This is just a link up of Cholla Trail and Echo Canyon Trail. There is no "Camelback Trail".

Fun morning climb/hike. The western route has more steep climbs and requires more climbing than hiking. The east side is very techinal and steep towards the summit, but is moderate for the lower two thirds.

Did this hike starting at Echo Canyon entrance (parking lot & bathrooms at this location!) - got there around 6:20-6:30 on a Thursday morning. Was still fairly populated and some people even coming down from starting earlier at 5:20ish with head lamps. Hiked straight through and came down Cholla trail - took about an hour each way (stopped to catch my breath several times on the way up Echo which was very steep & strenuous) and stayed at the summit for 10-20 minutes. TIPS: get here EARLY!! There is no formal parking at Cholla trail entrance - you must park on Invergordon rd. Wear pants! you may be scooting down on your butt during parts of the trail and while temps aren't as hot right now you might not want to get scratched/dirty. Don't let the reviews scare you - you do not need mountain climbing experience to do this hike. What you do need is some good leg muscles! Difficulty is in endurance - if you're afraid of heights or going down steep portions maybe not the hike for you. But definitely worth it! We took an uber at the finish from Cholla entrance back to our parked cars at Echo side.

Bring lots of water and pace yourself to match your fitness and experience level. You will work up a sweat as you climb, so don't go piling on the sweatshirts in the winter.

I’m in good shape and would not rate this difficult. If you exercise at all I’d call it a solid moderate. Made it to summit in just under an hour. Great views and great workout!