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The Coconino National Forest is a 1.856-million acre forest located in northern Arizona in the vicinity of Flagstaff. The Coconino National Forest contains diverse landscapes, including deserts, ponderosa pine forests, flatlands, mesas, alpine tundra, and ancient volcanic peaks. The forest surrounds the towns of Sedona and Flagstaff and borders four other national forests; the Kaibab National Forest to the west and northwest, the Prescott National Forest to the southwest, the Tonto National Forest to the south, and the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest to the southeast. The forest contains all or parts of ten designated wilderness areas, including the Kachina Peaks Wilderness, which includes the summit of the San Francisco Peaks.

We started our trek at 8:30 am and wasn't too busy. Was able to park in the overflow lot which was easy to find off of Dry Creek Rd. Just a heads up the easy route starts where the paved route ends and the sign saying off road vehicles permitted. (We originally started on another route closer to the map board and that would have taken much longer) This is a very easy walk heading in and gets more difficult for the final assent. There are steps that take you up though some are probably more a double step width but there are ways for you to brace yourself to climb them. The experience is well worth the effort. Water is an asset especially if you aren't heading in until after 10. It is hot and minimal to no shade for a good part of your hike especially if you end up parking on Dry Creek Rd vs the parking lot. You are easily adding another mile to your trek coming from there. Enjoy!!!!


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on Devils Bridge Trail

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on Fay Canyon Trail

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As it turned out, I was glad this was "guided" as I learned quality information I wouldn't have otherwise known. The main reason the ruins are guided is because they are not "re-built" ruins, but actual, still standing walls. The second site is mostly petrographs/pictographs (drawings or paintings). Pictographs can be carbon-dated, so we know what eras different ones are from. This site also had a volunteer to talk and discuss what you were seeing.

on Doe Mountain Trail

4 days ago

Great hike. we talked to people on the hike that have done it for Sunset. Will do that the next time. 1 mile hike back to parking lot (40 min). So should be able to do it during dusk. Not a Mtn bike trail.

4 days ago

Gorgeous trail! loved the aspen groves as well as the rock formations. Lots of ups and downs, but none long. We saw a variety of wildlife including elk, deer, a coyote, and a fox.

Good hike to do with kids. Awesome views.