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mountain biking
14 days ago

Trail down from the fire watch tower is non-existent. Totally burned out and needs re-cut. Take the dirt road up instead.

My wife and I hiked the trail on April 1, 2018, and we found the trail to be moderate to hard. There were a lot of areas damaged by the fire, which made it very hard to follow the trail. We had to climb over fallen trees and washed out areas. In some places, the trail was impossible to locate, and we were only navigating by GPS, but the views ARE stunning.

Great hike through beautiful rock formations. Hiked on a Monday, no one around. Had the whole place to ourselves. Very nice hike!

off road driving
2 months ago

This is my “go to” trail for a good wheeling experience. The three feathers obstacle and big hill just before you get to it are a lot of fun. You can spend a full day out on the trails and checking out the fall. If you have a 4x4 it’s your passport to this diamond in the middle of the desert!

off road driving
2 months ago

Completed this great trail in a stock 4Runner with AT tires. Needed spotting coming down the 3 Feathers obstacle to avoid dented doors. We came across multiple boulder ranges with rocks 10"-12" in size and quite a few water crossings. When you get to the Chiva waterfall, you can boulder hop to the left or stay to the right for an easier path to walk to the falls. This was a great run.

Nice hike on the dragoon’s

A great winter hike. Water running end of February. Beautiful!

3 months ago

Wonderful hike with spectacular views. Great rock formations and plenty of vegetation to see. This trail has it all. We left early and had the divide all to ourselves. Will do again soon!

Awesome trail with amazing rock formations of the stronghold. Surprisingly lush area around Cochise Spring. I hiked up to the divide and then returned to the trail head. I highly recommend this trail.

4 months ago

A bit of a haul to get there but worth it. The road in gets rocky and you cross the creek so bring your 4×4. The hike is well marked and the views are awesome as you near the top. There is a nice amount of shade as well as sunny spots. Plan for a day of it with plenty of water and food.

If you want to hike from the West Stronghold, DON'T follow Google maps which directs you up Hwy 80 to Horse Ranch Rd, a gated road through private land. Instead, follow Middlemarch Rd from Tombstone to Forest Rd 687 to the West Stronghold. After hitting the private road, we followed the directions below from Rt 191 which actually leads to the East Stronghold. Nice hike but not the one we planned to do. Beware, other hikers said the Forest Road is very rough and not suitable for a regular car. Good luck and enjoy whichever route you do take!

Was a scenic hike with views of the mountains. The trees and plants were nice as we passed by large Boulders. Have to watch your step as there is variety of rocks in the trail. The coarse sand caused me to slip once because it isn’t secure footing. Would do it again

Beautiful views and rock formations. We went 2 miles up to the dam and the trail was easy to moderate. The signage in parking/camping area is confusing--implies that the trailhead is only for the short interpretive trail--but if you keep going it leads into the longer trail options.

off road driving
5 months ago

Great trail I took my dual sport on this trail and had a blast! We took the super gnarly trail up once we past the falls. Then we went to the pools as well. If you can't ride over rocks and boulders don't go. I watch two older guys and they only went about 1/2 mile down the trail and turned around because it was too rough for them

Beautiful area, I hiked up to the divide and back.

This is a good moderate hike on a well maintained trail. Lots of scenic views. There are a lot of good historical plaques at the beginning of the trail that are not to be missed if you are a history buff. There is also a short nature hike section at the beginning that will help you identify the plants and trees. Be sure to take plenty of water. It gets quit hot between late April and mid October. We went in September and it was in the mid 90’s. It is my understanding that the $5.00 fee is if you park in the campground area.

6 months ago

Excellent moderate hike and unique views of rock formations. Historical area. In October 2017 it was bone dry so bring a lot of water.

We love this trail! Our first time was by horseback, but we hiked from the campground the second time we went. The boulders up the ravine are cool to hike under, they are left of the trailhead. Lots of exploring to do off the trail. Half moon tank is nice around the 3 mile mark I believe.

Great hike with nice views only a mile in

off road driving
9 months ago

Moderate rock crawling with pools and waterfalls to cool off in part way through. Great ride.

9 months ago

You will need a vehicle with decent ground clearance to reach the trail head. I had a Subaru Outback with 9in of clearance and was alright. We enjoyed the trail, however 1/3 of it is through a running stream. This may be because we went during the rainy season (August). When looking at the map, the stream is the first trail junction to the right.

Monday, April 03, 2017

Great hike but not so sure where we were supposed to go in. So we ended up at the campground which costs to park if you're not staying there. It's 10 without a senior pass and 5 with one. We drove to Pearce on rt 191 and turned onto Ironwood Rd. There's a sign for the Stronghold. Follow the road and it becomes dirt and can be a little bumpy but not bad. At the campground head for the trail marked Cochise Nature Trail. You go over a small wooden bridge. The nature trail is only 1/4 mile long but halfway up that trail you see signs for Cochise trail west. I've included pics of the signage. We followed this up for a mile and came to a resting spot with a little spring and some clear cool water. We continued up for another 1/2 mile to see some wonderful rock formations. My husband got tired so we turned back at this point. The trail itself is easy to moderate but gravelly so watch your footing in some spots.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

The views on this loop are great. The falls are particularly pretty. It is a very tough trail though. Did this in March 2017 and I carried several gallons of water.

off road driving
Thursday, March 02, 2017

Nice drive. Lots of fun!

Thursday, March 02, 2017

If you have a choice, start your hike from the West Stronghold. I saw several people who started from the east turn around at the 3 mile marker, which is the divide...not halfway point...between the East and West Strongholds, which means they missed the best views.

The best views, by far, are between the Divide and the West Stronghold Trailhead.

horseback riding
Monday, February 27, 2017

Great footing on trails for horses.
Nicely marked.
Glad to have a water tank at Kentucky Camp.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Reading one of the reviews below, I think they are mistaking this area for what bears a striking resemblance to Sabino Canyon. There is no tram that runs anywhere near Chiva Falls. The roads into this place are really rough. 4 x 4 for sure. I drove all the way to Tanque Verde creek, then crossed it and parked on the south side. We walked from there to the falls. The road from there to the falls is beyond ugly. Hard to believe a vehicle can even do it, but they do. It's not a far hike at all from where I parked, and the falls had a good flow of water going over that day. This whole area back in here is full of nasty roads. Big jeeping area. If you have a 4 x 4 and there's been recent rain or snow melt, the falls are worth seeing. You can climb up right behind the falls too.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Really great view of the valley at the top. There was a recent fire and the Forest Service doesn't come there but every 5-6 years according to an elderly fellow I met who hikes there often. There were 100s of downed trees on the path and the trail was overgrown and washed out in many areas. It would be very easy for the unwary to get lost. Also, lots of missing and damaged signs. I recommend a map, a compass and a general idea of where you are going if you do the whole loop.

Lots of flowers, turkey, deer. Does not get too scenic until you approach the southern ridge.

Check out Bear Spring if you go to Monte Vista. If you go directly from the tower across and over the man-made helipad you will find a pseudo-trail that leads down to a sign which points in the right direction. It's a steep climb down. Don't fall ;)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

This hike is very easy, at least the 7 miles that we did. The first four are on the tram road which is not my definition of hiking however if you want to beat the heat you go early and unfortunately the tram doesn't start running until 9a. We left at about 7:30 and were almost to the dirt trail by the time it made its first loop.
The first part of the dirt trail seemed promising with a nice switchback set however that's as hard as this hike got. By the time we got to crossing the river, I think we were about a mile away from the pools we stopped. At first we thought we were there and there isn't a marker to see the trail continues. In any case the river crossing was a nice place to stop and relax, I even got to a point where it was about 5 ft deep. The trail is nice but next time I'll wait to take the tram and be sure to finish, very easy hike though. Keep that in mind if you are more of a challenge hiker like myself

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

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