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Grand Canyon National Park pretty much speaks for itself; anyone who has been there will know this. For those yet to go, the spectacular views of the Grand Canyon will consistently make your jaw drop, even for seasoned veterans of the park. It is no wonder it is one of the country's most popular National Parks. If you have limited time, you can drive along the rim (most people visit the South Rim, as it is more accessible from many other destinations and has more of the park's highlights) and be sure to stop at Grandview point - the southernmost point on Grand Canyon's south rim. The North Rim is often less crowded and has more solitary hiking trips. If you are feeling the need to get some light exercise, just walk along the Rim Trail as long as you want before turning around or taking a free shuttle bus back to the visitor center or the restaurant overlooking the vast canyon. The best way to appreciate the canyon is from the bottom, usually with a trip to the Bright Angel campground along the South Kaibab Trail and the Bright Angel Rrail. DO NOT attempt a round trip to the bottom and back in 1 day. Temperatures at the bottom can reach 110 degrees in the middle of the day, many people suffer from dehydration and heat stroke due to the dry climate along the steep trail. If attempting this (at least 2-day) hike, start very early in the morning to avoid the heat (do not hike between 10 and 2); By starting very early, you also get the added bonus of seeing the sunrise over the canyon walls, which will bring out some of the reddest rock you have ever seen. With more time to spare, there are several Native American reservations with tourist information, as well as several museums about natural history where you can attend ranger talks about the formation of this immense canyon, the history of its first inhabitants, and how the area is still changing today. Bring hiking boots, ample water, sunscreen, a hat, and check for info on backcountry permits if you plan to camp overnight.

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Hiked on 1/18/2020, started at 0800 took me total of 7h45m with stops and lunch. The first 1.5 to 2 miles were a mix of hard packed snow and ice, very slippery. Crampons aren't a must but HIGHLY RECOMMEND, for $25 why risk it?!?! After that the trail dried out and is beautifully maintained. Watch your step as there are rocks and and "steaming rocks" (donkey waste). Make sure to bring plenty of water, the spickets at the 1.5 and 3 mile rest stops are off. Bring enough snacks to keep you fueled. Love the motto on the signs posted, "down is optional, up is mandatory". Enjoy the hike, the view at the plateau is 100% worth it.

A busy but excellent trail. Right now about half of it is covered in snow, and is occasionally icy. That made it more beautiful... the warm colours of the exposed canyon walls against the white snow was excellent. The trail is clearly marked and well serviced with toilets along the way and good spots to sit and watch the view.

A bit icy at the start, suggest crampons, seen people do it without. Be prepared for a tough but doable hike on the way back. Worth it, extremely beautiful

Great views! The whole path at the beginning is icy snow. I’d recommend micro-spikes for grip and maybe even poles. We didn’t go further. Even without the hike, you could still get a nice view and pics if you walk down the trail for a bit. Just keep in mind your comfort level and safety.

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Magnificent views.

I hiked this trail in August 2019. Started out at 4AM, reached North rim around noon and spent the night at the backpacker’s tent site. Hiked back the next morning and finished it again around noon that day. It’s been my favorite hike so far. Will definitely do it again in the near future.

Finished in about 8 hours. Started at 7:15am ended around 3:30/4pm. Full from south khabib trail to phantom ranch and back up bright angel trail. Best hike of my life so far

Did trail on 1/16/19, caught the first shuttle and started on trail at 6:10. Used crampons for the first 1.5, puffer jacket and two under layers. By the tine we got to tip off I was wearing just the bottom base layer. Spent some time at the bottom to eat lunch and explore, checked out pipe creek beach on the way up and made it out at 4 o’clock. The last three miles are the hardest of the day. No water on the south kaibab trail, water at the 3 mile and 1.5 mile resthouses are out. Just used a 3L camelback that I refilled once, few rx bars, trail mix, beef jerky, electrolyte packs, and skittles was more than enough. Pack as light as possible.

It is such a nice trail to explore the Canyon, start early on the morning, you reach TipOff in 2 hours, but the way back up will take you a solid 4 to 5 hours. Trekking poles recommended, the trail back up is steep with a million of stairs to hike back. Bring snacks and water

Great trail, we did not know what to expect, apparently it is not recommended to do the trail in 1 day. We did walk down to the river and back, the only open water spot is 4.5 miles in. Eat lunch by the river was definitely worth it We are 28/29 years old, not professional hikers but we wanted to do it. Started the trail at 7:30am, we were at the river 11:10am. All in trail with all the stops etc took us 8hours and 45 minutes, we can not walk fyi. We were wearing regular running shoes and did just fine all though the spikes are preferred first 1-2 miles as it is icy 16 miles roundtrip, absolutely exhausting but most definitely worth it

Twas an incredible journey into, and out of, the canyon. I recommend this gorgeous hike to anyone with drive and endurance. Ill advised for those with weak knees due to the steepness and unsure footing the majority of the hike. Worth every step!

I absolutely love this trail. If you are looking for the perfect day hike in the canyon, this is the one. It’s easily doable leaving time to spare in your day. The view at Plateau is so beautiful. I recommend giving yourself a little extra time to sit at Plateau and take in the views. Such an awesome way to experience the Colorado River if you don’t have the time or capability to go to the bottom.

I wore spikes in first two miles. beautiful beautiful hike

A quick status before my review. I did this hike Jan 9-10th, 2020. I’m 60 years old, 45lbs over weight (but on the way down!). Probably crazy for me to attempt this, but you know the fragile male ego – once I committed, I couldn’t say no. And I’m glad I didn’t. I’ve run the Boston Marathon (2015), Indianapolis (2014), NYC (2013) and Savannah (2012), plus at least 25 half marathons. No doubt this hike was right up there with reaching the limits of my abilities. We took the 8 AM bus to the South Kaibab trailhead (the earliest this time of year). With the stops and gearing up, we were on the trail at 8:55 AM. And yes, we had crampons on (1/4 spikes) for the first 3 miles or so. Mandatory in my book due to the snow and ice. As are poles also. I had a Rupampack with 2.5 liter of water, snacks and salt tablets (from my running days). The trail is very well marked, the scenery absolutely gorgeous. You will see from my time (5.55 hours down 8 miles, 9 hours up 10.5 miles) that we took our time both ways, stopping for snacks and to take over 200 pictures. Our overnight stay at Phantom Ranch was great. Wonderful steak dinner and ready for bed at 8:45 PM. I was in the 10 person male dorm. Remember to bring your ear plugs and sleep mask! I dressed in layers, stripping as I went down. Temperature at the top was 19 degrees, close to 50 when we got to the bottom. One suggestion I would pass on for those taking a leisure walk like I did, bring a thermos with hot soup. We stopped and had a wonderful lunch on the way down, and up. Just wish I would have had some hot soup to go with it. Breakfast was at 5:30 AM. We were on the Bright Angels trail by 6:15 AM, using our headlamps (even with a full moon, they were needed). It was so nice hiking that time of the morning. And as others have said, this trail was completely different than Kaibab. We crossed a creek at least 6 times. Again, the trail was well marked. The hike out was fairly easy, at least till the three mile rest house. From there it became MUCH more challenging. Then came the Mile-and-a-half Rest house. This is where it became brutal for this old guy. That last 1.5 miles was a killer for me. Keep in mind, the elevation change is about 4700’, toping out at 7,000. I live in Florida, at 185’ elevation. Needless to say, I had to “stop to take more pictures” every 500’ it seemed. The sign says “Going down is optional, coming out is mandatory”. I did it and so glad I did. In fact, I’m already booked for next January – but two nights this time at Phantom, which I am sure will help!

Must do hike in the Grand Canyon! Go a little past the 1.5 mile rest house (another 0.2 miles at most) for an awesome plateau area to stop and eat lunch. Tough hike due to elevation gain. I am in shape and still stopped a couple times. Overall, awesome hike!

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Amazing trail. It started out a little bit icy. However, we were hiking in January so that was to be expected. I highly recommend this trail. Just be sure to know your limits and turn around before you are too tired for the steady incline on the way back.

Incredible views!! Short hike but killer incline in the way back up. Beautiful!

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