We did this trail two weekends in a row. The first weekend just my wife and I to check it out. The second weekend we brought our teenage daughters. Both times was a good hike. Trails are clearly marked. We did it clockwise so that most of the incline was at the beginning and the going down was Marshalls Gulch trail. We did see quite a few people. Some with dogs on leash, some with families. Of course, everyone is polite and friendly so no big deal. Recommend going early to find a good parking space. Although due to the current wildfire the trail and roads to the trail are closed.

Pretty tough loop. Clocked a little over 8 miles but that’s with exploring the wrecked jet. Highly recommend

My favorite trail in Tucson! Remember to turn left onto Aspen trail when you reach the end of Marshall Gulch trail. The trail itself is moderate in difficulty but the high altitude makes the hike a little harder. Definitely not for beginning hikers.

Marshall Gulch and Aspen Trail Loop is definitely one of my favorites. Beautiful weather. Definitely not easy though.

Love this trail! Trailhead was busy, so come early. Not unexpected for a Saturday in June. People on the trail were nice and friendly per usual. Flowing water, great views, shade - it’s got it all. We did the loop counterclockwise, gradual climb up. I’ll definitely come back, but probably on a weekday.

One of the more enjoyable hikes on Mt. Lemmon. Loved all of the Aspen trees.

The views are incredible in the late afternoon, especially where these two trails meet. Beautiful pink flowers in bloom all along the Aspen part of the trail with some bees. Parts of the trail are slightly overgrown, but not a big deal. This is one of my favorite trails on Mt. Lemmon.

Started at 11:00 with Derrick n Vicka. Started Loop on right side. Temp 82 at trail. 102 in Tucson

Whew!! This is a fun and challenging loop trail! It definitely earns its hard rating, due to the elevation gain and the altitude of the trail. In addition, the trail is not very clearly marked coming down off Mount Bigelow into the campgrounds. We had to backtrack a little bit, thank goodness for this app :-) The views are gorgeous, and there weren't too many folks on the trail. Didn't see a summit sign at Mt. Bigelow (but maybe missed it.) Just the cell towers and electrical station...lol. We started in the Butterfly Trail parking lot and looped all the way around to the Sunset Trail parking lot. Total time 5.25 hrs

Nice trail. Longer than it says. Pretty sunny in most parts so watch it on a hot day. Lots of flora and fauna. Wildflower, ferns, ponderosa pines, oaks and even aspens. Some annoying little bugs in your face in parts. Watch out for thunderstorms that creep up. One followed me out and I just made it to the car.

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The descent through the tall pines was amazing but made for one heck of a climb out. Easy to follow, well travelled trail. Lots of trees! We enjoyed the shade. Watch out for the mountain bikers bombing down the hill!

Gorgeous trail, loved the different biomes, especially the aspens and the large old pines. The smell of the pines was fabulous and the sounds of the wind going through the trees was awesome! Will definitely go back! We went in the afternoon and there were very few people on the trail.

Pretty good hike, the Butterfly section is great but coming down off Mt Bigelow is pretty anti-climactic. You get pretty remote during the Butterfly section, so be prepared for potential encounters with bigger animals. Creeks all flowing at this point. Lots of good camping pads along Butterfly if you're looking for an easy overnighter. Side note to a reviewer below: don't give a hike a bad rating because you encountered wildlife and weren't prepared.

We did this long and hard trail yesterday May 24th. temperature was at 41 degree. Very comfortable for this hike. It was a long long trail. Arrived at the Sunset parking lot at 4:45am. Crossed the road and started from the Butterfly trail down. Ended the trail at Sunset parking lot. The map someone had here is correct but the mileage is not. Both of our GPSs show just under 9.5 miles total. The butterfly trail starts at 8000ft, down to 6500ft+ then up to Bigelow at 8900ft+ then down the trail following the road for about a mile, maybe, to the trail (off road). Followed the trail all the way down to the Sunset trail head parking lot. Butterfly trail is a beautiful trail, lots of shades. Not hard just very steep. Definitely not for those with bad knees and out of shape. I'll definitely do this trail again in the fall as there were so many aspen trees along the trail.

This trail is great for kids. It literally sparkles from the rocks here, and is gorgeous overall.

one of our favorite trails during the summer to get out of the heat. Good views and prior to the Bighorn fire (June 2020) didn't go through a lot old burn from the previous fire. Not sure what it will look like once it opens up again though

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Mount Bigelow to Butterfly trail on Mount Lemmon

Liked the trail until we got 1.44 miles down and heard repeated rustling in the bushes and brush close to the trail. We stopped being the wild life lovers we are and listened.. I went a few feet further and saw large black fur about thirty feet from the trail which resulted in my panic lol. I’ve seen signs for bears but did not think I would ever encounter one. Anyway we quickly and quietly went back up the trail. I’ve read you should back away but that was not possible on a steep narrow incline. Also, we had no weapons. We might consider it in the future just in case. Bummed our hike got cut short but didn’t want to take the chance. It’s easy to think what you’d do until it actually happens.

We started this hike yesterday. We made it 1.44 miles down. Both my husband and I began to hear rustling in the bushes/brush. We kept walking and still heard it. We stopped to look because we both love wild life. We continued to stand there several minutes. I walked a few feet further and saw large black fur to the left of the trail about 30 feet away. I did not get pictures because I began to panic. We headed back up quietly and quickly. We told a few people we saw. One informed us that she has camped at mt. Bigelow (very close) and has woken to bears outside of her tent. Since yesterday I’ve read a bunch of things to do if you encounter them. Walking backwards was not possible due to having to go uphill pretty steep. Neither of us had any kind of weapon and I wasn’t even aware my camelback had a whistle. Anyway, I’m not trying to scare anyone. I just think you should know. I don’t think it even noticed is or maybe didn’t care. It was pretty close to the trail though and there were a lot of people on the trail.

Sunset to Marshall Gulch to Aspen #93 and down the ski slopes

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Found the waterfall and plane wreckage. A bit strenuous due to elevation but was well worth it.

Great trail. Very rugged. Beautiful scenery. We had lunch on the trail along the creek. We had elevation gain of 957ft.

1 month ago

We were aiming for the easy sunset trail and in my true fashion, we went on this trail. It was hard especially since it was our first trail as a family. Super pretty but it has narrow spots and can be rocky in spots. We did only 35 minutes in which was about 3/4 of a mile.

This trail is magic. So nice during the summer. The kids 4 and over did a great job! Loved the aspen fields.

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