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no shade
off trail
9 hours ago

Great trail to hike without packing a ton. 2miles roundtrip. I would do it early in the morning so you are in shade 80% of the time. This trail is short enough that you can still explore the GC thoroughly without rushing. Bring water!

1 day ago

One of the two 3 mile out and back trails available at the South Rim, the other one is accessed from the Bright Angel trailhead. While I did both of them, if you are pressed for time I would recommend the hike to the Mile and a Half rest stop from Bright Angel. It is a little more scenic, a little easier and allows you to view the scenery more as you hike. The views at Cedar Ridge are amazing.

This hike was awesome! I definitely agree with the GC map in saying to/from the Ooh Aah point is more moderate and from Cedar Ridge back up to Ooh Aah is more difficult. We went from 930-1230 with lots of time spent down at Cedar Ridge for pictures, with stops on the way back up for water breaks and sitting. We got lucky to have a fairly overcast day with a good breeze for parts of it; with that being said the elevation level still made this challenging and I definitely needed some rest breaks on the way back up! Moderately trafficked to Ooh Aah but much less people past that to cedar ridge. Park rangers there warned about head level if we were planning on going on towards skeleton point, but we weren’t feeling that ambitious. Bring lots of water and take your time! Would definitely recommend.

hiked down the South kaibob and up the bright angel. kaibob is great but expect your knees to be hurting after you hit the river.

very comitting hike out . take plenty of water with you and food. very exposed to the sun but beautiful views throughout. last three miles up are absolutely brutal, be prepared and enjoy.

This place is amazing with great views. If I'm going to be honest the best view is at the beginning. The trail is well maintained and easy to follow. Rest and water stations are at 1.5, 3, and 4.5 mile marks. After those rest stops there are no more until you touch the Colorado River and head back. Overall I loved this hike. Bring plenty of snacks, water, and try resting in the shade when available. Good Luck!

A hidden gem, went early, no one of the trail until return trip out! Must go out on the point the views are spectacular. Easy to miss if you don't go all the way to picnic area!

This is THE walk to do if you want to get in the canyon without getting too far there. It is relatively easy on the way down but the elevation change is far greater than you would realize. Trail is well maintained and wide enough that the steep drop offs aren’t really an issue. My teens are afraid of heights but they had no real issue with this.

Definitely start early to miss amateur hour. Headlight, electrolytes, water filter and 3L camel pack needed. I would advise trail running shoes and gaiters. Skip the heavy hiking boots. If rim running know that your toes will hate you running down hill. If hiking at walking pace, know your toes will also hate you. South kaibab trail side has no water! So to be smart hike down that side and come up bright angel. Running water at the bottom and multiple spots on bright angel. You can go through 9 - 12L of water while doing the trail in a day. You should be able to run a 5k every other day if you plan on doing this in one day. I would not recommend if you can’t.

Great hike! Hiked with my family. Wife and two kids, 9 and 7. My son and I jogged down, 20 mins down. However, we really felt the elevation (and not great shape) on the way out. Took us just about an hour..! Great hike with a great view of the canyon!

6 days ago

7 days ago

Nice trail, well marked just follow the mule poops.. Varied environments, good views, not too difficult. Hiked it in 2.5 hrs. Saw 7 mule deer & horned toads of varied sizes.

Know yourself before attempting this hike in a day. The way up is BRUTAL... but the landscape is so amazing!!!!

An extraordinary hike for those who want to clear mind and a great challenge. Started at 7am and finished at 6pm. Quick stop at Phantom Ranch for water refill and a power nap.

7 days ago

Nice relaxing hike with plenty of overlooks on the canyon. We took bridle trail back to the Lodge to make it a loop.

Stunning views the whole way. Little shade. Water and restroom half way down. Nowhere to pull off trail for bathroom break

Unique spectacular views of the Grand Canyon. Warning: there is no water on this trail. We carried 2L of water each person. I would recommend 3L to be safe. A family arrived with one 1L each and they suffered from severe heat stroke. Middle of August temp was 120° at Phantom Ranch. Persevere through all this and you arrive on a beautiful bridge over the Colorado River. Take a dip on boat beach. The water is a refreshing 45° year round

We hiked this trail after researching best places to view the sunrise over the Grand Canyon - woke up at 4am to head over from our campsite and make it down in time. At that hour, we had no competition for trail space, which was good because the switchback is relatively narrow. Have to say, this one is very aptly named, especially for sunrises - we were certainly oohing and aahing once we reached the point. Phenomenal views of both the sun coming up over the canyon, as well as the canyon itself which changes by the minute with different light. This ultimately wasn’t a very tricky trail, just a pretty steep decline via switchbacks. The way down was quite easy and quick, while coming back up was a bit more of a challenge (the donkeys had also come through before we ascended so the smell was a bit heavier!). Two logistical notes: you can’t actually park at the trailhead, must rather park on the street a ways away (where my recording starts) or take a shuttle, which I’m not sure of the details. Plan accordingly, especially if you’re trying to get there in time for sunrise! And on that point, the sunrise hits Ooh Aah Point later than the official listed Grand Canyon sunrise time (about 20 minutes when we went), so don’t feel the need to rush if you’re coming up on the time. Overall a great hike with some beautiful views! We will do this one again next time we’re back at the Canyon (maybe go all the way next time!).

9 days ago

Very boring trail, it takes 3 hours to return, doesn’t worth the time for that very limited view..Plenty of magnificent views along the rim, don’t waste time on Uncle Jim.

Wow! Easy going down and into the canyon. BUT, coming back up is shockingly hard and potentially dangerous if you don’t have water, hat and salty snacks.

Nice hike but I would suggest leaving early in the morning as with any Grand Canyon hike. We were at the trailhead at 4:30 in the morning and because of the position of the mesa we avoided the sun until the last 30 minutes of hiking out of the canyon.

Great views at every corner so no need to hike till the end if you don’t want. It’s quite steep but the major problem is the heat so try to avoid the hottest part of the day

no shade
12 days ago

Just did this in beginning of August. A few notes: took me 6.5 hours, with a few short stops, and 30 min at the end to eat. I’m about average or slightly above average conditioning, 33 years old, and went at a slow but steady pace. 80-something degree at the beginning but maybe 100 at the bottom. Sunny the entire way down, but luckily in the shade on the way up! Started at noon and sun set 30-60 min after we finished, it was perfect timing. Lesson: if you start early in the morning, you will be returning and making the ascent when it’s hottest and also in the sun.

Sample an initial segment of this challenging trail.

13 days ago

Easy hike to a beautiful location available for weddings, special events. Makes for great wedding photos with Grand Canyon as a spectacular backdrop. This is a “secret” location that the park deliberately keeps low key to the mass public.

15 days ago

Did part of this trail today, nice shaded parts with peek a boo views of the canyon. Easy and enjoyable.

Easy paved trail to great views. Everyone is doing this trail but it’s worth it. The Canyon is spectacular and even this quick hike takes you to vertigo inducing drop offs.

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