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Located in northern Arizona, Coconino National Forest is a 1.856-million acre forest that surrounds Sedona and Flagstaff . It is one of the most diverse National Forests in the country with landscapes varying from Red rock, southwestern desert, ponderosa pine forests, alpine tundra, and ancient volcanic peaks. Coconino National Forest borders other nearby National Forests, including the Prescott National Forest, Tonto National Forest, and Kaibab National Forest. The park also encompasses portions of ten wilderness areas. The park is divided into three different districts, the Flagstaff District, the Red Rock District, and the Mogollon Rim District . Each of the districts contains its own unique landscapes and environments. The Flagstaff district contains Arizona's highest peak, Humphreys Peak, which is part of the San Francisco Peaks, and the San Francisco Volcanic Field. In this district you will find lava fields and underground lava tubes, including Lava River Cave. Mormon Lake can be found at the southern portion of the district, as well as Ashurst Lake and Marshall Lake, which are located along the Anderson Mesa. The Anderson Mesa is best known for the Lowell Observatory. The Red Rock district sits near Sedona and contains the canyons, mesas, and famous red rock formations Sedona is known for. The most notable sights include Devil's Bridge and Cathedral Rock. This district also contains Oak Creek Canyon, which is one of the most popular attractions within Coconino National Forest. Oak Creek Canyon has a beautiful display of fall foliage, making autumn an excellent time to visit. The Mogollon Rim District is the last district and is located along the Mogollon Rim, which marks the southern boundary of the Colorado Plateau. The Mogollon Rim District is dominated by ponderosa pine forest and contains some small lakes and streams. The forest offers something for all outdoor enthusiasts, whether you are looking for hiking, horseback riding, rock climbing, or mountain biking. The forest is also great for nature lovers, as it home to a diverse body of wildlife including birds, amphibians, fish, reptiles, and mammals such as black bears and elk.

8 hours ago

I would do it again. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. made good time to. out and back just under 2 hours.

Heavily congested not enough parking. Views were beautiful once we were able to circle around and find parking..interesting..just a quick pit stop before hitting butte canyon trail.

Great hike! Added the part up to Cathedral Rock. Agree with others that it is moderate. Started just after 9am and didn’t see many others until connected with Baldwin.

21 hours ago

Long but worth the views! The senery gets better the further you go. I would definatly do again.

Very fun hike. We started at the Baldwin trailhead, hiked to Cathedral Rock and finished the Baldwin trail on the way back. Going to the top of Cathedral is a must. I have a fear of heights but it wasn’t too bad once you get to the top.

Too crowded for my taste but a beautiful travertine river

Great hike but if you have a fear of heights, be prepared to scale a few very steep rocks. But the view from the end is gorgeous!

Breathtaking views the whole way, but a very busy trail

Pretty views but a heavily trafficked trail. There was a line at the bridge. I would consider it an easy hike, not moderate.

We had to push the pace because we got a late start and wanted to catch the sunset. So I don’t know if the hike challenged us because of the terrain or our pace. Regardless, it was completely worth it. One of if not the best hike my wife and I have done in years. Spectacular views and landscapes you just feel lucky to be able to walk through. The hangover section raised my level of respect for mountain bikers; challenging enough in boots - hard to imagine on two wheels. I’d rate it as a moderate and not to be missed.

2 days ago

Hiked a portion of this trail today to fill some available time this afternoon. Wish we would have had time to explore more of it and the connected trails. Great views and a manageable challenge.

Pretty tough trail. I recommend bringing lots of snacks and water. Also we went in a windy day extra jackets helped. Views all the way up and down were stunning! The hike is definitely worth it

Such a fun trail! Go early to beat the people! I would rate this hike as moderate. It wasn’t as hard as people hyped it up to be. I’m in shape

Very scenic. Poorly poorly marked. We got so lost. Followed tea cup but ended up on soldiers pass. Walked to the closest trailhead. Then into a neighborhood where a nice couple gave us a ride back to our car. I have reviewed the map several times still not sure where we went wrong. The map shows this as a looped trail but it did not loop.

Loved this hike. Easy walk with spectacular views. No charge for parking . Starts in private neighborhood

Great trail! Well marked, beautiful views! Up and down in 4 hours!

Giving birth was easier than the elevation gain on this trail

wonderful morning. clear sky and mid 40s. Arrived at trail parking at 8:30am and managed to get the last parking spot. By the time we cane down at 11am parking was as far as another mile down Dry Creek Road. Word of advice, this trail is very heavily used. Lors of people but what do you expect on a holiday weekend with perfect weather. Trail is very easy except there is some steep rock stairs the last few 100 yards.

Loved this hike for the beauty and solitude. It was well marked with cairns the whole way. I would not rate this hike as hard, however. You gain most of your elevation at the end and it was moderate. You spend most your time hiking through the dry creek beds. It had an odd end to the trail, so I kept going over the other side to add some mileage. I ended up on a cattle trail and circumnavigated my way back. The hike was definitely worth it. I only saw one other couple. It was peaceful and beautiful.

Very easy hike with great views especially
If you pass the maintained trail sign and continue on. I would say it’s a good hike to bring the family on. Lots of foot traffic. Big parking area.

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