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22 hours ago

With all the great hikes in the Vegas area I don't think I would do this one again. It was super easy: wide, flat, mostly straight. But it was quite long and there is no shade except the tunnels, so I'm not sure if kids or elderly could do the whole thing. There are some great views of the lake and the railroad tunnels had bats, but mostly I hiked it so I could get to Hoover Dam without dealing with the chaos of the traffic and parking garage there. Went early in the day in June and had to help an elderly lady suffering from heat exhaustion back to her car and her daughter was going to take her to the hospital. Take plenty of water and keep in mind that if you go to the Dam, it can add at least another mile. Also at certain times of day or year the gates to certain parts can be closed.

Love this trail! One of mine & my dog Annies favorites ✌

1 day ago

Had a blast today! Even though the trail is really short the views are amazing & it goes down to these great little lagoons. My dog Annie is a total water baby & had a blast swimming all day! We had the whole place to ourselves!

Worth the trek, bring more water than you think you need. Also bring either a change of shoes or water shoes, it makes a difference on your poor feet! One of the coolest hikes I’ve done in the Las Vegas area and I’ve lived here for 18 years now. A somewhat hidden gem! I can’t wait to go back & pitch a tent by the river / hot springs!

Enjoyed the bouldering, went w/gr8 company, love that it went to the river. I'll do it at least once more and have recommended it. Sad about the the garbage but that's probably inevitable.

Amazingggggg hike. A true gem really. The canyon is beautiful. Some bigger climbs down on the trail which can be somewhat strenuous for solo hikers. The canyon can get pretty chilly this time of year through the narrows if the canyon so you may bring a jacket just in case. Beware the trails are somewhat hard to read due to no signs but you can keep track by footprints along the path. Enjoy!

Fantastic bouldering down to the Colorado. Took my wife and 10 and 13 year old boys. Fun and challenging. My wife’s current favorite hike. Well worth it. Plan on a dip in the river as well.

trail running
5 days ago

Nice flat trail with amazing views on Lake Mead and old railroad tunnels

Really easy hike, more of a walk really. Quite a bit of foot traffic/bikes on this trail. Nice scenic views.

A little tough, but definitely worth it. Make sure you follow the right trail from the start as me and my friend got off track at the beginning. When you get to the mountain and start climbing up, go right, not left. You can go left but its much more difficult and there's less of a trail. Don't forget to sign the little notebook once you get to the top!

This was a very exciting hike/rock climbing experience for me im glad I did it, it was strenuous but it’s worth it in the end,I definitely liked this one it is different from my regular hikes because it includes a lot of rock climbing but the experience is what counts so it’s something you won’t regret even if you’re a regular hiker

Two friends and I completed this yesterday 10/13/2018. I was not really prepared for the physical side, but this was such an amazing experience. The gorgeous canyon views and hot springs make it worth while!

One of the most unique hikes I’ve ever done. Great views. Pretty easy if your a rock climber. I’d put myself as a moderate rock climber and thought the hike to be easy but I wouldn’t recommend to people who have no rock climbing experience. Fairly strenuous if the temps are hot.

8 days ago

The hike was good. But, did not anticipated to pay $25 entry fee!!!! Great little hike, pretty easy going up hill to the top of the mountain.You could see Lake Mead.

8 days ago

This is an amazing, beautiful hike. By far our favorite of the many trails we’ve hiked. That being said, it is somewhat difficult and more strenuous than any I’ve hiked. Bring plenty of water, and wear a good comfortable shoe with good grips. The rocks are slippery when your shoes are wet. There are ropes in place to get you down the difficult areas, they will require plenty of upper body strength to get back up.

Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy the hot springs as well as the cool river. It gets dark early, bring a flashlight just in case. We ended up hiking the last mile out after sunset. I wouldn’t recommend hiking alone as some areas require a team effort. Bring snacks containing sodium and potassium to avoid leg cramps.

Enjoy. We are already looking forward to a return hike.

This trail is no joke. I just did this trail on Oct. 9th. It was perfect weather for the hike at about 75 degrees. The whole trail took about 4.5 hrs. The way down is fairly simple, just go slow and steady and make sure you take the rope sections seriously cause if you fall it could cause some serious damage. The way back up is much harder because you have to pull yourself up the rocks and ropes so it uses a lot of upper body strength. I love hiking but this trail was almost too much for me to handle. I only went with one other person and we struggled to get back up, luckily a couple came along and we worked together to get through all the rocks and ropes. I would definitely suggest bringing at least four people on this hike unless you are a very well versed hiker/rock climber. Overall the trail is hard but doable if you take it slow and steady and travel with a group.

Sunday 10/7/18 1 PM - Nice views, a decent workout and a bit technical due to loose rocks. A major drawback for me was the amount of air traffic. Noisy helicopters and airplanes were in abundance. Multiple routes for the first leg of this trail. I recommend the ridge route.

Saturday Oct 6th 2018 1 PM - about a mile in you get away from the freeway noise and power lines. However, the noise from helicopters (I assume doing aerial tours of Hoover Dam) is atrocious. Somewhat crowded on this day too. I did get a few quiet moments in the canyon that were wonderful, but unfortunately, they were the exception and not the norm.

Only difficult during the first third in my opinion as a 65 year old man. The best views in the entire state in my opinion. Better than Tahoe and Wheeler Peak though some of my friends differ about Tahoe!

Very good

this is definitely a hike for in shape folks. That being said I absolutely love this hike. Swimming in the river and taking a quick shower in the warm waterfall are epic times. Bring more water than you think you need cause you will use it. I also wouldnt do this hike alone due to the danger factor.

24 days ago

We really enjoyed this hike. Walked it yesterday With my brother, his wife, and my wife. If it weren’t for the river swim this hike wouldn’t have been worth it.
We started with the right fork and were very glad we did that. We started pretty late in the day (11) and it was pretty warm. Definitely would advise people to start a little earlier and bring lots of water. The trail has lots of paths you could follow so use the all trails app map to keep yourself on the right path. We had to backtrack 3-4 times to stay on track. We found the waterfall first but there’s no way down to the bottom there. We found a path right to the river by going to the left of the waterfall and finding a very easy way right to the waters edge. The water was very cold and very refreshing. Without this swim the hike wouldn’t have been worth it in the extreme heat we had. After our swim we just walked back the way we came because it was 1300 hrs and too warm to go the long way back.

Overall because of the swim and the great views I would highly recommend people to take the right fork of the trail and just come back after a swim.

Absolutely stunning views of the fossilized Aztec Sandstone dunes and volcanic rock formations higher above, but anyone allergic to bees should know that this trail is currently overrun with them. This is possibly due to the nearby picnic area.

30 days ago

I have been there for a walk, I can't wait to take my bicycle next time.

1 month ago

I did this with my daughter in law this past March. Lots of history. Really easy trail. Nice and long, pretty much flatland. We had a blast! I highly recommend this trail for families with little ones.

1 month ago

The hike is very beautiful, the first half is arid desert dotted with cacti and lizards abound.. then you slowly descend into a valley that gradually gets more and more narrow until finally you’re facing the Colorado river at a distance standing underneath a pretty massive arch.

I would recommend anyone who can handle a two mile hike.

There are magical places on Earth. This is one of them. Stunning views along the trail, big horn sheep, the Venus rebirthing cave/hot spring, hot pools of water pouring out from the rock face, cold pools of water, the beautiful, clear, and cold Colorado River, waterfalls, the 150 foot long "Sauna Cave," artifacts left over from the building of Hoover Dam, the "emerald cave" with an intricate and colorful, green and white stalactite ceiling, views of the Hoover Dam bridge.

It is said that the Venus cave has healing properties and was used by ancient native americans in a rebirthing ritual. I believe it! The water in the cave is at the same temperature as the human body -- the same temperature you'd feel if you were floating in your mother's womb. The trickling sounds of water in the cave sound like the gurgling sounds in the womb. To get the rebirthing experience, you swim nude a few feet underwater to get to the womb. Inside the cave you float on your back and empty your mind. Focus on your breathing, or the gurgling sounds, or the warmth your nude body is enveloped in as you did when you were in the womb. When you are ready, swim back out and you are reborn!

This is my favorite trail in the La Vegas area, by far. Make sure to wear good, grippy shoes, and be prepared to use your upper body on the ropes! Don’t forget plenty of water!

1 month ago

I'm an avid hiker, I've been doing it a long time. With that said this Trail is very poorly marked and would not recommend it, especially if it's a solo hike. In addition, with the Canyons that you're hiking through, if there's any chance of rain or especially a thunderstorm, I would definitely not do it as there are not many routes to escape if needed. keep in mind like I said earlier, the trail is very poorly marked so me and other hikers that complained about the poor marking, we could have easily missed the actual trail.

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2 months ago

Had a fun great ride on our Mtn. Bikes from the Hoover Dam Lodge, where we were staying, over to the Dam (Aug. 18th). We started at sunrise as it was still in the mid 80s at that time in the morning. It was a neat ride & we got some great pics of the Lake, tunnels, & Dam for our FB page. We had plenty of water in our Camel Back packs & on returning back to the Hotel that early in the morning we had a significant amount of shade. Looking forward to coming back to this area to ride other trails after September ‍♀️‍♂️

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