This was a harder trail for me. But the payoff is worth it

Wonderful hike - lovely views and a fitting tribute at the actual memorial site. It's a well-kept trail with quite a few switchbacks and a fair amount of elevation. Too many hikers have taken "short cuts" in between the switchbacks which is deteriorating some parts of the trail. The downhill return can be somewhat slippery since there's quite a bit of grit on the trail. There are only 13 parking spaces, plus a few motorcycle slots, and it's a one-way road. If you don't get a parking space you must proceed back down the hill and drive to Yarnell where you can get a shuttle bus from the Yarnell Assembly of God church parking lot, ONLY Thursday through Sunday.

AMAZING trail! it was my first time actually hiking, and it was so much fun. the trail was well maintained and make sure you stop and read each plaque about the amazing men that lost their lives in the heartbreaking fire. It is a little hard going back down the hill, but the views are all worth it.

We hiked this today (3-8-2018) and would hike it again tomorrow if we had the time! This is a great hike! Not a hard hike at all. The hardest part is going back down. Take the time to read the memorial plaques!! With the stops at each plaque on the way up the hike is very easy. Then you have the Tribute Wall, then the hike down to the Fatality Site.
Well kept trail with some spots where small rocks are protruding the ground and making your footing a little unstable but not bad at all. They took great lengths with this hike by placing stones as steps and cutting steps into granite rocks.
Some info we didn’t know until we hiked it. The shuttle is $5 each which is well worth it if you get the driver we had. He was amazing! Very knowledgeable and VERY dedicated to this memorial!
There is a donation box at the trail head and one at the Tribute Wall. Please leave what you can.
If for some reason you didn’t bring water and snacks there is a Dollar General store just inside the Yarnell city limits. Stop and buy some! Depending on your fitness level you’ll need at least a small bottle of water to a liter if not more.

Hiked this trail yesterday with friends. It was fantastic. Hiked to the fatality site while reading about each Hotshot along the way. Took four hours with about 30 minutes of that time spent at the fatality site. Beautiful granite mountains. Well-maintained trail.

Highly recommend! The path in are 19 plaques on granite rocks that share the “celebration of life” for each of the brave Hotshot firefighters who lost their lives in the 2013 Yarnell Hill Fire. The hike is very beautiful & serene, especially when you follow the last steps of the Hotshots down the hill to the fatality site where they stood together for the last time! Recommend to see the movie; “Only The Brave” first

Amazing weather honoring the Hotshots. Friendly people on trail

great trail and memorial. the hike in is appropriate for a hotshot memorial.

Great hike. I would say slightly above moderate. Not a very wide trail so going on a weekday would be best. Great views. Mostly uphill until you get to the lookout above the grave site, then it is all downhill. You have to hike back up the hill which isn't too bad, then it is mostly downhill on the way back out.
Bring more than a plastic water bottle.
In and out trail---please don't be a nuisance and trespass on the property by the grave sites.

We got lucky on our hike. It was the day the new monument was being dedicated. Only 20-30 ppl were there, Mike Rowe dedicated the monument and the Az governor showed up.

Awesome hike with beautiful views. This hike is moderate with almost all uphill on way and 1 way back up from fatality site to overlook. Steep areas. Well worth it and great memorials to the firefighters.

This was a must do. Very nice tribute to hotshots who lost their lives in 2013.

Awesome hike. A must see for any Firefighter, young or old.

The trail is long and has a stiff elevation change, but is amazing. The memorial to the fallen hot shots is very well done. I think that it is fitting that visitors experience some of what these men and women work through every single time they fight wildfire.

Husband and I hiked this trail in March 2017. This was a challenging hike for us since we do no hike consistently but was totally doable as stopping to read each of the plaques and info boards along the way allowed for nicely timed breathers. Beautiful scenery along the way and a few benches to stop and get a drink and a snack. Take plenty of water! Also helped that the majority of the hike out was downhill. If you get to the overlook don't turn back!!! Hike down to the site where they found these brave men and take a moment to pay your respects. Would definitely do this one again.

This was a nice challenge, the distance was good with my watch stating we’d reach 7.03 miles in completion. There was some serious elevation gain which happens to be my favorite part. To add to this experience, my firefighter boyfriends joined me and he said it was an “emotional hike.” We’d most definitely do this one again!

Great trail and tribute to the fire fighters. plaques along the trail for each of th 19 young men.

I’ve done this hike twice, and each time it is just as moving. It can be a physically challenged hike, not for the faint of heart, but worth it!

Such a memorable experience for me. Very well done trail and memorial. Hard not to get choked up along the way.

Nice, challenge. Seems like the trail is well thought out. Great views despite the pollution.

Please make sure you have plenty or water and dress accordingly. So many folks were not prepared.

We did this hike in October All I can say is wow! Nicely done. Lots of climbing but so worth it. Be sure to bring lots of water and snacks and don’t be in a hurry.

We did this hike a few days after it opened late 2016. Exceptionally thoughtful and beautiful tribute to these 20 heroic young men (lone survivor included). The hike is very moving and meant to be done at your own pace with beautiful granite memorials for each of the fallen every 600 or so feet. There are benches along the way where you can take a rest, reflect on your life, the sacrifices of others or to give thanks for what most matters to you.
At the top of the trail (about 2/3 in) there is a tribute to the team and a view of the actual site. You can switchback down to it where there are crosses for each of the 19. It's heartbreaking to see how close they were to safety.
As an aside, we had an opportunity to talk to Parks officials about the development of the park. We were told the granite memorials and steel benches were made by Arizona prison inmates and the community and families were quite involved with the planning.
This park is a true labour love and we plan to return every year. Be prepared for a sombre yet rewarding experience.

An intermediate hike with some tougher sections and over 2000 ft elevation. It is a beautiful hike and a wonderful memorial. Be sure to read the book “Granite Mountain” or see the movie “Only the Brave” before doing this hike. It will be more meaningful and more interesting for you. We were 3 hours and 40 minutes in and out and took our time at each memorial plaque.

Amazing hike that can be difficult at times. Not for small children or elderly. Amazing views and very emotional. Total respect when hiking this out and back.

Gratitude, Hot Shot crews & All Firefighters. Great 2.5-3 mile cardio uphill, beautiful views, touching tributes along the way. Go early. Give yourself 4-5 hours if you want to read plaques & take in the whole experience. We hit the trail at 8am & only saw 2 other hikers until our way back to lower half when lots more were hitting the trail.

This is a new trail dedicated to the nineteen Granite Mountain Hot Shot brush terrain firefighters who lost their lives in the Yarnell Hill Fire near Yarnell, Arizona on June 30, 2013.

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