After marker 26 it gets hard and scary.made it on top- what a view ❤️

Five star view, four star from me for being more like a hard/moderate blend. If you like scrambling, it’s really fun on the way up and really less fun on the way down. If you are not experienced, you’re gonna be like the guy behind me today who kept slipping and freaking out. This hike is not for you.

Did solo this morning - sunrise was around 7:10 am. Worth it for early birds because the parking lots is empty too!

Don’t use the maps on AllTrails like ever. Use your Google machine and search Echo Canyon Rec Area and you will get right to the parking area. Last time I went up Echo and down Cholla and to me that is preferred. But for sunrise Cholla might be the better way to go up!

Shoes with decent traction make this a much more enjoyable experience. The hike from wherever you'll end up parking is probably longer than the hike to the top!

Fantastic hike. Challenging, but doable.

My favorite place to take a dump!

Such a beautiful hike! Loved the views!!

Challenging, but an awesome hike!

The bigger challenges are watching your footing and dealing with the crowds. Certainly not a casual tourist hike, but very doable. Wear shoes with good traction, and bring water.

Parked at Echo Canyon Trailhead. Trekked from one end to the other completing Camelback Mountain via Echo Canyon and Cholla Trail 5 miles out and back. Camelback is crawling with tourists, friends and families. Be courteous of all fellow hikers. Always bring plenty of water!

Camelback Mountain via Echo Canyon and Cholla Trails

Feeding the squirrel Blue Diamond almonds and granola!
Check it out :D

It's definitely a difficult trail. Not for those who are first time hikers. be aware of your limits. it was my first time hiking this trail. it was difficult because your hiking through rocks and the trail is steep. at times you need to hike holding on to a rail. but it's definitely worth it. the top view is spectacular and it's a complete work out. stay on the trail and take alot of water. parking is tricky as the lot tends to get full and you are not allowed to park on the street.

Intense climb and amazing views!

It's too easy. I smoke J's and drink 40's all day up and down

Great hike, with fantastic views, challenging in many parts. A lot of rock scrambling up and down the mountain, very fun, a lot of people on this trail and at the summit. Parking is very packed, you may not even be allowed in if it is full. Seems to be packed from about 10am-1:30pm.

Great hike! The view from the top is amazing. Definitely worth doing this if you're in the area. It was challenging at times and relaxing at others. The trail was crowded on a Friday afternoon, but I found parking. Bathrooms at the trailhead. Great experience.

It’s hard for the casual hiker. A lot of the reviews below will tell you the same thing. Do your research and be prepared before attempting. I did not. I went with two friends who are more experienced and stayed ahead. I was out of breath nearly the entire way up—from the time we hit the scramble. Don’t wear jeans or anything that will hinder your knees from complete flexibility. I wore jeans. My knees are still killing me. Incredibly crowded on weekends. Some hotshots who think they’re James Franco from that movie 187 hrs—self-consumed and reckless—play their music while jogging/hopping past you as if you are merely an obstacle for them to avoid. A lot of nice people too, struggling along side of you. Most people on the trail were humble and kind. Beautiful views. But be warned, if you are looking for a leisurely hike in the desert, look elsewhere.

This is hard unless you are fit and have experience hiking. Things to bring: Water. I had 2 liters and finished it on my return to the bottom. Gloves. Yes you will be holding a pole to pull you up or help you down at the beginning but as you get higher you are essentially bouldering or rock climbing. Keep in mind that as you climb up you will have to turn around and make your way back down those same boulders and rocky areas. Good shoes. Whether you choose hiking shoes or sneakers make sure they are in good shape. One guy walking up had a sneaker blow out and decided to turn back. The shoe split in two pieces. Hat or head cover and Sun block. If you plan to go later in the day remember it has little shade once it gets past noon. It was windy and cool up top but progressively hotter the closer you get to the bottom. It is a deceptively short hike in distance but the difficulty makes it longer... Unless you are in good shape. Then you can probably make it in less than a couple hours. My fit buddy said it was a fun hike with a few technical spots so he had a blast. I hope that helps. Please note that while I was making my way down fire rescue was making their way up because someone took a spill. Watch your step and keep hydrated. Enjoy it!

This trail is hard. I would not consider it a hike, it’s a mountain climb. I’d be cautious of taking my parents on it. Not a trail, but rocks and boulders you climb. I thought this was a difficult hike just because of the climbing.. there are parts that are almost vertical. Coming down isn’t as bad just take your time bc there are slippery parts. Bring a snack and hydration.

Happy to say I made it to The Summit with my Son on 2-8-2018. Personal Goals ✔️ Amazing Experience! No washroom or Fees

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