Havasupai means people of the blue-green waters. The spectacular waterfalls and isolated community within the Havasupai Indian Reservation attract thousands of visitors each year. The Havasupai are intimately connected to the water and the land. This blue- green water is sacred to the Havasupai. It flows not only across the land, but also through each tribal member. When you enter their land, you enter their home, their place of origin.

I would recommend this trail to anyone! Best time to go is May or October. A permit is needed since it is on a reservation. The permits can be purchased Jan/Feb of each year. A limited amount of permits are sold each year and most are taken by guided outfits. The waterfalls were amazing and refreshing after a 11 mile hike in, passing 50ft Falls then camping at Havasupai Falls. Once you set up camp you can go further down to Mooney Falls and Beaver Creek Falls.

14 days ago

Best advice for this hike - start as early as you can! We left the parking lot a little before 6:30 am and our early hike out time helped us reach the partly-shaded path in between the canyons before the sun reached its full morning strength. Hiking down isn't too bad - I would definitely suggest a walking stick, though. Hiking up on the other hand.... I didn't really believe that the switchbacks would be too hard (I am in good aerobic shape), but WHEW LET ME TELL YOU - hiking up those switchbacks with 35+ lbs on my back in the blazing sun is HARD. I would suggest at least 3L of water for the trip down to Supai and 4L of water for the trip back to the parking lot. Leave as early as you can for the trip back - there isn't any shade once you leave the canyon - and shade in the canyon is hard to come by as well, if you leave later! Also, the morning glow makes the canyon walls look super cool. This hike is well worth it, because it leads to one of the most magestic places on earth!!!!! Please don't abuse the mules - hike your own gear in and hike your own gear out (if physically capable and you haven't developed some sort of food poisoning / sickness while you are down at the campgrounds). Enjoy!!!

Anyone selling two permit passes between July 28-Aug 7, 2017?? Please let me know @ kenny.luc92@gmail.com. Thanks

Keep your pack light, your feet wrapped tight and your stay long... Majestic!

Keep your pack light, your feet wrapped tight and your stay long... Majestic!

worth every step to reach this beautiful location .

This trail is not for the wimpy or weak, it is sure fun as heck for the adventurous! The descend down Mooney is rad, going through caves and down chains and ladders. Getting to Beaver you often have to find your way, lots of water crossing so sandals are recommended for that part. The full hike out of the campground to hilltop is butt kicking, almost harder than half dome for some reason. An amazing place for the bucket list!

The hike into the campground from hilltop is mostly descending, and I would say yes it is moderate to easy getting there. The hike back out on the other hand, is challenging indeed. we left camp at 5:15am and didn't get to the Hilltop until 10:30, we dont take many rest stops and we hustled. I'd recommend leaving earlier to beat the heat (we went end of may). Those switchbacks are killer coming out when you're already tired and the heat is kicking in. Do the horses and mules a favor and don't contribute to thier use - its Animal abuse, and those who don't have horses wouldn't see it. enjoy!

26 days ago

Hi everyone! I'm hiking in on Memorial Day and wondering what I should pack for the evening? Is it getting chilly in the canyon? Right now I'm planning on just a blanket for my hammock. Or do you think I need a sleeping bag? Looks like he low will be 50. Let me know what you think! Thanks for the feedback! DM me on Insta lesannlow

Hi everyone! i will be exploring this area with a girlfriend on 6/18-6/19. Please let me know if anyone has room on their reservation for us. We will help with costs, of course, and anything else thats needed! :) email me at ale.bibian11@yahoo.com

Awesome hike, not very difficult but pretty. Stayed at the campsite & did the Beaver Creek Trail which was so peaceful, but get on the trail early to have it to yourself

can this be done in one day? me and my GF are coming out in August we are well traveled and endurance trail runners...we have never been here I was just trying to get some info on the trail down to the falls....502-338-6297 I would appreciate all the info thanks.