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The Coronado National Forest includes an area of about 1.78 million acres spread throughout mountain ranges in southeastern Arizona and southwestern New Mexico. It is located in parts of Cochise, Graham, Santa Cruz, Pima, and Pinal counties in Arizona, and Hidalgo County in New Mexico.

20 hours ago

I love this hike! The trail is paved for a distance and then veers off up into the canyon. Lots of nice shady spots along the way. Not much water during our visit, except at the top.

6 days ago

Beautiful trail over the south slope, mostly in the shade.

6 days ago

Careful with your planning on this day trip. We took the Elephant Head road southeast approach, 4wheel drive, rough road and costly large rocks. We were working Ham Radio “Summits on the Air” as our goal was to activate this summit. We fell short by several hundred feet as we could not find a route to the summit. Temperature swing in Nov. was 42 to 82*, otherwise a great time, isolated and rugged. Will come from another direction next time!!

The first part of the hike is kind of dull, but once you reach the main trail it's pretty solid. Fairly agreeable terrain and several fun water crossings! A freakish storm ended up chasing us out the day we went!

Hiked with Brother and Nephew to test Ham Radios. Great reception. Very rough hike for a couple older guys. Will come back again. Saw Javelina and was well worth the trip!!

8 days ago

Hard trail for sure,, awesome views from every point especially at the very top!! My phone died just before the end so it was a little over 9 miles total!!! Will do again for sure!!

It’s a very enjoyable trail

11 days ago