Havasupai means people of the blue-green waters. The spectacular waterfalls and isolated community within the Havasupai Indian Reservation attract thousands of visitors each year. The Havasupai are intimately connected to the water and the land. This blue- green water is sacred to the Havasupai. It flows not only across the land, but also through each tribal member. When you enter their land, you enter their home, their place of origin.

Hey all - anyone selling permits for fall 2017? We're just 2 people and flexible with dates. Willing to buy in bulk if you need to get rid of them. Marcieprince10@gmail.com. Thanks!

Hello all!
Anyone selling camping permits for September? We're just 2 people with 1 tent, willing to pay extra if that helps!
Please email jayme.fairbridge@gmail.com.


Absolutely EPIC.
Do your homework, it seems a lot of people go in blind. Doing the research will make for a much more enjoyable visit.

Please pick up your trash too! It seems that some people think this is an amusement park for spring break, with employees to clean up after you. This is someone's home, pick up your shit!

I keep reading about a permit? What's that about? You need a permit to hike there?

Anyone selling permits for mid/end of October? I am coming with a friend all the way from Europe to see this beauty and keep failing to reach the Havasupai Tourism Office (928) 448-2121. Is there a different way to contact them? I'd appreciate any info! Pls email me chi4ka@hotmail.com. Thank you!

Our group left the Hilltop at about 2:45am so we could avoid the morning heat. We arrived in Supai just after the sun had risen about 4 hours later. I highly recommend leaving as early as possible since the canyon doesn't offer much shade. Wear shoes with stability because the majority of this hike (once down the switchbacks - about 2 miles down) is in a wash. Gorgeous hike with beautiful canyon sights. We didn't see any other people until we reached Supai and others were up and hiking out. I suggest carrying at least 3L of water and some powdered Gatorade for electrolytes and calories! You won't have access to clean water until you get to Supai and then 2.5 later at the campgrounds spring. We didn't filter the spring water, which was fine! The remainder of the hikes to Mooney, Beaver, and Havasu were gorgeous. You'll pass Havasu on your way to the campgrounds (about .5 miles before the camping area boundary). Mooney is about .75 miles from the beginning of the camping area with a hike down the cliff in addition. Beaver is another 2.8 miles down from Mooney. Our group hiked to Beaver partially through the water (we didn't use the trail for the first mile) and then utilized the trail for the last 1.8 miles. Absolutely amazing trip! If you go during the week, the crowds aren't large. We had Havasu to ourselves each morning until about 8am and we had Mooney to ourselves in the late afternoon. Highly recommend!

Ultimate reward at the end of a supremely scenic descent down into the red rock of Havasu canyon. Visits to all three main falls (Havasu, Mooney, Beaver) is a must so plan accordingly. Tip: try to catch a 5:30 sunrise at Upper Navajo Falls: we had the whole falls to ourselves and it was marvellous. We went in the last week of October 2014 and it wasn't overcrowded.

Maybe anyone is selling permits for 26 August 2017? My bf is coming to visit me and really want to let him show the best of USA:)) please let me know if somebody can share camping place, we will help with cost! contact me a.gabrielaityte@gmail.com

Absolutely beautiful! I would give the Falls more than 5 stars if I could! The falls are 1.7 miles apart. There is a spring from Havasu that is .4 miles away. The water is drinkable. The spring is on your way to Mooney Falls. Campground starts after Havasu Falls and ends about a half a mile before Mooney. Getting downs to Mooney is an adventure. You will use ladders and chains to maneuver your way down. Kinda looks like it's from the Gooneys! Bring a tube to float down the creek!

From Hualapai Hilltop there is over a mile of switch back dropping all the way to the bottom of the canyon. From there the hike is mostly inside the canyon. We started at 4am and were at Supai by 7:15am
Another 2mi to the Campgrounds that is through deep sand. There are 4 waterfalls that you can hike to, havasu Falls and little Navajo you see on your way in. Mooney Falls is at the end of the Campground and is a difficult trail mostly because you scale down the mountain using chains and ladders. Beaver Falls is about 3mi from Mooney and is worth the hike with amazing water crossings and views.