The summit of Wasson Peak presents a spectacular view of the greater Tucson area. Well worth the effort to take the hike. However, the King Canyon Trail has much to be desired. The footing on much of the trail is problematic with large 2”-4” stones that make up much of the trail surface until the point where the trail marker says 1.2 miles to top of Wasson Peak. Slipped many times and almost rolled my ankle and twisted my knee during the hike. That last 1.2 miles to the summit was a much better surface. Consider other routes such as Sweetwater trail to that point where you have 1.2 miles to go. Hiked in Sunday, 22 October 2017. Greg & Patty

i guess u have to have a permit to hike here. take someone with you because its sketch going alone. But definitely interesting things to see out here

9 months ago

10 months ago

This Saguaro National Park trail to Wasson Peak wound through a dry wash (scrambling required!), up along a ridge with incredible views (one pictured here), over a saddle with a spectacular view of Tucson, then up to the peak. Varied terrain with amazing vistas. Definitely recommend!

The path was rocky and your feet hurt by the time you got back down. The second time we walked up the wash which was much easier and a easier climb. There were pictographs on each sides of the walls when you get to one of the large falls in the wash. Just before you get to the choice of walking the trail one way or another. We continued to walk up the wash and take the right split. The left split will take you up the wash and you can spot two of the old mines they used to try and get copper out of. The right wash takes you up another 1/4 mile or so to a path on the right. Although there are a few air sucking climbs, the path turns into a once service road and up to the saddle. Much much easier on your feet then the King Canyon Trail itself.

WHEW this was rocky. I'm really not sure how I didn't sprain an ankle. The incline is a little much for a new hiker like myself. BUT I made it to the top and it was 100% worth it. Do this hike on a cooler day.