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Lake Mead NRA offers year-round recreational opportunities for boating, fishing, hiking, photography, picnicking and sightseeing. It is also home to thousands of desert plants and animals, adapted to survive where rain is scarce and temperatures can soar.

ropes aren't in the best shape any more but otherwise it's gorgeous. I would suggest leaving plenty of time to do this hike since it's quite technical and the hot springs are very nice.

Great hike, it was a lot harder climbing up the trail then I was prepared for so I only made it about half way. Be prepared to climb over river bed size rocks.

Explored Goldstrike Canyon Hot Springs today! This hidden gem in Nevada is probably one of my favorite hikes this year. It was beautiful and challenging with a great reward at the end. I loved the option to either dip in the cool waters of the Colorado River or lay back and relax in the super hot springs.

It's only 40 min away from Las Vegas. I suggest you leave your dogs at home (unless they are part mountain goat). Bring plenty of water and wear proper hiking shoes. Do NOT wear sandals (lots of tiny rocks will get in them) or tennis shoes (they do not have enough grip) . Also, bring a towel and water shoes (aquasocks) if you plan on dipping in. Try to get there four hours before sunset because you'll miss the hottest part of the day, have time to hike down, enjoy the river and hot springs, and gives you plenty of time to hike back up. It's moderate to difficult, with some challenging canyoning throughout, especially on the bottom half. There are ropes for the steeper drops, so keep an eye out for those. Keep an eye out for random car parts that seem to have fallen down the side of the cliff.

5 miles round trip
Three hours minimum
Go before summer

Fun and scenic!

13 days ago

A group of us did this hike today. I read some of the reviews before trying this hike out. The hike was harder than I thought it was going to be. Definitely not a good one to introduce new hikers to like my wife. She had a rough time with it.

We had a fantastic time on this trail!! Couldn't have chosen a better one to get a real feel for the area. Not to mention the HUNDREDS of ancient Native petroglyphs!! They're right at the beginning of the hike near the creek so you don't have to exhaust yourself to see them. You can walk right up to them! The vibe you get from that beautiful, sacred area is unreal.
We wanted a shorter, harder hike so we opted to stray from the trail and climb a nearby peak. The terrain off the trail is quite difficult but it was awesome for us since we love scrambling! Wish we could come back to hike to the end of the trail and see the spring! Next time. :)
Bring lots of water!!! It's hot!
Wear thick boots and long pants if you can. There's lots of pokey plants and loose gravel. Nothing you can't avoid if you're careful though. I wore shorts and left with barely a scrape!

15 days ago

Best trail near Vegas!

what a wonderful, easy, and beautiful trail..

20 days ago

Good recovery hike - submerged in Colorado River...anti-inflammatory treatment ;)

Great hike. I rate it as average at best tho. Ropes a few places for assistance but not always necessary. Some light climbing. Few hot springs. Dead ends at the CO river.