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The trail starts off with an incline, and after about a mile you head down. After another set of incline/decline (2 miles total) the trail gets relatively flat and stays that way. We only did a total of 10 miles (5 miles in + 5 miles out) and saw a couple of domesticated horses and a couple of deers as well. Overall a nice, long, moderate hike but should do it when the weather is not bad as there is barely any shade

Fun trail, beginning has plenty of shade in the forest. Went off-trail and hiked a peak (dunno the name), was so windy my hat nearly flew off. Running down, almost stepped on a big snake, perpendicular across the trail and perfectly camouflaged. I be rating 1/1 for snakesssss

Great hike through beautiful rock formations. Hiked on a Monday, no one around. Had the whole place to ourselves. Very nice hike!

off road driving
2 months ago

This is my “go to” trail for a good wheeling experience. The three feathers obstacle and big hill just before you get to it are a lot of fun. You can spend a full day out on the trails and checking out the fall. If you have a 4x4 it’s your passport to this diamond in the middle of the desert!

off road driving
2 months ago

Completed this great trail in a stock 4Runner with AT tires. Needed spotting coming down the 3 Feathers obstacle to avoid dented doors. We came across multiple boulder ranges with rocks 10"-12" in size and quite a few water crossings. When you get to the Chiva waterfall, you can boulder hop to the left or stay to the right for an easier path to walk to the falls. This was a great run.

Nice hike on the dragoon’s

A great winter hike. Water running end of February. Beautiful!

2 months ago

My favorite hike of all time! I love bringing people here from in and out of town! You forget you’re even in AZ!!!

Kicked my butt. Rocky, great elevation, but not the most scenic trail. No shade, best to do in cooler months.

Great dog friendly trails with beautiful views.

3 months ago

Wonderful hike with spectacular views. Great rock formations and plenty of vegetation to see. This trail has it all. We left early and had the divide all to ourselves. Will do again soon!

3 months ago

I thought long and hard about how to rate this trail- 7.5 hours to be exact. That's how long the whole thing took me.
I'm not in the best shape of my life, but I do hike 6-8 mile "intermediate" trails several times a week. This "hill" kicked my ass! Going up was slow, going down was slower (sometimes literally scooting down on my butt). The terrain is frequently steep, loose rocks. The views however are great! An 8 mile intermediate hike will typically take me 2.5 hours, to put into perspective how challenging this trail is!
If you decide to summit this"hill" (and seriously don't let the name fool you) make sure to bring food, more water than you think you'll need and sunscreen. Start early and if possible go on a cool day- definitely not in the summer! There is almost no cover.
4 stars because it's not the hill's fault that I bit off more than I could chew, but definitely be aware that this hill deserves some respect!

3 months ago

This is a very good hike if you are not looking to kill yourself going up and down. The first 9/10's of a mile is a climb, however, the balance is either downhill or level.

My golden retriever and I hiked it earlier today. There was a little water in some of the washes about 2.5 miles in. The hike starts off with a little greenery at Molino Basin, but quickly turns to tall grass and desert. It is very easy to navigate. Never saw any other hikers, however, we were surprised by a couple of Mountain Bikers.

About 3.3 miles in, we connected to the Milagrosa Canyon Trail that ended at Wentworth and Horsehead. We were then picked up and brought back to Molino Basin.

Very pretty trail, nice walk through the trees and trail was completely empty. Beware- trail isn’t the best marked, particularly as you get to the dry stream beds. I lost the trail at the very end at the last stream crossing, but luckily I was right by the road so I just walked down 1/6 of a mile to my car.

3 months ago

Beautiful moderate hike. We started and finished on the Cobre Ridge Loop Trail however we only wanted to hike about 5.5 miles so we took a short cut using marked dirt roads that are throughout area. The view of Montana peak and the valley to the west were amazing. We saw several old mines, the old dam and and numerous white tail deer. We did not see other people. Ruby road is not paved and there are some areas that are a little rough getting to the "trail head" - which is an even rougher dirt road.

Awesome trail with amazing rock formations of the stronghold. Surprisingly lush area around Cochise Spring. I hiked up to the divide and then returned to the trail head. I highly recommend this trail.

The trail was a good challenge, but there was alot of people out on the trail.

4 months ago

This is by far my most frequent hike as I literally live next door and it's only a few minutes to the trailhead. I have hiked to the summit and have also connected to the Aqua Caliente Loop Trail at the fork, before heading up to the summit. If I don't have too much time, I will only hike to the cattle pond.

The summit hike can be difficult, especially the last mile. Definitely not a hike for the summer months. At the summit the view are spectacular. 360 degrees. The terrain changes from cacti to grassy areas to cottonwoods. You will find a jar at the summit filled with note pads and pens. Hikers leave poems or little inspirational notes.

All Trails says that it is a 9 mile hike. My Apple Watch records it as a little over 10 miles.

Beautiful and challenging

If you want to hike from the West Stronghold, DON'T follow Google maps which directs you up Hwy 80 to Horse Ranch Rd, a gated road through private land. Instead, follow Middlemarch Rd from Tombstone to Forest Rd 687 to the West Stronghold. After hitting the private road, we followed the directions below from Rt 191 which actually leads to the East Stronghold. Nice hike but not the one we planned to do. Beware, other hikers said the Forest Road is very rough and not suitable for a regular car. Good luck and enjoy whichever route you do take!

the hardest thing about this hike is the HEAT. Somehow even as the trail seals back and forth along peaks, there is zero coverage and shade is far and few between so plan to hike in the morning because a cool winter 60 degree day easily feels like 90 degrees. Other than that this hike is so much fun and very diverse in terms of foliage as you make your way up. The view from the top is fantastic! Also, i was able to take my dog to the end but the scramble will be difficult to medium and small dogs and the lack of shade is killer so don’t bring less than a gallon of water for the both of you

Great views! Steep at the top, whew!

Was a scenic hike with views of the mountains. The trees and plants were nice as we passed by large Boulders. Have to watch your step as there is variety of rocks in the trail. The coarse sand caused me to slip once because it isn’t secure footing. Would do it again

Beautiful views and rock formations. We went 2 miles up to the dam and the trail was easy to moderate. The signage in parking/camping area is confusing--implies that the trailhead is only for the short interpretive trail--but if you keep going it leads into the longer trail options.

Great trail! Maverick spring was full and the trail is went maintained. If you have the extra time I was suggest to head up Guthrie Mountain. The views were simply amazing!

My favorite Tucson area trail to date. I went from the bottom to the top so I could have an easy way back. This is a tough one with lots of prolonged climbing, especially as you make your way up to Bear Saddle, and my knees were definitely sore the next day. If you're used to the desert like I am, the forest and mountain views are stunning and invigorating, and the slight drop in temperature is very nice as well. Saw lots of wildlife on this trail, too: one coati, a squirrel, tons of birds, and five wild turkeys.

There is a sign and a parking lot for the Green Mountain and Bug Spring trails about 1/2 mile before the General Hitchcock campground. I parked here and began the trail from this point, which is the little red dot just to the southwest of the trailhead marked here. It's a very pretty little piece of trail and I recommend adding it to the trip if you can handle it.

As others mention there are many intersecting trails and social trails. I would have had a hard time staying on the trail if I hadn't had GPS on my phone. (And actually, I still ended up missing the junction to my trailhead on the way back and ended up exiting at General Hitchcock campground and walking down the street to my car.)

Also, your mileage may vary, but I definitely wished I had brought an entire gallon of water with me on this hike even though it wasn't hot. Lotta mouth breathing going up that mountain.

off road driving
5 months ago

Great trail I took my dual sport on this trail and had a blast! We took the super gnarly trail up once we past the falls. Then we went to the pools as well. If you can't ride over rocks and boulders don't go. I watch two older guys and they only went about 1/2 mile down the trail and turned around because it was too rough for them

Beautiful area, I hiked up to the divide and back.

Hard trail for sure,, awesome views from every point especially at the very top!! My phone died just before the end so it was a little over 9 miles total!!! Will do again for sure!!

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