11 days ago

Crazy tough mentally and physically for the casual hiker. But, so so worth it.

Flew in to Phoenix for a weekend trip and this was our first stop. Probably my favorite hiking trail to date.

Totally recommend going early @5am as it starts to heat up pretty quickly at this time of the year. Great workout! Take breaks as needed and make sure to bring a small snack and lots of WATER (I brought 1/2 gal) nearly drank it all. Very rewarding once your up there and you might get lucky and see a chuckwalla or 2. Quicker getting down but watch your footing. FYI be prepared for this hike.

15 days ago

A bit easier than Echo Canyon trail, but the final part of this trail is still a doozy! I hate climbing down steep things so I did some sliding on my butt on the big rocks. Views are great! Parking along the street can be competitive, so sometimes you'll have to walk around half a mile or more just to get to the trail head. Almost a complete 180 from the hiking terrain of Echo Canyon. This is a much smoother trail with a lot less rock climbing and stepping over boulders. Good trail!

Love how close and easily accessible this hike is when you're living in the Phoenix area. It's a great afterwork hike as well as a hike to take out of town visitors on! The rangers are very strict about leaving at sunset, so make sure you are back at your car before sunset or you will get a ticket! My friends and I powerhouse up this trail and can do it in around 1 hr 30 min, but if I'm going at normal-human speed I can take anywhere from 2 to 3 hours. Savor the view from the top! It's great! Also, don't leave your orange peels please. Even though it's fruit, those things wont distintergrate as quickly as you think. Tons of boulders and rocks to climb up on the way up. The way down can be jarring on knees, so be sure to go at your own pace and be aware of all of your body extremities that can be prone to twisting, getting stuck, slipping, etc. Loose rocks can be present all over the trail, so I always reccomend hiking shoes for the best grip.

This trail will have you loving and hating life at the same time. In my opinion, the beginning of the trail is the absolute worst. It takes some serious mental strength.

It starts off with a switchback trail that leads to an almost stair-like section. Next, there is a dramatic incline that one can try to climb, but a pole is available to help pull yourself up. The rest of the hike is nothing but climbing over big rocks, which you're constantly focusing on your next step and can help distract you from your exhaustion. Sometimes it feels like it is a never ending climb but then all of a sudden the end appears, and the view from the top is amazing!

The hike down is fairly easy. At that point I am always extremely motivated to get off the fricken mountain that I just plop down the rocks. Be care of your ankles though! Also, the rocks and poles can get super hot!

Bring lots of water! If you think you have enough, then bring more. It is easy to over exert yourself and the Arizona heat is relentless on this mountain. Lastly, it is a very popular hike and parking is limited. The early mornings are the busiest times but for a valid reason.

Great workout! Super busy even at 5:30am.

Not everyday you get to see a helicopter rescue... Ok, maybe you do if you leave near Camelback. Great trail, very fun. Close to the city makes it perfect for a late afternoon hike and back down during the sunset. We saw a fella get rescued as he fell during the last accent and cracked his head pretty good. No water source on trail so pack what you need and a little extra.