The Hassayampa River flows freely for several miles along the southern and eastern portions of this Wilderness, supporting a riparian habitat. The area reaches a high point on Sam Powell Peak at 4,015 feet in the western portion, where you'll also discover a striking geological monolith called The Needle. Side canyons and uplands are covered in chaparral, paloverde, and saguaro. Visitors come to backpack or horsepack and to photograph the landscape. Private land exists adjacent to the wilderness boundary and should not be crossed without prior permission to access the wilderness trails.

It is very much for nature watching. Plenty of shade.

6 months ago

Amazing place. Tons of educational parts, great for outdoorsy nature people or biology interests. Names of plants species and guided tours happen which make the place seem so much more interesting. A lot of wild life! And clear water. Nice little hike up a rock side with great view. Great for families and those would want to explore all trails for a little over 3 mile walk. Beautiful different little ecosystems.

Trees! Lots of trees enveloping you as you hike! : ) The area has a plethora of great wildlife to watch and Ranger Eric (staff included) is hospitable, easygoing, and informative. The trails are easy with the exception of Lykes Lookout which is slightly under 10 minutes of steep incline that leads to the summit where the view is wonderful! The area is peaceful and inviting. Check it out!

nature trips
6 months ago

This is the Hassayampa River Preserve and the trails are easy and the area beautiful. The hikes are rewarding. Bring binoculars for bird watching and spend time in the visitors center. The river is not deep or raging but the trickling and the various spots to sit among the trees listening to the birds is very tranquil

I had a nice solo morning adventure along three of the short trails: Palm Lake Loop, Lion, and Mesquite Meander. Very peaceful to watch the water babble and well shaded. There were families, friends, and couples also enjoying the trails. The visitor center includes information on the types of birds in the area. Cardinals are "early birds."

Thursday, June 01, 2017

not a bad little hike. hike through mesquite bush keeping you cool in the summer around the small lake/pond. end with the lions head trail and dip your get r into the cool stream. very refreshing. bring lots of water in the summer .

Thursday, January 26, 2017

This is actually the HASSAYAMPA RIVER PRESERVE. $6 per vehicle but very family friendly trails here. The paths around the preserve are so well kept and soft, your feet will thank you. I came here the day after an 8 mile hike and my feet felt great. Trail meanders along the river and takes you to a nice butte where you can get a good look around the area. Some cows and bulls grazing add some excitement along with an occassional sighting of a Javelina. The people at the preserve are very friendly and it's a quick trip from West side of Phoenix area.

3 months ago

Wednesday, February 22, 2017