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The Coronado National Forest includes an area of about 1.78 million acres spread throughout mountain ranges in southeastern Arizona and southwestern New Mexico. It is located in parts of Cochise, Graham, Santa Cruz, Pima, and Pinal counties in Arizona, and Hidalgo County in New Mexico.

Climbed this in July 2017. Beautiful had to race a thunderstorm up to the top. Started really raining with lots of thunder and lightning while I was coming off the top. Had to hurry down into the trees to get some shelter from the storm.

this is not a trail it is just an unimproved, rocky road. great for turning ankles.

Great trail, should have planned better time to see the “falls”. Other than that, was a pretty good time.

trail running
2 days ago

A bit of a haul to get there but worth it. The road in gets rocky and you cross the creek so bring your 4×4. The hike is well marked and the views are awesome as you near the top. There is a nice amount of shade as well as sunny spots. Plan for a day of it with plenty of water and food.

Good workout, strenuous climbing and great view at the top.

This was a busy trail, but trail is well maintained and wide. Somewhat easy for the first 1.5 miles. Low elevation but challenging due to loose sands and rocks. The scenery is great, lots of saguaros and cool looking boulders. If you make it to the end, you will get rewarded with several swimming holes. I bet in summer this place is extra special with waterfalls and several refreshing swimming pools. The trail is about 3.5 miles each way. I started recording late and didn’t record the return. Overall this is a 8 mile trail and it took us about 4.5 hours to complete.

This is by far my most frequent hike as I literally live next door and it's only a few minutes to the trailhead. I have hiked to the summit and have also connected to the Aqua Caliente Loop Trail at the fork, before heading up to the summit. If I don't have too much time, I will only hike to the cattle pond.

The summit hike can be difficult, especially the last mile. Definitely not a hike for the summer months. At the summit the view are spectacular. 360 degrees. The terrain changes from cacti to grassy areas to cottonwoods. You will find a jar at the summit filled with note pads and pens. Hikers leave poems or little inspirational notes.

All Trails says that it is a 9 mile hike. My Apple Watch records it as a little over 10 miles.

Good workout. Just know that most of the elevation is in the last 1.5 miles. Also, there are 2-3 false summits so just keep going until you see the sign "End of Blackett's Trial". FINALLY, AND MAYBE MOST IMPORTANT! LADIES, WHEN YOU "POP A SQUAT" PLEASE, PLEASE CARRY YOUR TISSUE OUT. PLEASE DON'T LEAVE IT. WHY WOULD YOU DO SOMETHING SO DISGUSTING? JUST PUT A BAGGIE IN YOUR BACKPACK AND TOSS IT WHEN YOU GET HOME! PLEASE TAKE CARE OF NATURE!

I found the trail head, but the path was so overgrown I couldn't really tell if I was following a trail or just walking aimlessly into the desert...

Enjoyable though we had hopped to see more water, Poot planning on our part. There was decent elevation gain and we enjoyed the visitors center as well as the shuttle option to the trailhead.

One of my favorite trails

Beautiful and challenging

Beautiful views no matter how far you go. It took me 3 tries to get to the top because of how demanding it was. The first big climb is the worst and make all the other inclines seem like nothing. I went in January and started at 7:30am and it took me 3 hours to finish. Weather was beautiful. Highly recommend

Started from the parking lot and was out and back to the car in 3.5 hours. Great hike to get the heart pumping but not exert yourself too much. Climb up the falls, there’s great little nooks up to relax and enjoy the water.

I started from the parking area up to the 7 falls. It took me about 2 hrs each way but it worths it...Amazing view and amazing place.

Hard yet rewarding hike make sure to drink plenty of water when I was done with this height my legs for in knots because I think I just didn't consume enough fluids

15 days ago

Very nice hike through forest of oaks and Junipers. For most of the way up, forest is dense, with only a few breaks for views. Just a bit over a mile up, however, you come out at a spectacular 360 view! All uphill, and steeper higher up the trail.

I loved it because it challenged both the mind and body equally. You’re always looking after your footing and you learn to pay attention to your whereabouts, without being too far detached from another human.

Awesome hike! Please don't feed the chipmunks, folks - they're super cute, but it can be detrimental to their health and their ability to fend for themselves in the long run!

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