great hike and beautiful views!

great strenuous but relatively quick hike with spectacular views

1 day ago

Good exercise and strenuous near the top. Coming down you’ll want to be sure footed as the rocks are jagged and would be easy to turn ankle..

4 days ago

Great trail if you want a quick hike, 75 min round trip, however no stops for pics and I did jog in a few areas on the descent. definitely agree it is difficult, however it is only a mile up, all up, very little flat terrain. There are a few technical areas, you may need to use your hands to steady yourself. Another bonus: every hiker on the trail was friendly, don't find that very often. I would recommend planning for lunch and a walk around the town afterward, lots of cute, eclectic shops.

16 days ago

24 days ago

This was a great hike! It had rained that morning and was chilly out so there was very little traffic.

I won’t lie It was harder than I thought and I have hiked both Squaw Peak and Camelback. But we took our time and both of our daughters (11yrs & 15 yrs) both completed the hike as well.

Well worth the amazing views of the surrounding area and the American Flag on top was an amazing touch.

Wear appropriate shoes as there are a lot of small rocks that are not sturdy all the time under foot on the trail.

Park at the bottom of the hill; it is well noted and then hike on up the road to the start of the trail. Also the trail sometimes gets a little lost. Watch for the white markers to get you back on track.

Enjoy the hike!

29 days ago

Lots of loose rock but overall a great hike with 360 views of surrounding hikes.

1 month ago

Follow the road all the way up to the trailhead. If you continue up the road to the right it is a little easier but a little longer. Took about 2 hours round trip taking my time. Fantastic views of the whole valley. Great hike!

1 month ago

Loved this hike and plan to do again. Great exercise and beautiful views, about an hour round trip

I've done this trail quite a few times.
This is will offer a great leg and glute workout.
Don't misstep on this trail, as the rocks are jagged and would do some crazy damage!
FYI many people miss the trail. Keep an open eye to the left soon after the asphalt ends.
If you take the rocky road, it will merge eventually, but I prefer the trail.
In my opinion, better than the Squaw Peak/camelback because of less traffic on and off trails.
Great view of four peaks and view back to Phx. Area. US flag at top!
It also feels like a lil getaway for a bit.
Grotto Cafe is the best place to grab something to eat/drink. Patio too and pup friendly.

1 month ago

Great views along the way! Super fun hike!

1 month ago

The views are worth the climb.

Love this tough hike the summit is worth the effort, views for miles...

1 month ago

Nice hike that makes you work a bit. Short, but nice and steep with a great view. Trail is well defined. Free parking, no facilities. Took our dogs and they did great, but it is rocky and could be really tough on paws if they aren't used to it.

2 months ago

This was a nice hike. Although the beginning is boring and steep going up the paved road

Fun little hike. 2.2 miles round trip, took about 40 minutes each way at a moderate pace with stops for pictures. Moderate to strenuous. Pretty consistent incline the whole way, no scrambling or climbing. The first quarter mile is a paved road, then it becomes a narrow rocky trail. Similar in effort to Piestewa Peak, easier than Camelback, but far fewer people. Saw 15 people total on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Could hear a live band playing at a bar in Cave Creek all the way to the summit, which was fun. Gorgeous views the entire hike, especially at the summit, where you can see at least 40 miles in every direction. The American flag dedication at the summit is perfect. I really enjoyed this hike. It's a great destination just outside of the city if you only have a couple hours.

A great get up and go early mountain hike for us! It's a little bit of a push with the short but big elevation gain, but totally worth every huff and puff for those views. It's amazing to me how many people get up there. I love this hike!

If you like to push your hikes hard this one is more difficult than Squaw Peak.
The trail is narrower, fewer switchbacks and much rockier.
A fun calculated hike.
The approach is long and paved through a few homes.

Trail goes straight up the ridge to the top, then back the same way. Steep & challenging pretty much all the way. Moderate amount of other hikers on the weekend. Great views from the top.

Black Mountain is a moderate to difficult trail located in Cave Creek. Parking is unconventional but is plentiful due to the strange nature of the trail head. I have had luck both parking at the small hotel just before the trail head as well as the dirt road slightly further in.

The trail itself is steep and primitive which adds a feeling of adventure, however this sense of adventure quickly dissipates when a 50 year old local goes cruising by you on his/her morning jog up the mountain. Overall it is an enjoyable hike that will provides an increased heart rate as well as basic path finding.

For those looking to hike in a more natural desert environment I suggest making the short trip up the road to Spur Cross. This wilderness area provides a lot more in the way of trail options and can even be taken into the beautiful Tonto National Forest.

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