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18 hours ago

This was a pretty good hike. We drove our Outback a little ways on the 4WD road,finally parked it, and walked the rest of the way. Not too many ATVs or other vehicles driving past and when they did, they weren’t going super fast. We had our 22 pound dog with us and he enjoyed the hike as well. It did get pretty steep up near the top and we actually ended up carrying him a ways because he got scared and we didn’t want him to bolt and jump off. Once at the top, we did have to wait in line for our chance on the arch but it wasn’t too bad. We went around 9:30am and by the time we were done there was a huge influx of new hikers on the trail. Recommend going early to beat the crowd. Well worth the hike as the views from the top are gorgeous!

This was a great and challenging hike. We decided to take the Chuck Wagon Trail the whole way to the back Devil's Bridge parking lot from the Dry Creek car parking lot. This added at least a mile but it was gentle terrain, both up an down, and avoided the sand and rocks of the Dry Creek Road (upon which we returned). In hindsight, if we'd have had the time we'd probably do the Chuck Wagon part in both directions. You can go on Chuck Wagon to about half way up Dry Creek and then take the road the rest of the way to the beginning of the Devil's Bridge Trail. Or you can continue on Chuck Wagon until one end of it exits at the parking lot.

The hike from the 4WD parking lot seemed longer than 0.7 miles (what they have posted). The beginning is a gentle upward incline but it gets steeper as you get farther along. The stone stairs are steep and there are 2 sets of them. But we did see some elderly people on this hike so if you're careful and take your time and are used to doing some walking, you can make it.

The views are gorgeous, as are most views from Sedona trails, in my opinion. The arch itself was fun to walk on and to take photos from. We went later in the afternoon so I only had to wait for 2 people ahead of me before I got my turn on the arch. We had our large dog with us and he had no trouble with the terrain or distance. However, even if it's not a hot day (as today was not), take plenty of water as the Devil's Bridge trail is fairly exposed and it can get windy too (Chuck Wagon Trail has more shade)

2 days ago

This hike was sublime and completely worth it. It had some steep sections near the top but was not too difficult at all, though may be difficult for people who aren’t used to hiking/physical activity. The mile long road from the parking area was boring and dusty, and there were ATVs going by every other minute, but I think there was an offshoot trail called Chuckwagon that would bypass this. I would try that next time to avoid all the cars. The mile-ish hike up to the bridge was beautiful and the views were more and more spectacular as you climbed. People waited in line to take photos, but it wasn’t overly crowded at 5pm when we were up there.

2 days ago

Loved the hike. The start of this hike could be a little tough mainly because it can be challenging walking in the sand but once you pass that part, the rest of the hike is easy IMHO. We finished the hike in 2 Hours and that includes the 45 or so minutes we spent at the top taking photos. We visited first thing in the morning in November and had the place to ourselves for a good 15 minutes. The views as is obvious in the pictures are awesome. This hike is a must on your Sedona/Arizona itinerary.

Take the off road trail, it’s a little longer but well worth it. The hike is not terribly hard, as many said, but the top is a little tricky. I had a 2.5 year old on me & am 4 months pregnant and was able to navigate. Seriously GO EARLY. Since it’s so popular there are tons of people and many who do not respect the basic customs and courtesies of hiking, which gets extremely frustrating when trying to navigate the more award parts. Some parts are not clearly marked so it’s easy to get off trail a little but it helped to expose some extra views.

Awesome! Not too difficult. Well worth the view!!!

off road driving
4 days ago

Very scenic road going either direction. I would not recommend driving anything but a higher clearance vehicle on this road. 4x4 is not exactly necessary. It gets bumpier all the time and the Jeep tour operators want it that way. It's their bread and butter to have it this way to thrill the tourists. I did take a little Honda Grom outfitted with knobby tires up and down this road and the Pink Jeep Tour guides were going nuts taking pictures and calling me their hero. It's rough as heck in some places but definitely doable. Leave the Prius home if you are wanting to go up/down Schnebly. Sure you could make it, I guess, but your little car will not be the same as when you started. Do yourself a favor and get some exercise by hiking up Mund's Wagon Trail to see Schnebly in all its glory.

Great trail! Not too difficult and the view is definitely worth it.

Amazing views!

Beautiful hike. Go really early to get a good parking spot. We got there just before 7am and were back to the car by 9:30am. It was packed when we came back. The hike gets a little tricky near the end, but it’s definitely doable and very rewarding. Can’t describe how amazing the view is. Also, the bridge is a lot wider then you think, so just enjoy it. Highly recommend.

7 days ago

So incredible! The hike is not too long, and the views are nothing like we’ve seen of Sedona. We will definitely want to do this again. Near the end the climb is pretty steep, but going on the actual Devil’s bridge seems scary but is so fun!

Easy hike for us. We are of moderate fitness. We started at mescel parking. It took us about 40-50 minutes to get to the bridge. We started at 3pm and we got to the bridge there was only one other couple there. Didn’t see any snakes, unfortunately!!

Just do it as much early during the day for the bridge view

10 days ago

To echo other reviewers: start from Mescal trailhead and enjoy the nice hike to the Devils Bridge trail rather than walking on the road. Yes, this is super popular but for a reason. This is overall an easy trail but requires some agility towards the end. Saw many dogs and children. We did run into a large snake but it was not a rattlesnake.

Great hike, very scenic and not too difficult. That sun though, bring ample water. There is some trees for shade which is nice. We were there on a Wednesday in early May, there were only 4 cars in the lot around 1PM. But the lot is not suitable for RVs/Vehicles over 20ft. We parked our 25ft RV about a mile up the road by the Sedona Dog Park and walked to the trailhead. Not too bad. With the walk to the RV and the trail, plus stops for photos, took us about 3 hours.

Moderate to easy other than last 500 meters which was technical.

Great hike. Took the reviewers advice below and started at Mescal trail head. There was way more parking and the 1 mike hike to the bridge trail was scenic and (more) shady. Awesome views.

16 days ago

Definitely one of the least enduring hikes, but has one of the best views in Sedona. I've been on 95% of all the trails in Sedona and this is still one of my favorites.

16 days ago

I live in Sedona and this is no longer an off-road vehicle 4x4 trail. They closed it off because people were complaining about the noise near their houses. You can still walk through it though.

Very beautiful scenery. Easy for the first part and definitely gets more difficult on the last part to the bridge. Well worth it!

Love this hike it’s super easy good for beginners with lots of trees and easy route finding

on Devils Bridge Trail

16 days ago

Pro tip (and one I wish I listened to in the beginning) is to park at Mescal Trailhead instead of the Dry Creek trailhead (the one that the All Trails app navigates you to).

Chuck Wagon trail is much nicer than walking on the stupid road for a mile.

None of the trails are difficult at all. The only strenuous part is the last 0.25 miles where you are going up, but there are many super nice views to stop and take a breath.

Loved this hike! Perfect for a short half a day jaunt, with the wonderful arch at the end. Easy and multiple options to turn it into a full day.

One of my favorite hikes in Sedona! This is a short hike once you get to the trail head. Hiking back to the car from the trailhead feels just as long as the hike itself (if you are like most of us who don’t have 4wd and have to park in the lot rather than at the trail head). But the trail is beautiful and it’s only 3/4 mile to the arch. The last 5 mins are straight up so stick with it. It’s so worth it! The arch is breathtaking and totally worth it. My kids have done this hike several times and love it.

Fine view but semi anticlimactic for me. Not the best marked trail I’ve been on.

Nice easy hike with awesome views. My pup loved it

Cold and wet! But that didn’t stop us! The views are unreal. Check the forecast before making the trek out and dress appropriately! The first part of the hike is fairly easy but closer to the end, the incline gets ya!

21 days ago

Great way to end our time in Sedona! The hike was nice and very scenic. The 360 views were amazing!

21 days ago

Great hike with beautiful views! We started in the late afternoon (on a cool day in the fall) and the trail wasn’t overly crowded. The last part of the climb up to the bridge requires a bit of scrambling up some steep stone steps, but the rest of the trail is a breeze.

Really beautiful trail and well kept. Breath taking views 360° around you. Great nature shots and the bridge was so cool!

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