Lots of fun, not too hard, my 10 yr old enjoyed it with me today!

Love doing this trail, today was even better as it was overcast most of the time,, lots of water running and chilly temps!!

10 days ago

Beautiful, quick pace going down but back up is serious cardio.

What a great hike to escape the heat of the desert! My dog Dust and I had a great time! There's plenty of tree cover and Dusty loved the cool mountain streams.

24 days ago

Beautiful hike in the pines! The trail is mostly shaded, about 75%. There was some running water in the base of the trail once I hiked in a bit. After 1.8 miles in I made the turn off the main trail but the side trail (#22A) was so overgrown it was hard to follow. I tried to bushwhack my way down to the spring but ended up with a nasty scrap from a tree branch I didn't see under some overgrowth. I turned around not too long after I got off the main trail. The Park Ranger at the Palisades Visitor Center told me that the side trail to the spring is no longer maintained. It has too many fallen trees and overgrowth and they've decided to let it go. Wish I would have made it down to Box Spring but it was still a beautiful hike!