Super tough yet equally rewarding hike!

This is an exciting rock scramble pretty much in the city. You get plenty of nice views, a great work out, and memories.

Great for all levels of hikers. For the less experienced be sure to bring LOTS of water and take breaks when you need to.

Word of advice for all when heading back down the mountain: don’t hike, fall with style!

Great views and a lot of bouldering! This made for some good exercise and a great father-daughter outing on Father’s Day. The trail is really well marked, even in places where a marker couldn’t be placed there was blue paint or reflectors directing you.

The reason I did not like this trail was because there were so many people (even in the heat of summer on a holiday, people who are native to Scottsdale use the trails for exercise). Yes, they’re respectful of the trail and are friendly, but I prefer trails with less activity. My personal opinion.

If you choose to do this trail in April-October go in the early morning or late evening. Be sure that you have great close-toed hiking shoes; going uphill is easy, but going downhill made me cringe. Steep ascent/descent. Also, be careful of bees near the top. If you’re allergic, I don’t suggest hiking all the way to the top. I got stung for the first time in my life and there were dozens of them. Finally, be sure to bring more water than you think you’ll need. We arrived as a bunch of ambulances and firetrucks did because a person had to be carried off of the mountain; he had heatstroke.

Absolutely LOVED this! I will admit this trail is marked extremely hard for a reason. I am not an experienced hiker but I had a blast climbing up the rocks! Bottom part was honestly the hardest for me cardio-wise since it was basically incline walking. After the first couple sets of stairs and rock climbs it does get a bit easier to climb but be aware it it’s pretty much straight rock climbing to the very top. View was totally worth it! My body will be sore for a few days but I would love to do it again!!

10 days ago

Pretty good view from either the first false peak before the scrambling begins or from the top if you decide to make the climb. The difficulty of this hike really should be adjusted especially due to the length the out and back aspect makes it quite easy and a huge amount of the scramble path is well marked by blue dots. In fact if you have good core strength it is entirely possible to do it hands free. For anyone who was curious like I was beforehand, this is only a class 2 hike.

Not a bad little hike for being in the middle of the city. Trail wasn't too crowded, only took 36 m in n to summit took my time coming down. Deffinently go early and beat the heat and bring water. I would not say this is a very hard hike, though the last little bit is a little technical.

I do the majority of my hiking on South Mountain and frankly its hard to find a trail that challenges you like this one does. Cholla Trail is a short sweet challenge that combines hiking, single track, climbing and great views over heights. From Parking it's about 3/4 mile to the trail head and makes for a good warm up. I went Memorial day afternoon and the traffic was light.

I did Flat Iron a few days before and that made this hike more difficult than I thought but it's a good change of pace from South Mountain. I think this trail is comparable to Echo in that it gets steep in places on the upper half to where you're climbing and scrambling.

Rocked the Brooks on this one and did just fine. Only brought one 16 oz water as it wasn't so hot in the late PM - probably a second bottle would have been wise.

First hike I did in Arizona. The views were absolutely amazing. A difficult trail, but that was my first time hiking all year, so if I can do it (and little kids can) anyone can!

Great trail. Fairly moderate until you reach a few hundred feet of the summit and then some use of the hands is required. Overall not a terribly difficult hike (if you are an active hiker and in adequate shape). Heard from others that Echo is a steeper trail.

The trail was a great workout...especially in the 100 degree weather...bring enough water, in summer months you are better off going earlier in the morning when it's cooler. Whole hike took us about 1 hour 30 minutes going at a decent pace. Ended up hiking in early afternoon and heading down the mountain we were the only ones on the trail. This was definitely because of rising temperatures but Cholla also sees less foot traffic than Echo from what I've been told and from what we saw today. Unreal 360 degree views of Phoenix and the surrounding valley from the summit.

If you’re new to the Valley and want to get to the top of Camelback - this would be the easier trl to use. Do this first. Then next time do Echo. It is a lot harder.

It is amazing. Gotta do it. But it is rough.

If you only hike one trail in Scottsdale it’s got to be this one! This is a challenging rock scramble that rewards you with a beautiful view of the surrounding city at the top. It Can be especially challenging in high heat but during the winter and early spring this trail is still busy and much easier. Be prepared for a down climb that feels more like falling with style.

BE WARNED, 19/M/220lbs, Your average weight lifter. Hasn't hiked since 15.
1.I put myself in a really bad spot on this hike, i started at 5pm(my first mistake), I didn't bring enough water(2nd mistake), and i summited it to try and impress this beautiful girl(3rd mistake).
2. Made it to the top through great effort, didn't realize that the sun was going down, didn't have a flashlight, was delirious from lack of water/heat/exhaustion.
HOWEVER; this hike has reignited my passion for the outdoors and the mountains, ill be returning on the 8th, with gear......

Very intensive

This was an amazing hike but quite difficult near the top where the trail disappears where the boulders and rocks take over. Was glad there were others around to watch where the choose to go to get over the boulders. But, once you reach the top, wow! Coming down was much easier.

It's an okay hike. There are nice views the whole way - very exposed and a lot of sun which I suppose isn't surprising as it's in Phoenix. The downside is it's very crowded and it's a lot of hikers that seemingly don't hike very often and aren't aware of the others hiking around them.

Very intense, very beautiful. Glad I wore very grippy sneakers with rather stiff soles.
1hr up, including some photo and breathing stops. Same timing for the way down.

Extremely difficult bring lots of water and get ready for a challenge and a great reward

Great hike .. I would rate it moderate. Have done a couple times with my kids and friends and have enjoyed it equally both times. Beautiful views of the Phoenix area !

We enjoyed this hike...a little rock climbing towards the top. Nice views, early is better to avoid crowds and get a parking place.

25 days ago

Located in scottsdale, camelback mountain is an extremely fun hike with beautiful view of the phoenix area.
This is considered a hard hike but if you are in good shape and like a hiit exercise then this is for you. Make sure you take plenty of water and hike either early in the morning or later in the afternoon. Trails are not covered by sub most of the time.

What's to say that hasn't already been said?
Iconic: Yes
Crowded: You bet
Challenging: Definitely - worth the Hard rating but when I see kids the age of 5 or 6 climbing to the top of this thing I think "recommended for very experienced adventurers" is a general guideline.

This is the most recognized hike in the Valley from what I have come to learn. It was my first hike when I moved here. I really like this hike even though it has the determined runners, back packers, dudes wearing altitude masks carrying weights, little kids (I brought mine 4, 10, 11, 13), sorority girls going selfie crazy at the top and everything in between.

The day I went the Police Helicopter was circling the top of the mountain toward Cholla Trail telling hikers to get back on the path. This bump is crazy and fantastic at the same time. This is the quintessential hike in the Valley and all the craziness is worth it.

If you can focus on the experience of what's going on and not the madness it creates then this is a great hike. I do and it is.

Fun trail and great climb. The views get even better as the hike goes on. The trail can be difficult at times and hard on the body but the summit was worth the climb. Very rewarding once you hit the top. Bring lots of water as the climb can be deceiving.

An extremely difficult but rewarding trail! The trail essentially breaks down into seven parts
1. Initial, winding switchback that can be seen from the parking lot. This is the easiest part of the ascent, but still can be difficult if unprepared.
2. A wooden staircase climb
3. Back-to-back guided handrail climbs. I highly recommend you use these handrails (even if you are a germaphobe!). There are sections where the rocks are extremely hard to navigate without the handrails. Also, because the trail is so crowded, there often times isn't a lot of room to roam around the middle when ascending.
4. Rock staircase #1 - steep and pretty long, but not the most difficult.
5. Rock staircase #2 - The steepest and longest of the three. This is definitely the most brutal part of the hike. It also teases you by having a small false summit about halfway up, so be prepared for that.
6. Rock staircase #3 - Arguably more difficult than the first rock staircase because you've already exerted so much effort climbing, but not as difficult as the second. Thankfully, it's not very long so it can be done in a few minutes.
7. The Summit!! I'm an experienced hiker in the Valley, and I think it is right up there with the views from Piestwa Peak, Dobbins Lookout @ South Mountain, and the top of Flatiron @ the Superstition Mountains. Definitely worth the pain!

Be prepared for this hike! I did it yesterday (5/22/2018) and a gentleman unfortunately broke his leg on the trail. To reinforce past comments:

1. I highly recommend bringing an entire liter of water. "Heat headaches" are a real thing, and the physical exertion needed to complete multiple difficult ascents (each requiring a very extended, steep climb)
2. PACE YOURSELF! The fastest I've done this hike is 70 minutes. I know several people in awesome shape (which I'm certainly not) who can do it in under 50. However, I really only see this done in the winter when it's nice and cool. I highly recommend taking this hike slowly, starting early in the morning (before 8:00 am) and stopping consistently for water breaks. This is essential for those who do not live here in the Valley and are not adjusted to the summer heat.
3. Wear hiking shoes or boots! There are many people who complete this trail in running shoes or cross-trainers, but it is an unnecessary risk. To say there are ample opportunities to slip and fall is an enormous understatement. This trail is as rugged and difficult as they come in the Phoenix area, so make sure your footwear reflects this!

I hope this doesn't scare anyone off because the sense of accomplishment after finishing Echo Canyon is truly euphoric. Amazing workout and amazing views!

wasn't able to complete it but I managed a little over 3/4ths of the while trail. you get to see some great sights, however there are parts of the trail which are substantially steep and rocky, requiring you to use all fours at times. if you're like me and gave bad knees, I wouldn't recommend it. if you can manage it, though, it's very beautiful! wish I could have made it to the top.

Some scrambling made it fun. Kind of busy and crowded. Good for conditioning but not much of a fan for this one. More a check in the box.

29 days ago

It’s really not that hard but it’s not a tourist attraction without water and wearing flip flops either.
Exposed 100% of the time so bring sun protection and plenty of water. I personally use my hands a lot so free hands are recommended. A small and light camelback is ideal. No poles.
Finished it before 9AM on a Sunday and it wasn’t too busy or too hot. Just perfect. Temp in the low 80s.

Fine hike. Last 1/3 of a mile is up rocks. Lots of people on the hike. Cool views. Nothing earth shattering to see, but good exercise.

Been hiking for 9 years now and so far, THE BEST ONE EVER. Not for beginners, but definitely worth it for every hiker if he/she can make it to the top.

Would recommend! Great hike. Went up Echo and down through Chola trail! 2 hours and 10 minutes total! Echo is not for the faint of heart.

Tough hike that requires heavy amounts of climbing up large rocks but well worth it. Not for the faint of heart, though.

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