Such a beautiful tribute to our 19 Hotshots. The views along each section are incredible. It is not an easy hike yet well worth the effort. No matter how far one is able to hike, it provides such beauty.

I’m so glad that I did this hike. What a beautiful memorial to the brave men who gave their lives doing what they loved. Get there early as the parking lot only has about 12 parking spots and the shuttle service in Yarnell has been temporarily stopped. The initial climb when you start will definitely get your heart pumping. There was a brief period of shade on the way up (started at 7:30am) but zero shade there after and none on the way down. There are no restrooms and no water services so plan to stop at the Shell station at the base of the mountain before heading up. If you make it all the way to the Observation Deck, please push yourself to go a bit further and hike down to the fatality site. It was the most touching and memorable part of the hike.

Great hike. The trail has been well done in order to remember the 19 lost. If you’re in the area it’s a must. Started the hike first thing in the morning to avoid the heat. Glad I did. We took our time to read every plaque and completed the hike to the memorial site in 4 hrs and 15 min.

This proved to be a little more of a hike than I thought it would be, that being said we still knocked it out in 2 hours and 47 minutes. It’s very touching and well worth the work getting there.

This is more than a trail. The emotional impact that walking this trail entails will surely stick with you. I am beyond grateful, and humbled.

Do bring a lot of water.

It was a good hiked! Bring lots of water. I had 2l with me and it was enough to get back. We started the hiked at 12:15p and we got back spot on at 5:15p. Along the way you’ll see the pictures of the 19 firefighters, it was a heartfelt walked. Once you get to the observation deck which is the vista of the mountain, it was a 2.50 miles marked, then its time to go down the hill for .63 mile to get to the monument where their body was found. The .63miles was the journey when they were running down the mountain for safety, unfortunately ☹️.
I loved how they designed the monument. It was worth it for me to go down there and see how it was. Do not give up while you’re already in the vista! Take the journey down just like the HOTSHOTS. The .63 miles is nothing, it will only take you 25 minutes to get back to the vista. Just do it!
You only have 2l of water in your back. They’re with you along the way! ENJOY!!!!

Very humbling hike. Bring a lot of water. Worth it to take the journey trail from the observation deck.

An amazing hike with copious lizards, a random gopher? snake, and worthy tribute to 19 fallen heroes. Challenge your emotions at each stage of the trail. And please think of the sacrifice that took place here before you decide to destroy the trail with shortcuts.

3 months ago

This trail is a beauty to hike.

Bring plenty of water!
4 hr. + hike.
Memorial trail.
Limited parking.
Portable toilet at trailhead.

If I could give this more stars I would! Wow so beautiful and surreal. Such a sad loss but the trail really does a great job in remembering the 19 hotshots. Just a note very limited parking space and no campers allowed as the spots are for compact cars only. But if you are in a RV and see no others there maybe a quick pull Thur as there are plaques and dedication signs at the entrance of the trail that tells you all about the trail and the fallen 19.

do not go to the Yarnell Prescott area without doing this hike! It is incredible, emotional, a great workout, and really explains what happened. The tribute to each of the HotShots is classy and well done! it is worth it to go the .6 down to the fatality site. there are also a ton of beautiful lizards crossing your path along the way. Go early it gets hot and there is not much shade, and take a lot of water with you. There are even benches to sit on along the way and enjoy the view. One of the best hikes I've ever been on.

There are many great reviews of this trail for hiking, so I will tailor mine to those interested in using this trail for trail running.

This is an awesome place to go trail running. For those of you from the Phoenix area like me, you will find this has many fewer rocks, is more clearly marked, and mixes incline and decline more evenly than most popular trail running spots like South Mountain in the Valley. A few more notes:

The two most difficult sections are the initial ascent and climb back up after leaving the deployment site. Thankfully, these sections are clearly marked and are characterized by switchbacks that lessen the severity of the climb. The rest of the trail has only minor climbs and is relatively flat. One other mitigating factor is the lack width on the trail. It is very narrow in certain sections, so be wary of trying to run past hikers.

Overall, this is a very good workout, but nothing that difficult. I was able to complete this in 1:50, and that included two stops to drink water and take in the memorial at the fatality site. The bus driver today told me that a marathon runner did it in 1:18.

I highly encourage everyone to go and pay tribute to the heroic first responders, learn their story, and get the heart rate going!

This beautiful trail in memory of the Granite Mountain Hot Shots is the most touching and heartwarming tribute one can imagine. The beautiful granite plaques memorialize each of the nineteen firefighters who lost their lives and truly depicts who they were as individuals. This is a well thought out trail with gradual switchbacks and benches placed along the path to rest and reflect. The 3/4mile decent to the fatality site contains crosses in memory of each hot shot encircled by nineteen gabions linked together. Momentos honoring these men cover the gabions as well as a memorial wall.
Completing this hike on Father’s Day made it specially fitting. God bless the souls of the Granite Mountain Hot Shots and the loved ones they have left behind.
I highly recommend this hike. Take your time and make a day of it. You will shed tears and be deeply touched by their bravery and sacrifice.

4 months ago

This trail is excellent. It's not only a beautiful tribute to the 19 hotshots that lost their lives, but the trail itself is a good combination of elevation gain and distance. Perfect training hike for trips that require both. You gain about 1100 ft over 5.5 miles to the Observation Deck, which looks down on the Fatality Site. To pay your respects, and to lose/gain another 500 ft and 1.5 miles, you can hike down to the site itself. Be prepared for a wave of emotion as you walk around the circle of gabions and view the mementos and heartfelt notes left for each hotshot. This is an out and back so, aside from the hike back up to the Observation Deck, the return is downhill. Fairly exposed with minimal shade. Bring plenty of water as there is none available at the trailhead. There are 2 portable potties in the parking lot, but parking is limited if you're not there fairly early. There is a shuttle that runs from Congress to the trailhead if parking is full. Previously the shuttle left from Yarnell.

I am humbled and moved by our hike today. It was really steep and definitely not for beginners to take lightly. Make sure you take plenty of water. The trek down to the Fatality Site was worth the grueling climb back up. I am in awe and forever grateful.

Steep from the start, certainly a good work out with my 40lb pack. Great trail in honor of fallen heroes. Get there early on weekends to get a parking space. There is a shuttle that runs also. Take lots of water, Yarnell gets hot in the summer.

It was an amazing hike! definitely not for a beginner or smaller children. I saw a lot of smaller kids and not carrying water bottles. Took almost 4 hours round trip. Coming back down is much much easier. Make sure you have a lot of water! They do have port o pots at the entrances.

A must see. Awesome memorial for fallen heroes.

Amazing benches in just the right places for non hikers.

Absolutely amazing and breathtaking. Being able to read the stories and to see the fatality site and their path to the evacuation point took my breath away. Beautiful hike and I feel so honored to have been able to go while on vacation.

Awesome trail with great views. Humbling! Be sure and stop and read the 19 granite plaques that tell a story of each of the fallen Granite Mountain Hotshots.

hike starts immediately with elavation! The memorial on the way tells the story of these heroes. Anyone having relatives come into town should take them on this hike

Loved this hike! Beautiful trail with memorials along the way. A little warm so bring plenty of water and get there early. Very few parking spots near the trial, but there is a shuttle. We ate at Arrowhead Grill a the food was delicious. :)

We watched the movie while camping the night before. The hike was great. Definitely a moderate or moderate + if you hike the last leg from the observation point to the fatality site. A very inspiring hike. God bless the families if these heroes.

It was a nice sunny day. My wife and I enjoyed the hike. The trail and tribute is great.

It was an absolutely beautiful day to take this hike with my husband and our 12 year old daughter. I’m leaning towards saying it’s a bit more than moderate but that’s coming from being a year out of a total knee replacement. The tributes to the fallen hero’s along the trail are beautifully written. At the observation area the view of the fatality site and the memorial wall with the patch’s left by other FDs and PDs from all over the country was very moving . But , we strongly recommend if you have the time make the hike down to the fatality site. It’s so powerful to stand and take in the memorial to those brave men and see the terrain that surrounded them.

This trail definitely takes some time but it is so wonderfully humbling to follow the final steps of these brave men. My dogs and I enjoyed our lunch on the observation deck, left my husbands station’s patch on the tribute wall, and said a silent prayer at the fatality site. It’s not for the faint of heart, bring plenty of water, and enjoy the beauty of this humbling location. I’ll definitely be back again!

Beautiful! Watch out for Rattle Snakes sun bathing trail side! It warned us and then slithered away slowly. Enjoy, be safe!

Hiked this trail with a friend a month ago, and hiked it by myself today. Started early - first car in the parking lot - and was on the trail by 7:45 am. Both hikes have taken me 3.5 hours, which tells me it's about 7.5 miles round trip from trail head past the observation deck and down to the actual memorial. I continue to be disappointed in the trail etiquette of some hikers. Since I was first person on the trail today, I passed every hiker after me, on my return. I know those hikers dropped orange peels, candy wrappers, and crackers, and I observed many hikers damaging the off-trail areas by taking shortcuts between the switch backs. In the one month between my hikes at this trail the shortcuts on the trail between the observation deck and the memorial are such that in many places the entire trail is deteriorated and new post-fire vegetation destroyed. Still a beautiful trail with stunning view and rock formations, but you'd better hike it soon before it becomes even more deteriorated.

Very well done trail with beautiful memorials along the way. Parking is slim, bring extra water. Downhill the whole way out, which makes the elevation gain a little easier to handle.

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