Havasupai means people of the blue-green waters. The spectacular waterfalls and isolated community within the Havasupai Indian Reservation attract thousands of visitors each year. The Havasupai are intimately connected to the water and the land. This blue- green water is sacred to the Havasupai. It flows not only across the land, but also through each tribal member. When you enter their land, you enter their home, their place of origin.

Great hike. Very challenging and rewarding. The falls are incredible. I never expected the water to be as beautiful as it is in the pictures you see on the internet. Let me tell you the pictures do this place no justice. It is a 10 plus mile hike to the campground. Myself and another member of our group were backpacking for the first time and we found the hike challenging yet manageable.

Tough hike but manageable for those with decent hiking/backpacking experience. Well worth the hard work. It’s easily the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to.

Pack Light, carry your own bags in/out (or use the helicopter). The pack mules aren't treated very well, one fell down (almost over the ridge) and the owner continued to hit it until he got up. Some looked like they hadn't been fed in weeks, so please take this into consideration when your packing or making arrangements for your bags.

As for the hike, it wasn't a very difficult hike, with the exception of the overall length,
and the switchbacks (brutal!) on the way out. Worth every step though! Mooney falls was a bit of an adventure, using chains and ladders to get to the bottom. A bit slippery on rainy days or towards the end of the day when people track mud on their way out.

Just returned from camping at havasu falls
A couple of notes on the trip.... 1 pictures don't do it justice! 2. Hike in is as awesome as the falls the quiet stillness is awe inspiring 3 worst part is the deep sandy last 2 miles after village to camp ground .... just when your legs are cashed!
3. Bathrooms were well cared for and always tp
4. Fellow campers friendly 5. Moony falls is way closer to camping than I had expected
6. Trek to bever creek is a must ... you feel like you are in a tropical jungle on way there
7. The helicopter out Was the best 85.00 I've ever spent! It served two purposes... saved my legs from hiking out with a heavy pack and it was cool to see the trail from above ... really pretty!
Only draw back was our weather was a little cool and cloudy so swimming at falls was limited mid 70 days and high 40's night
Overall a great trip!

Very challenging but rewarding! Havasu falls is beautiful & right before the campground. The climb down the chains & ropes at money falls is terrifying if you are afraid of heights like me! I made it down and was in awe of the beauty & power of the falls. We then hiked another 3.5 miles to beaver falls where the swimming was awesome! We camped 2 nights in perfect temperature. No campfires allowed but still cool. The 10+ mile hike back out of the campground was mostly overcast which was great. The last 2+miles up the switchbacks are BRUTAL! Get lots of fluid's,not just water. I almost passed out close to the top from lack of electrolytes because I was drinking to much water & not enough salt. I got violently sick and weak. Lucky for me my brothers were at the top like an emergency response team to douse me with cold water & nurse me back to life. I'm glad I went. A "bucket list" trip.i wasn't able to record my hike on my "all trails" app because there was limited service in the canyon. Bummer.

17 days ago

Absolutely amazing hike. Make sure you go all the way to Beaver Canyon Falls, which treks through some lush jungle, along beautiful rivers with lots of lil waterfalls. Wallpaper type scenes everywhere

Wonderful. The trail in and out was not bad at all. I will go back again.

I loved this trip. Pack light and take lots of water. You will need at least 64 oz. There is a spring you can get water while down in the canyon and get more for the hike back out. Leave early - about 3 or 4 am to beat the heat. PLEASE pick up and pack out your trash! Also PLEASE pack out your own backpack. Don't pay to have the mules haul it out for you. They looked so worn out! One group had the mules haul down big camp stoves and coolers and had them haul everything back out. The mules had sores on their hind quarters from the straps sores on their legs from the rocky steep trail going up to the parking lot, and were really breathing hard. We saw one mule had lost a hoof along the trail - not a horse shoe - a whole hoof. So I am sure he had to be put down. The river and the falls are spectacular - but please don't litter and if you can't haul your own backpack out - you shouldn't go.

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