It’s was a good hike but super crowded, even on a week day. No one wants to wait in line while bouldering. Other than that, great views at the top!

This trail is definitely challenging for new hikers and an overall awesome workout. When I lived closer, I used to hike this every morning during sunrise because the views were so beautiful as you ascend the mountain. I can typically finish the entire hike in about 1.5 hours or less going at a consistent walking pace. The last part of the hike (past where the emergency helicopters would be able to land) involves some scrambling and it can be easy to get lost if you are unsure of where to go. Be sure to look at the rocks for the navigational markings and pay attention to signs. Also, I see a ton of people attempt this hike with just a single water bottle but I definitely recommend bringing at least 1-2 liters depending upon the time of year you go. There is no parking lot and you instead parrallel park on the main road a little ways from the trailhead. It is easy to spot where you need to park though because there are some signs on the road that signal you where to go.

Difficult but so great

For reference we got there at 6:30 a.m. on a Saturday and there were only a few parking spots left. Loved the hike despite the large crowd.

Challenging and beautiful. Harder coming down. Witnessed a rescue here today. So, watch your footing, and bring lots of water. We brought over a gallon and could have used more between two.

Busier trail which is expected in the city, but the view is great! Much more hike feel than the stairs over at Piestewa. Parking is a a pain and no facilities at trail head. I agree with others, moderate the first 2/3 of hike then more difficult. Wearing proper shoes and bringing more water than you think you need is just smart especially on this trail. Saw lots of people in slippery casual shoes with no grip having a harder time than need be and some with no water.

For lots of breaks and someone out of shape, 3 hours round trip. Definitely something I have to do at least once a year. If parking wasn’t so difficult, I would go every weekend! We went around 11:30 on a Thursday and it was crowded.

Great hike with several challenges. Parking fills up so get there early.

Absolute favorite trail ever. Went in the late afternoon and caught the sunset from the top. It gets crowded at times and the climb after the saddle point is extremely difficult (yet rewarding). The view from the top is unbeatable. This climb is not for the faint of the hard as their are some dicey climbing parts with no room for error. A hike I won't soon forget.

A great hike that turns into a great climb. A rewarding workout for the day. Definitely want to do Echo Canyon next!

It was crowded but one of my favorite hikes!

I'M EXHAUSTED! An hour trek to the top with water breaks. A complete work out with lots of sweat included, and I still have to go back down to the trailhead. Well worth it.

Hiked this trail with a few friends. Started hike around 8 am to avoid hot sun and to get a parking spot at the base of the mountain. Trail was well travelled with numerous challenging sections. Our first time, it took us about 2 hours. Great views from the top and well worth the climb. Good footwear is a must and three point contact on the way down helped in avoiding jarring of the knees.

This is a great hike, don't believe anyone who says they turned back because there was too many people, they couldn't hack it. Plain and simple

It was tough to get to the top, but very rewarding! Halfway up trail, it basically turned into rock climbing versus hiking. The view at the top is incredible

You get to use your arms too as in a lot of parts it’s a scramble uphill. Good shoes and a treking pole can help. The way down offers a nice, alternative challenge to hiking and scrambling up. Great views to marvel at.

Lots of boulder scrambling, plenty of elevation, and fabulous views from the top. You may want to wear gloves because you'll be reaching over quite a few boulders on your way up. Wear sticky soled shoes and be considerate and tolerant - it's crowded, and some hikers are struggling. You may need to park at a nearby shopping center or hotel lot due to very high traffic on this trail.

Loved this trail! Best to get there early AM. I started at 7:30 AM on a Wednesday and ran into minimal people. I had tried this trail a couple of years back but left mid morning and it was too crowded to get to the top. The views and challenge are so worth it!! Can’t wait to do it again when I’m back or Spring Training again!

Pretty rocky at the top. Beautiful views.
This trail gets very crowded.

LOVED THIS HIKE, the scrambling at the top was a blast!! Go early as there is NO parking down Cholla lane, you must park on Invergordon Road and walk to trailhead. Also, if it’s going to be hot go early as well, 29 is hella hot to hike in and didn’t go as early as I should have, it took a toll on me but the views at the top were 100% worth it!

Really enjoyed this hike, great views from the top. Make sure if you're driving to go early so you don't have to walk as far from your parking spot. I can't imagine how crazy that walk would be on a weekend (I went on a weekday). Overall would say this one was a bit easier than Piestewa (incline wasn't as steep, but more scrambling near the top, which I don't mind). If I'm in town again I will definitely try the Echo Canyon trail!

Great workout. Would be 5 stars if not so crowded.

Es una montaña espectacular, todos los fines de semana la subo al lado de mi amigo. Al principio batallábamos mucho, pero después de un tiempo lo encontramos más facil. 100% recomendable.

This was one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences of my life! I loved it and would definitely do it again. Glove and GREAT hiking shoes are a MUST! Bring lots of water and take lots of pix!

Very challenging, but worth the climb! Wear good soles shoes, bring lots of water! So glad I did it

Easy access. Relatively short. Amazing views. 5/5 in my book

Very challenging trail with excellent views as a reward up top. Much of the ‘trail’ is basically climbing up steep inclines of rocks, so come prepared to use your arms and legs to make the full trek to the top. Not for the casual or unmotivated climber. Good facilities including restroom and water fountains at the trail head. Definitely earns its rating as double black diamond. Best done early in the day as it will get crowded as the morning winds on.

One of the most difficult trails I've been on, but the view is totally worth it. Pace yourself and you'll be fine. Extreme inclines and it is practically rock climbing, so be ready to use your hands and legs to get up the mountain.

Parking gets full quick and the security guards were not helpful at all, very rude in fact, so be prepared to find another parking area. You can't park in the residential area, so I parked at a shopping center nearby and biked from there.

Great trail - decent workout, perfect weather! Fun at the steep section near the top when coming up from the Cholla side.
Would have given 5 stars, except for the mile long walk from the parking to the trailhead and the excessive number of people on the trail - even on a Monday morning. No chance I would go on a weekend.

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