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The Coronado National Forest includes an area of about 1.78 million acres spread throughout mountain ranges in southeastern Arizona and southwestern New Mexico. It is located in parts of Cochise, Graham, Santa Cruz, Pima, and Pinal counties in Arizona, and Hidalgo County in New Mexico.

Hiked up Old Baldy came back on the Super Trail. Lot of ice on the North side, snow 2 feet deep toward the summit. Very soft snow on the South side. Have been up there several times before but this was the best. A real adventure. January 2017

Great hike for me and my two small dogs. The views are incredible you forget you’re so close to the highway.

There is lots of rainwater pouring over the falls today.

Pretty easy hike my friend and I ran the whole way . The views are alright there was unfortunately no water from the falls. Glad I did it probably wouldn’t go again

Great trail but be prepared for a lot of steps and walking through the creek but once you get to the falls it is all worth it

Hiked to the Seven Falls this afternoon. The falls are pumping after all this rain! You’ll be crossing the river 7 times on your way to the falls, and then again on your return. If you’re not a super expert at rock hopping, I’d recommend wearing shoes you don’t mind getting soaked ;)

Great dog friendly trails with beautiful views.

I live in the Sabino Canyon area and hike this area for years. Seven Falls can be hiked by just about anyone but the time of the year is right after the winter snow when the falls are most dramatic. Also this is when the temperatures are perfect. Start early before it hot at noon and bringing water and a snack is a must. I see to many people attempt this hike without any water which is foolish and thats when i watch the rescue helicopters go into the canyon. Please be prepared and enjoy this incredible hike. The best time is February.

We hiked around the entire lake today, 2.87 or 2.97 miles according to my friends GPS tracker., I think entire hike only took a couple of hours, maybe slightly longer. The first half of the trail was pretty easy. After we crossed the dam it got a little trickier, definitely some slippery spots with lots of loose rocks, etc. We (4 adults, 2 large dogs), found our way around the entire lake staying near the shore. The trail was mostly easy to see & follow. The water level was quite low, I’m not sure we would’ve been able to do this if water level had been higher. Though our dogs did great & loved the adventure there were times we had to send one adult ahead, release the dog to manage the terrain on their own & then the other adult would follow. Maybe other hikers are used to this but we weren’t so I’m not sure I would recommend this hike with dogs & I definitely wouldn’t take younger children on the 2nd half of this hike. All in all we really enjoyed the hike & it was beautiful.

Wonderful hike with spectacular views. Great rock formations and plenty of vegetation to see. This trail has it all. We left early and had the divide all to ourselves. Will do again soon!

A fairly easy trail not a big elevation change and the trail is well maintained. You walk inside the canyon most of the way with some switch-backs right near the end. Great views and would be stunning when water is flowing.
You do have to pay a $5 entry fee for the day use of the Sabino Canyon and there is a long pointless walk from the park entry to the canyon entry.

Make sure you don't lose the trail. Crosses a gulley about a half mile in. I spent two hours bouldering down there before getting back on the trail. Amazing views around sunset.

I did this yesterday. I would say that it is only rated moderate due to the length of the trail. As for the actually difficulty of the hiking, it is an easy trail. February was the perfect time to go with weather in the 70’s. Beautiful views.

A fun moderate hike. Take the $10 tram ride into Sabino Canyon and then hike out Phoneline trail. There are great city and canyon views. There are some slippery rocks and during certain times of the year there are water crossings. A great trail!

Overall a good hike just be careful at the end on the large smooth rocks once you arrive at seven falls. Slipped on a large boulder and fell on my butt. Done it twice already and loved it the 2nd time. Stay on the trail, it’s much better than getting on the dirt or gravel roads. Start early it gets busy later in the mid day.

Hiked up super trail side and down old baldy. Nice hike with some beautiful views.

Great views

19 days ago

Nice trail..some loose rock areas to begin with but turns into a nice little trail with a few good vistas.

20 days ago

I thought long and hard about how to rate this trail- 7.5 hours to be exact. That's how long the whole thing took me.
I'm not in the best shape of my life, but I do hike 6-8 mile "intermediate" trails several times a week. This "hill" kicked my ass! Going up was slow, going down was slower (sometimes literally scooting down on my butt). The terrain is frequently steep, loose rocks. The views however are great! An 8 mile intermediate hike will typically take me 2.5 hours, to put into perspective how challenging this trail is!
If you decide to summit this"hill" (and seriously don't let the name fool you) make sure to bring food, more water than you think you'll need and sunscreen. Start early and if possible go on a cool day- definitely not in the summer! There is almost no cover.
4 stars because it's not the hill's fault that I bit off more than I could chew, but definitely be aware that this hill deserves some respect!

Great hike. 6 false summits. The best view of Thimble Peak. The climbs are on south facing slopes. So best to do this hike early morning. There is very little shade. We saw three chipmunks as we ate our lunch at the end of the trail and we did not feed them.

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