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This trail is one of my favorites. The trail easily expands by using adjacent trails. I stick to the length on the map to have a great after work hike. The profile and length offer a great workout. The trail offers variety in vistas, plants and wild life. A road runner slightly trailed me for a half mile last month allowing a number of pictures and a hike highlight.

Moderate is apt rating but it is not strenuous.

My favorite hike! It's a perfect combination of flat and incline/decline. Very peaceful, not super busy!

Really nice easy going hike! I only ran into 4 other people! I think it would be a beautiful hike at sunrise or sunset!

nice trail, gives u flat walking and hiking up trails ,seen a kinds of wildlife!

Nice long hike. Feels like you’re further out in the wilderness than you actually are. We did see a very large Coyote. But we just hung back until he moved on.

great trail, nice variety of terrain

trail running
1 month ago

I'm still exploring, but this is my favorite trail to run in the area so far. Great distance, good elevation, plenty of small trails to add on, and beautiful scenery.

Took us about 2 hours to finish this at a more fast pace with short stops. Started 7:15am, ended 9:35am. I brought snacks but I feel I could have just left them in the car. Of course, water is always needed. Saw maybe 5 people there but looked to get more busy around 9am. I'll most likely come back when I need a quick trail to do close by.

Great trails.

3 months ago

Been wanting to try this trail for awhile. Very limited parking at trail head, but not an issue at 8:45 am this Tuesday. I didn't experience any challenges until at least the halfway point when the inclines became more frequent. I'd classify my hiking ability at about intermediate but at a casual pace, so for me, being somewhat out of shape, I found I needed to take short breaks after some of the climbs. Decent workout but personally I found the trail itself and the views quite boring.

Great hike, beautiful scenery!

Wasn't as much of a workout as the first trail i did here but it was a really nice hike, still a good workout.

Very good local neighborhood hike with good vistas.

this was a great trail to start the hiking season.

Really nice hike with the doggo on a Sunday afternoon.

4 months ago

Did Deem Hills today. Not too hard, not too long, not too bad. A pleasant in-town hike. Interesting rocks and a glimpse of the canal. Last time here, I did the circumference trail, but today, stuck to the C route up and around.

Broke my ankle there but was a nice trip till that point

I took the Circumference Trail from the East side and up the Ridgeline to the top. I then returned back the other way to the trailhead. Some call it "Crab Claw Loop." I call it fun! About 5.0 miles altogether.

Went during sunset. Very beautiful evening views.

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