Great trail,, not a hard just going down and back up is some areas. Great views,, saw my first rattle snake.. aaaaand we turn around from that point since the trail was covered with ferns ahead of that and didn't want to take the chance of stepping on a snake!! crazy!!

Nice trail. Some steep parts and lots of ferns and nice views.

Love this trail . We did not finish the loop and came back down Marshalls but it was great. Going again and going to complete the loop. For a beginner and planner this spot is ideal, and there is a nice picnic area at the trail head . Very little parking so an early arrival is best. You can stop on your way out at the cookie cabin and rainbow gift shop . Both pretty expensive, we did not eat there at 8 dollars a slice of pizza and 30 for a pie I waited to eat once I got back to town . I am a bit picky about my pizza since I am from the east coast . Nice thing about This loop is it's simple to find and staying in trail was easy. I think once we get some rain it will be nicer when the creek is full, since you follow the creek bed most of the way . Happy hiking

Loved the trail! Beautiful new pine trees. It has been changed a bit because of trail repairs, so it's longer, bring a little more water.

Not exactly how the trail was but made my own by adding part of mount lemon trail and wilderness of rocks trail.. it was a long but well worth hike.. some easy areas and some hard very rocky with very dense vegetation. Espectacular views for sure. I would do this again for sure!! And the best part, not as fun but my first time hiking alone!!