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Lake Mead NRA offers year-round recreational opportunities for boating, fishing, hiking, photography, picnicking and sightseeing. It is also home to thousands of desert plants and animals, adapted to survive where rain is scarce and temperatures can soar.

Incredible hike! This is definitely a challenge if you've never scrambled or used ropes before (like me). It helps if you go with a group so you can each other down and up. The hot springs are amazing and making it to the river is very rewarding.

21 hours ago

It looks like the trail has been closed off at The Narrows since 2016. There is a huge fence barricade with a dozen signs to keep out. Someone said they crawled around the fence, but someone must have reinforced it because there was no way of getting around without climbing a mountain. Total bummer because all the good stuff is past the fence.

Took the family on this little hike...did about 2 miles...lots to see and explore, saw a small trickling waterfall. The petroglyphs were a hit with the wife! My daughters did great and loved climbing some of the boulders in the wash.

2 days ago

I took my kids (ages 8,5,3) and they LOVED walking through he tunnels. We walked through 3 tunnels and then turned back. My three year old walked the whole way but was moving pretty slow by the end. Beautiful views. I can’t wait to go back and run the whole thing.

Amazing hike! Going all the way to the river it's too bad, you have to trust the ropes. Beautiful hot springs gorgeous views. I found it hard coming back up. but I did it! Super fun you will be happy that you complete something like that!

4 days ago

Took advice of other reviewers and hiked counterclockwise so we had the best views on the 2nd half of loop. We had a breezy and cloudy day which was beautiful over the mountains. Good workout!

on Camp Beale Loop

4 days ago

Beautiful views and lots of wildlife!

rock climbing
8 days ago

Super challenging but the destination is worth every rope climb!

9 days ago

Great views, nice hike. Recommend spring or fall hike, no trees for shade during the summer.

Be ready w hiking boots.

Great Hike. White Rock Trail is mostly soft gravel/sand. It takes you through the canyon vs. the Spring Trial which takes you up and over. Both beautiful routes. We took White Rock in and Spring out, whichever route would be fine tho! Colorado River is beautiful, we spent a lot of time there. Kid friendly.

rock climbing
13 days ago

A nice and scenic hike. Starts off with a little bit of bouldering and ends up at a 60’ rappel. So bring a rope. I️ used a 150’ of 11mm static rope and I️t worked out perfectly. After you descend you walk about 20 yards to another 15’ or so rappel to get to the hot springs. As we hiked we came across no other hikers and there was no trash or debris along the route. I️ highly recommend any beginner canyoneers or anyone looking to get their first step into the rope world try this hike out. You won’t be disappointed.

17 days ago

Absolutely gorgeous! Worth the challenge! Some rocks have been spray painted with arrows to indicate which direction to go. That was extremely helpful. There are six different spots with ropes to use for climbing down and back up. The springs were so hot - warmer than bath water and crystal clear. Rocks were smooth, so very hard to keep traction once your feet get wet. Take plenty of water and wear good shoes.

beautiful. there are a lot of things to explore off trail. just be careful not to disturb the fragile ground.

awesome pics

awesome walk

loved it. lots of nice pictures to take.

Very nice views, easy walking.

Definitely started to get challenging about halfway down. A really nice hike with some fun obstacles.

short and sweet

Just did the trail today. haven't done any real hiking in quite some time.. This trail is moderate for seasoned hikers, it was closer to hard for me and the wife. river views are awesome, finding the trail to the springs was a little tricky, gotta climb thru a tiny steep crack to get to rest of trail. the pools are awesome. the ladder is sketchy but pretty safe. we went the same way we came out thru the wash. made it a longgg hike but still was a great day.

Great scenic trail... The youngest in the group was our 5 year old daughter and she loved it.

Great hike with lots of scrambling. The payoff at the end is well worth it!

It's like a jungle gym

Beautiful! Went with my hubby and two kids and we all had a blast. I highly recommend!

Just follow the trail listed with All Trails and you'll be good. There is a fence blocking the entrance because of the land owner of that small section. However everyone just ignores it and hikes around it. so worth seeing this beautiful rock feature.

I brought three kids (18months to 8yrs) and a dog on this trail and it was loved by all!

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