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Tough hike. Don’t let the short distance fool you-this joke gets up in a hurry. Beautiful views-especially on the way up. You’ll be surprised how quickly you gain elevation.

This trail is just relentless and awesome! There's no boulder climbing--just a challenging hike. As soon as you get a little break, the trail just keeps going up. I'm not a huge fan of heights, but I had no issues at all. Only stupid thing I did was start the hike at 2p on the hottest day of the year so far. It was brutal for the first half, but you noticed a significant cooling half way up. That got me through!
I'm in good shape, but it still took me 3 hours to top with frequent water breaks due to the heat. Took me a little over 2 hours to get down.

Very tired but worth it. The sight on the top is excellent!

Beautiful hike in north Tucson. Made it maybe 3-4 miles in but had to turn back due to time constraints. Gorgeous views of Tucson. Amazing Mountain View’s. Rocky but not sure why it’s rated as hard, maybe I didn’t make it far enough up the trail. Easy trailhead to find. Looking forward to going farther when I have more time.

This is one of the toughest hikes in the Catalinas. If you are afraid of heights and cliffs: many people have to turn back at one of a few sections that are bare rock, narrow, and along a drop-off. My hiking partner had to crawl and hands and knees the first time we did it. It's steep and there are quite a few areas where you need to haul yourself up over rocks. BUT it is so worth it! It's great cardio day, amazing views, the pines smell wonderful along the last mile on a warm day. Coming down takes about as long as going up (which is not true of most hikes). Agree with the others - start early because it will take all day. For a half day trip, go to the Linda Vista lookout which is about 3 miles up (watch for the intersection and take two rights).

Difficult hike but worth it. Beautiful views.

Went on a day hike. This is a difficult trail, but the views at the top are amazing. You can even see the biosphere 2 from the top. Bring a monocular and a camera! Also, be sure to wear sturdy shoes, start early (we started at 8:15... we wished we started at 7), bring sunscreen, some salty and high protein snacks, and bring plenty of water. We went through ~4 liters each.

If you’re not ready to go the whole way, there are fantastic views all along the way, and a great cave that is shady in the morning hours ~2.5 miles out. Our first hike out on this trail was 2.75 miles and 2 liters of water was plenty for that. Tip: we leave an insulated bottle of iced water in the car for when we get back from the trail. Enjoy your hike!

Did this bad boy on the last day of March! Temperatures were topping off at 90. It also took me 3 hours ascending like the person below, definitely bring tons of water!!! I drank about a gallon. I was pretty shaded going up due to the shadow of the canyon, but the way down is brutal in the sun. I would definitely recommend water, sunscreen, and trekking poles. I stayed at the summit for awhile, just me and another older gentleman admiring the views! I am from Denver so this was definitely a great hike to see some beautiful Arizona mountains and get some training in for 14ers.

Happy hiking!

Un trail con excelentes vistas, gran altura.

Beautiful view from the top. It was an 8 hour hike. Take plenty of water and food.

Awesome adventure! My sister and I completed this in April on a day that was to hit mid 80s. We began at 6am and it took us 3 hours to reach the summit. I went through 6 quarts of water and was very comfortable.
If you enjoy a challenge this is the hike for you!

What a great hike! I took my 2 older kids 13 and 15, they found it difficult but worthwhile. Views where amazing. We went up old baldy and down old baldy. We made the peak in 4:20 and back down in about 3 hours.

After a total of 107 switch backs, several water breaks, I still managed to reach the top of the summit which I really enjoyed. The views were magnificent. Don't let the short distance fool you, be prepared....bring lots of H20, protein foods to include raw honey, bagels, nuts, etc...and of course pack enough for at least an overnight in case of emergency. Be safe.

Difficult, but loved it!!!

Tough trail, but well worth it! The views are amazing!

2 months ago

Difficult but the spectacular views from the top are worth it!

Very hard hike. Bring enough water and don't go when it's hot- I made that mistake

Great trail. Spectacular views. Only went up to the view at a little after 3 miles. Will be back soon to try to go all the way! Pretty rocky and tough on the way up. Coming down is a little hard on the feet and knees, totally worth it though!

Hiked up Old Baldy came back on the Super Trail. Lot of ice on the North side, snow 2 feet deep toward the summit. Very soft snow on the South side. Have been up there several times before but this was the best. A real adventure. January 2017

Make sure you don't lose the trail. Crosses a gulley about a half mile in. I spent two hours bouldering down there before getting back on the trail. Amazing views around sunset.

Gorgeous. Deserving of the difficult rating though. Started at 6am and didn't see anyone else until about 830.

Amazing view on the top! Deserving the 10 hours hiking.

It is so hard, but it is so beautiful!

Awesome introduction (for me) to the incredible geological and floral landscape of the Catalinas. I'd highly recommend doing this along with Pima Canyon. Park a car in both places or get a Lyft or whatever. Perfect weather in the dead of winter. Can't imagine it being safe on a hot day.

Nice hike y'all

A tough hike, but the views are incredible!!!

One of my favorites! It's tough but the views and scenery don't get much better!

Really great. It's tough though, so be prepared!

Did this back in April '17. Started around 5:30 AM and finished by noon with a break at the summit. Much shade to the top, had 1 or 2 issues going off course but second was my fault as I went off exploring (never a good idea). Not too brutal going up but going down was a different story. Extremely hard on the knees and the ground was dry but slippery. Had to make sure footing was perfect every step which was a nuisance. I slipped on the way down and cut myself fairly bad. I took a couple stumbles leading to almost sliding off some steep cliffs. Very hot and no shade on the way down. Overall, very scenic and challenging. Bring at least 3L water, I ran out the last 1 mile which was brutal! Start early! I saw several families beginning the hike as I finished close to noon. Also, watch where you park! I came back post-
hike and a cactus had fallen by my car, have a gold ball sized dent! Could've been much worse!

Absolutely stunning. We did the easy 5-7R pitch to the top. The "skateboard rock" was pretty cool too. I'm 58, so this trail in my mid twenties would have taking me half the time. Because of this we left the trailhead at 5 am, and got back at 6 pm. So 13 hours all in, lunch, rest breaks, etc... Pretty brutal approach lol. Take lots of pictures!!! Enjoy

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