-IV climb....Badass!!!! If this hike was just a bit longer, it would automatically be included in my weekly schedule, due to proximity and difficulty. I wanted to go down the way we came up, but my girlfriend Salena was NOT havin it!! That being said, we made our descent down the “easier path.” To me this was more dangerous with all the loose rock! In the past, I have been overwhelmed with trepidation over the “impending” descent from vertical climbs, only to find that it’s much easier than anticipated. Next time.... up & down the same way!

2 months ago

I hiked this trail in hopes of finding burros, I arrived at the trailhead in the afternoon and I did not find any burros. The trail itself is relatively easy with a light elevation gain. I started at the very top of the trail around Peninsula Rd and then made my way down to other end of the trail. It was great getting to look at Lake Pleasant and have a quiet walk around the lake. If your looking for burros, I would suggest either getting there in the evening or in the early morning.

Very nice clean restrooms along with a great picnic area. Lake level was good too. Very disappointed we totally missed the blooming season...not even a dead bloom in sight. The hiking books all said there should be blooms into April.

We are infrequent hikers and found this trail was a good match for our ability. We are 71 and 66 years and live in the Midwest so have little experience of high desert hiking. We did Pipeline from Cotonwood Picnic area to its terminus at another parking lot, ate lunch there and turned around and hiked back. We took the Yavapai Trail turnoff on the way back. It was a good section of that trail for us, mostly downhill and great views of the lake. Took us about 2 hrs, 45 min total. It’s very rocky, good shoes help, water is essential too. A terrific hiking experience for us!

3 months ago

This trail is a little gem in the Northwest Valley. We took about 4 hours to complete it and rested at the lake for a while before heading back. We only saw a few people along the way. It also connects with the Maricopa County Trail system.

Fun hike! Loved the views of the lake and getting to go right by the water. My pup enjoyed the break from the heat for a little water play time.

Hiked the full trail out/back this morning (Saturday) with a friend and our dogs. I am not an “experienced hiker” (I only hike once a week) but I thought this trail was easy... We started at about 9:00am (around 60*) and got back to the car at 2:30pm (around 75*). We took frequent rest/water breaks and played in the lake for a while before making our way back. The trail was lightly trafficked - we only saw 2-3 couples/families biking and no other hikers. The trail is well maintained but there is a bunch of broken glass at the trailhead. Also a surprising amount of horse/dog feces. There is little to no shade so wear sunscreen!

3 months ago

Started at 2:45pm and made it back to my car at 7:00pm. Rested before making the 'out' trek and sat to watch the sunset before finishing the last mile. Saw multiple mountain bikers and I was the only hiker. The rolling hills as mentioned below kept it interesting. Saw 2 coyotes, burros, cottontails and a hawk. There is a tiny stream at the beginning that had minnows as well.

4 months ago

unless you have a special permitt to make it past the gate by the harbour DO NOT even bother driving down

nature trips
4 months ago

Saw six or eight burros on the North end of he trail.
Restroom at the trailhead was a lifesaver.

Easy hike, even for my 7year-old!! We saw wild donkeys and the views of the lake are beautiful!

4 months ago

Best one yet! Beautiful scenic views of the lake and the desert.

Wow is this a beautiful and unique hike. It’s a steep but short assent to the top of the peak and prepared to use all fours (not caring bottles in hand).
Be prepared to become a mountain goat!

Fun for the whole family. Easy going trails with up and down terrain and beautiful scenery. Easily accessible adjacent trails allow you to create your own adventure.

5 months ago

Easy to Moderate hike with beautiful views! It does cost $6 to enter Lake Pleasant, based on the honor system. We encountered just a handful of other hikers, so it was very quaint. I highly recommend this hike for the diverse Arizona scenery. It took us 1 hour & 45 minutes to do the Pipeline Trail, which is about 4 miles.

5 months ago

Great views and easy for dogs.

5 months ago

This is a great hike to use when working on your backpacking skills. The distance is perfect and you work with a rolling-hills grade. Would do again!!

Awesome trail great view

6 months ago

Awesome trail. Beautiful scenery at several look out points, and a nice shady area about 1/3 of the way in.

It seemed as if the bridge was out of commission. It would’ve been nice if there were a sign at the trailhead stating so.

Not sure if I can’t get to hike because it’s November or because it’s a special arrangement with Pleasant Lake... looks like it has to be an event but I don’t know.

Nice hike, we took the yavapai trail connector on the way back for change of scenery.

The trail itself was really nice but depending where you park, the bridge is out so you technically can’t complete it and turn around at the other parking lot.

Pretty trail with great lake views. Water level was low so able to cross the empty river bed to the other side where there is no longer a bridge and able to complete entire trail. Very hot!

This was a pretty good hike. Lots of ups and downs. Didn't see any snakes that was kind of disappointing. I think this hike would be much better in November because it was pretty hot today about 90°. I would totally do this hike again

We took our Cub Scouts on this trail. It was great for them to see signs of wildlife on this destination hike. It’s great to have a goal (like seeing the lake) for the kids to look forward to!

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