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Gorgeous and challenging.

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This is a great hike. There are very easy parts, and some more challenging areas. We did this hike with my daughter packing my grandson on her back, and we were able to have a conversation while hiking.

2 months ago

Love hiking here and so does my dog

Read this before you hike!!

This is a truly beautiful hike and we did not find it difficult to navigate until 5.5 miles in when the trail goes through a marsh!! Do not attempt the entire loop unless you brought your waders.

When you start from the park or the zoo start left on the trail and it is easy to navigate. I'd recommend going to about the 4 mile mark where there is a bench installed with a beautiful view -- then turn around and go back. Also note, there is a lot of up and down, so while only marked 449 feet in elevation, my Fitbit tells me I went up 40 flights of stairs, so a more difficult hike than I expected. I have to believe the trail is also longer than 5.7 miles as my Fitbit told me I was at 5.5 miles when we hit the marsh and we were only maybe 3/4 of the way around the lake at that point. I personally would not hike alone as there is some points where you are climbing up and down rocks and we did not see a single other person on the trail when we were on it.

Trails are marked clearly and maps throughout. Good challenge

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I tried the loop but it was covered in water... good well marked trailheads. I clocked 7.25 miles but I did wander around with the dog. Great day trip.

on Willow Lake Trail

9 months ago

Lots of low parts underwater. Passable if you don't mind getting your feet wet or climbing some rocks.

Monday, October 24, 2016

super cool. climbing the rocks and seeing the view from the top! awesome time .