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The Coronado National Forest includes an area of about 1.78 million acres spread throughout mountain ranges in southeastern Arizona and southwestern New Mexico. It is located in parts of Cochise, Graham, Santa Cruz, Pima, and Pinal counties in Arizona, and Hidalgo County in New Mexico.

One great hike. Elevation is doable. Scenery is beautiful. About six creek crossings and we did get wet up to our ankles, but it didn’t bother us cause it was a gorgeous day. Would definitely recommend this hike.

A good trail all the way, although it's steep for the last quarter mile. Lightly used above the saddle. We saw one hiker near the top and five others below the saddle (the saddle is mile 3 from the trailhead). When we hiked it a few days ago, there was water in the creek and our view from the top of Agua Caliente hill included a snow-covered Mica Peak!

over grown
3 days ago

This trail is no joke, it came out to be a 17 mile ordeal for me so keep in mind the map is not actually correct here. The snow today made it very challenging near the top so yak-tracks are suggested. The water crossings also warrant some water resistant boots. None the less, it was tough and 100000% worth it.

It is an amazing hike. Summer can get HOT, so be sure to bring lots of water. During the winter/spring the water can be a little high at times BUT if the water at the crossings is up, then the views of the waterfalls become even better.

Tough trail, expect some HAB, steep climbs and decents, technical sections. Beautiful scenery.

5 days ago

Challenging hike with steep grades and deep steps. The footing is rocky but not the worst. There’s no shade on this trail and it can get windy up there. Great views of Sabino Canyon and Tucson.

Super fun! However - it is important to note that from the parking lot, round trip, the hike is 10 miles to the falls, not 7.8 as the AllTrails info indicates. Being plenty of water, wear shoes you’re OK with getting wet, and a hat.

Excellent walk

6 days ago

Beautiful in December and happy that it is dog friendly!

We couldn't drive in. The gate was closed and we had a long hike. Beautiful views! There was snow along the way, ankle deep .....and slippery in some spots. But it was warm enough to shed our light jackets at the top. Didn't see wildlife, but saw some formidable big paw prints. Cougar? Met some new friends, too. :) Our GPS showed 14.52 miles round trip... Great day, though!

9 days ago

Great trail

I went with my brother Bob and older son Ryan. We have done Linda Vista many times and have gone to Finger Rock twice once climbing the finger with ropes so very familiar with the trail.
We went Jan 3rd this year. We made it to Linda Vista Saddle in 2 hours and went about 30 minutes past but turned around because we were slipping all over the place because of snow and ice. It's an amazing trail that never seems to get easier but well worth it. Going back up to do Kimball as soon as the snow melts. Bring 3 liters of water to be sure and hiking poles are a real asset.

Great half day hike. Amazing 360 views of the city of Tuscon and the canyon and valley. Out and back took approximately 2.5-3hours carrying a 6month old on our back. The trail is very well maintained and is a gradual climb. Very straight forward hike, not challenging just a steady climb. Good for all ages and hiking ability. I would not say this is a hard climb just a steady one. Views are worth it.

Great hike! Did it later in the day which gave us great sunset views on the way back. Love that there is a waterfall at the end.

This trail is difficult and is worth the view at the end of the trail.

off road driving
12 days ago

Did this a couple years ago in a stock land cruiser with No Lockers and was pretty tough. Did it again after upgrading to 35's and lockers and towing a small trailer, and was pretty easy. the best part is the falls, which you have to go at the right time of year for (I think around february? or after it rains?)

16 days ago

Extremely rocky trail at the start. Views along the trail are just okay and no big payoff once you get to the top.

17 days ago

lots of water and beautiful canyon walls and rock formations that line the creekbed

Love the views on this trail! Not an easy to run trail by any means, but mix in a little fast hiking and you’ll get there! It’s a little longer than 8 miles but worth the effort!!

The address that the app brings you too in the directions is a private property. When you get to the intersection that is at the end of the directions just make a left and the parking lot and trail head is right there.

Definitely try getting there as early as possible. We got to the trail head around 8:20am and the parking lot was relatively empty. By the time we were in our way back there was way more foot traffic and the parking lot was pretty much full around 12:30

It was a great hike - 9 miles round trip from trailhead to the falls. It took us 3hr50min and that includes relaxing at the falls for a little bit. Views and terrain were great. The only reason I’m giving 4 stars is because at times the trail is pretty poorly marked. But glad we did it and would recommend checking it out.

on Blackett's Ridge Trail

18 days ago

Beautiful trail and scenery the whole way. Great cardio workout. Start early to avoid crowds- but would recommend nonetheless!

Great mellow hike with beautiful canyon views and fun stream crossings throughout. Relatively flat until the last quarter mile where it climbs. You can take real trail vs paved road for the first mile - just look for Bear Canyon trail which then will show signs for 7 waterfalls. Took 3 hours RT at a brisk pace.

took me a little over 4 hours to complete the trail, loved the views, not too steep, and perfect weather!! the app recording didn't work well so I couldn't get the accurate distance

on Phoneline Trail

18 days ago

Took 4 hours today to do the out and back on the trail. Most people seem to take the road back, but to me, road walking is boring and harder on the legs. The hardest part is the first third — both for grade and rocks. Beautiful hike, and starting at 8, didn’t see many other hikers.

One of my favorite night hikes especially close to sunset. You can hear the wildlife below and the moving water from the small falls.

19 days ago

Make sure you bring good shoes, gorgeous scenery, and a bit challenging.

Easy hike with exceptional views inside the canyon.

A great hike, very scenic and peaceful. This is one I sometimes take my kids with me on. They started hiking it at six, so moderate would be an accurate rating.

19 days ago

Really enjoyable hike. We took the road up and the Phoneline back down. Excellent views and coming down its a very good hike. It wasn’t crowded like 7 Falls and the option to take the road gives some variety. It’s the usual Tucson footing and weather. The 5 star hike in Sabino Canyon is 7 Falls but this is my next favorite.

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