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Located in northern Arizona, Coconino National Forest is a 1.856-million acre forest that surrounds Sedona and Flagstaff . It is one of the most diverse National Forests in the country with landscapes varying from Red rock, southwestern desert, ponderosa pine forests, alpine tundra, and ancient volcanic peaks. Coconino National Forest borders other nearby National Forests, including the Prescott National Forest, Tonto National Forest, and Kaibab National Forest. The park also encompasses portions of ten wilderness areas. The park is divided into three different districts, the Flagstaff District, the Red Rock District, and the Mogollon Rim District . Each of the districts contains its own unique landscapes and environments. The Flagstaff district contains Arizona's highest peak, Humphreys Peak, which is part of the San Francisco Peaks, and the San Francisco Volcanic Field. In this district you will find lava fields and underground lava tubes, including Lava River Cave. Mormon Lake can be found at the southern portion of the district, as well as Ashurst Lake and Marshall Lake, which are located along the Anderson Mesa. The Anderson Mesa is best known for the Lowell Observatory. The Red Rock district sits near Sedona and contains the canyons, mesas, and famous red rock formations Sedona is known for. The most notable sights include Devil's Bridge and Cathedral Rock. This district also contains Oak Creek Canyon, which is one of the most popular attractions within Coconino National Forest. Oak Creek Canyon has a beautiful display of fall foliage, making autumn an excellent time to visit. The Mogollon Rim District is the last district and is located along the Mogollon Rim, which marks the southern boundary of the Colorado Plateau. The Mogollon Rim District is dominated by ponderosa pine forest and contains some small lakes and streams. The forest offers something for all outdoor enthusiasts, whether you are looking for hiking, horseback riding, rock climbing, or mountain biking. The forest is also great for nature lovers, as it home to a diverse body of wildlife including birds, amphibians, fish, reptiles, and mammals such as black bears and elk.

A short, easy stroll to see the cliff dwelling and loop by the creek then back to the visitor center. Definitely worth the time to stop and check it out if you're in the area or passing through but probably not something I'd travel for on its own.

19 hours ago

Great views on this hike. A challenging hike for someone not is shape but I still made it to the top.

Absolutely breathtaking! You have to walk a little less than a mile through sand to actually get to the trail but the hike itself and the scenery made it so worth it. There’s also three trial options of ranging length and difficulty, all leading to the bridge.

1 day ago

Loved it. Well marked and satisfying climb. I started about 25 minutes after sunrise — would have been worth getting up even earlier to avoid some of the heat on the way back down.

Great hike however there are no signs anywhere so we did get lost for a second but some locals helped us out. We parked at crescent moon lot and crossed the river by the vortex. You will have to take your shoes off because there is almost no way to cross it without some water getting on you so account for that. From there on now it’s a nice easy hike through the forest by the river and you’ll get to snap the iconic picture of the Cathedral Rock from the meadows. You need to go down Baldwin trail until it splits into Templeton trail, which there is no sign for, just keep following the river. You’ll eventually go through some switchbacks and onto the cathedral rock ascent you’ll venture. It was lots of fun but definitely not for everybody. A lot of people turned around at he base of it but it’s definitely worth the climb.

Absolutely beautiful views from the top of this mesa. Perfect trail in the morning, as it remains in the shade for quite a while.

Just amazing and easy! Highly recommend, did the longest route.

To be clear, there is the cathedral, which is not a hike but very picturesque and crowded, then there is the trail. look for red fence about halfway up in parking lot.

The views are incredible and the trail is relatively easy. I did encounter a rattlesnake on the trail, which was a first for me personally.

Great hike. Fairly short. Small crowd since it was early Friday.

Busy but fun
Tough in some parts but doable

Great views. Worth the hike.

The arch is a nice treat. Be careful of the cactus going up. Some places are pretty narrow.

Lovely Nature Walk!

Did 7km to get ourselves acclimated, will come back and do the full hike next time.

4 days ago

Great views en route to an opportunity to climb up to a very special vista looking back through the canyon. Really special! Be aware though that there is no maintained trail to the “arch”. Rather you are able to ramble up a cliff at the end that is high enough to view the arch. Does not detract from the experience at all!

4 days ago

Nice trail. Halfway around I came across a 5’ rattle snake on the trail in the morning. He coiled up and I went the other direction.

Go to the end of the trail, then go about 100 more yards up. You can thank me later

Go early to avoid the dust and crowds

mountain biking
4 days ago

Very nice trail. My wife and I Mountain Biked this trail in perfect weather. Did the loop clockwise with no problems.

Gorgeous views. Very easy hike until the last quarter mile.

Bring lots of water. It was very sunny when we went. Great views.

6 days ago

Would have given more stars but.......
If you follow the trail it is difficult, hot 100+, uncovered, and long stretches without water. At what appears to be the end of the trail, the way down to the creek is extremely unsafe (with a full pack) requiring navigation over a narrow ledge and 20ft drop.
If you follow the creek it is slow going and your battling loose rock, deep pools, bushwhacking through tons of poison ivy and spider webs, fallen wood and twigs which create trip hazards, and encounters with wildlife like snakes and spiders.
Next time I’ll check out the east entrance to the canyon and see if it is easier. The camping is great. Encountered many other people on the trail and deep in the canyon. I would do this again when the weather cools off. This would be a great hike 20-30 degrees cooler. Bring a fishing pole. Saw many large trout swimming in the deeper areas.

6 days ago

Nice walk nice time to wrap up the day. Easy hike.

Completed this trail toward the end of the day. We didn’t see any mountain bikers and only ran into a couple of people throughout the loop. Very cool and easy walk.

Beautiful view of the sunset. Left the trailhead around 5pm and made it to the top to spend about an hour until sunset. Definitely recommend!

7 days ago

Nice walk close to city

Loved the first 2.5 miles or so, beautiful scenery. Not quite as exciting after that until you get to Walnut Canyon but still a pleasant hike.

Great hike! Lots of trees and babbling brooks. Took the grandkids .. they did great!

Rocky in places but a good hike overall. Only saw two others the entire time. (Saturday morning hike). Easy parking near the trailhead.

Beautiful scenic trail. I started at the mezcal trail head because the main trail head was way to crowded. It was a longer hike but well worth it.

beautiful as is!

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