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The Coronado National Forest includes an area of about 1.78 million acres spread throughout mountain ranges in southeastern Arizona and southwestern New Mexico. It is located in parts of Cochise, Graham, Santa Cruz, Pima, and Pinal counties in Arizona, and Hidalgo County in New Mexico.

Was a scenic hike with views of the mountains. The trees and plants were nice as we passed by large Boulders. Have to watch your step as there is variety of rocks in the trail. The coarse sand caused me to slip once because it isn’t secure footing. Would do it again

Did this back in April '17. Started around 5:30 AM and finished by noon with a break at the summit. Much shade to the top, had 1 or 2 issues going off course but second was my fault as I went off exploring (never a good idea). Not too brutal going up but going down was a different story. Extremely hard on the knees and the ground was dry but slippery. Had to make sure footing was perfect every step which was a nuisance. I slipped on the way down and cut myself fairly bad. I took a couple stumbles leading to almost sliding off some steep cliffs. Very hot and no shade on the way down. Overall, very scenic and challenging. Bring at least 3L water, I ran out the last 1 mile which was brutal! Start early! I saw several families beginning the hike as I finished close to noon. Also, watch where you park! I came back post-
hike and a cactus had fallen by my car, have a gold ball sized dent! Could've been much worse!

Beautiful views and rock formations. We went 2 miles up to the dam and the trail was easy to moderate. The signage in parking/camping area is confusing--implies that the trailhead is only for the short interpretive trail--but if you keep going it leads into the longer trail options.

Absolutely stunning. We did the easy 5-7R pitch to the top. The "skateboard rock" was pretty cool too. I'm 58, so this trail in my mid twenties would have taking me half the time. Because of this we left the trailhead at 5 am, and got back at 6 pm. So 13 hours all in, lunch, rest breaks, etc... Pretty brutal approach lol. Take lots of pictures!!! Enjoy

3 days ago

Awesome trial! It’s hidden a little in the beginning, but about 5 minutes into it, you’ll know you are on the trial. Amazing sunrise trail. The trail is not marked on the road, so gps is how you find it. It is a off roasting trail that turns into a horse trail.

Hiked after monsoon season so there was no water, but it was a very enjoyable trail. Beautiful view at an easy to moderate difficulty. Definitely recommended.

You get to the trailhead by taking the bear canyon trail and then the phone line trail. It’s 1.7 miles to the top and a good workout. The trail is steep and has great views throughout. No shade cover so wear sunscreen. Would recommend.

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