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Located in northern Arizona, Coconino National Forest is a 1.856-million acre forest that surrounds Sedona and Flagstaff . It is one of the most diverse National Forests in the country with landscapes varying from Red rock, southwestern desert, ponderosa pine forests, alpine tundra, and ancient volcanic peaks. Coconino National Forest borders other nearby National Forests, including the Prescott National Forest, Tonto National Forest, and Kaibab National Forest. The park also encompasses portions of ten wilderness areas. The park is divided into three different districts, the Flagstaff District, the Red Rock District, and the Mogollon Rim District . Each of the districts contains its own unique landscapes and environments. The Flagstaff district contains Arizona's highest peak, Humphreys Peak, which is part of the San Francisco Peaks, and the San Francisco Volcanic Field. In this district you will find lava fields and underground lava tubes, including Lava River Cave. Mormon Lake can be found at the southern portion of the district, as well as Ashurst Lake and Marshall Lake, which are located along the Anderson Mesa. The Anderson Mesa is best known for the Lowell Observatory. The Red Rock district sits near Sedona and contains the canyons, mesas, and famous red rock formations Sedona is known for. The most notable sights include Devil's Bridge and Cathedral Rock. This district also contains Oak Creek Canyon, which is one of the most popular attractions within Coconino National Forest. Oak Creek Canyon has a beautiful display of fall foliage, making autumn an excellent time to visit. The Mogollon Rim District is the last district and is located along the Mogollon Rim, which marks the southern boundary of the Colorado Plateau. The Mogollon Rim District is dominated by ponderosa pine forest and contains some small lakes and streams. The forest offers something for all outdoor enthusiasts, whether you are looking for hiking, horseback riding, rock climbing, or mountain biking. The forest is also great for nature lovers, as it home to a diverse body of wildlife including birds, amphibians, fish, reptiles, and mammals such as black bears and elk.

Hiked Devil's Bridge this morning and the views are amazing! I drove to the parking area with my Subaru Outback and it was bumpier and more steep than I anticipated, I would recommend a higher clearance vehicle. Like others have mentioned get there in the morning to avoid the crowd and heat!

Nice short easy hike. Great view of the surrounding area.

Great for all ages, easy 1 mile hike if parked in the designated water parking lot. Must have and reserve pass ahead of time.

I did it today, it’s really nice but bring a lot of water with you

The view at the end his so nice, it was the best hike of my life !!!!

1 day ago

Did this hike with 4 kids under 6 because it said it was “kid-friendly” and thought it would be fun to see a cave. I, as an adult, loved the hike! But it was not kid-friendly. The first little bit was easy but becomes much harder as you go and you have to really watch the kids and their footing if you want them to go in the caves. But it was fun! I would just recommend it for older kids and up. Moderate would be a better rating.

Beautiful hike! It was confusing with the signage, using the map provided on this app was necessary to stay on the right trail, very thankful for the map!

We found this to be easier than cathedral. Both are worth it. No one at doe mountain this morning. It was spectacular and so quiet. I guess you gotta get high to get away from it all! Definitely worth the hike. Early morning is best!

2 days ago

Great hike that leads you on two adventures. Go up to the top and then hike down to the river. Parking is in the middle. Lovely day!

2 days ago

Love this hike. The views are worth it. Only downside is how busy it is at the top. People will stand in line to have their solo moment on the bridge and literally just make people wait until their 50 spread photo shoot is over. Unless you're like me and you walk across the bridge to sit at the end of it, out of their picture. Sorry, not sorry.

Highlight of our trip! If you love climbing and exploring, this trail is for you! A very easy 3 mi out and back trail that has a huge payoff at the end! Highly recommend climbing up into the rocks and exploring around. So beautiful and you feel like you’re on a different planet.

Easy walking trail mostly on red sand. Highly recommend climbing the rock wall at the end of the trail - AMAZING views of Sedona!

I couldnt find the trail. :( Very disappointing. I even did research online before I went. Searched for blogs with tips on how to find it. i used GPS originally to find it. It told me I had arrived but there was no trail. I kept going down the fire road that the GPS takes you on. It is very rough and had lots of washouts. You will need to have a 4x4 vehicle to get to the trail if it was further up the road. I had to back down and turn around because there was no way my Camary was making it any further without getting stuck.

2 days ago

Great trail. Tougher than we thought it would be, but we are fairly new to hiking. Bring more water than you think you’ll need! Ran into a few that ran out of water before they even made it to the crack. Loved the swimming hole.

Outstanding hike. End view worth the “stairs”. If you can hike Piestewa in Phoenix you can easily do this.

2 days ago

Great hike! Did the entire trail plus added a bit extra on by going up the Weatherford trail a ways before turning back - would up a little over 12 miles round trip.My wife and I enjoyed all the new growth and wild flowers after a month of some monsoon rains.It was 68 degrees - perfect, wonderful getaway from the valley. Good workout hike too,

2 days ago

This is a good trail with a steady grade and great views. It's mildly steep, then levels out, then gets steep again. Not bad. I'm surprised this trail has that much elevation gain, but I guess when it's spread out over 8 miles, it doesn't feel like much.

Take advantage of the viewpoints along the way, they are great!

My major caution is to do this when it's not hot outside! The trail begins in the trees and then gradually gets lower, among juniper trees and scrub bushes. The temperature change was immediate as soon as we left the pines. And the scrub bushes are a bit overgrown and scratch at your legs. This area is also in direct sun.

Overall really fun hike. Not too hard. There’s a lot of sun exposure for the first couple of miles so make sure to bring lots of water! The water features are worth the hike!

awsome views!!! lots of mud today!!!

Exposed with little shade. Swimming in creek was the best part!

IT IS VERY DIFFICULT, a proper pack out is needed, water triple what you normally need due to the steep mountain climbs, proper hiking boots and trek polls. those things save your knees and the in some parts it's loose and slick. what for rain the hike becomes harder when it rains and the trail gets slicker. plan 5 hours round trip which should in could breaks in along the way and at the arch. That first steep hike up is the worst part, suck it up and do it. It down hill after that to the arch. rest for a bit and on your way back that hike back up is not too had not so steep but the poles really help you here. enjoy the scenery it takes the pain away. once at the summit it all down hill and moves fast watch for lightening. there is alot of areas there that shows lightening strikes alot in that canyon.

great hike..

off road driving
3 days ago

This is a great trail that requires a 4x4 vehicle to get over some of the rocks. A little rough and bouncy but I find that enjoyable. Take the road slow and enjoy the views. There are many Pink Jeeps on the road and everyone is very respectful of each other. When you get to the vista the views are AMAZING!

You think you’re at the top. You in fact are not.

4 days ago

Amazing trail. Wonderful views. One of first times using the free app. It stopped recording somehow so not exactly how far i actually hiked. Preparing to go Havasupai - this trail has lots of ups and more ups! Good work out for me. Temp in low 80’s with overcast skies made it perfect !!!

Love this trail. Nice easy hike into Walnut Canyon. My dog's favorite trail to hang with other dog friends.

6 days ago

Hard to imagine the views in Sedona getting much better than this. Easy to find the trailhead - just follow the rough dirt 'road' that is accessible only by high-clearance SUVs.

It's a rather easy walk to the vertical portion, and there is some minor scrambling to reach the top. So many trails in Sedona - we picked this one because of the uniqueness, and were rewarded with throngs of people just like us: the trail can be crowded and noisy.

6 days ago

We found this little 'trail' while heading to the Chapel of the Holy Cross. Not much of a hike, but cool to dive into the canyon and explore a bit. Not worth a stand-alone trip, but a good diversion.

6 days ago

5 starts might seem a bit overboard, but this trail absolutely rocked. Such beautiful scenery with massive Ponderosa pines and random car-sized boulders, and peaceful to boot - blue skies, birds of prey circling the cliffs and the smell of evergreens in the air. We took a brief detour to the Pit rock climbing area first (take the right fork after leaving the campground trailhead), which added some great scenery and elevation, then followed Sandys to the AZ trail before returning, giving us a 3.7 mile RT route.

This just seemed to be pulled from a postcard. Incredible. Easy, yes, But awesome nonetheless.

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