Great Trail, beautiful views!

My wife and I loved this trail. We started at Bell Rock TH and took the Big Park Loop (counterclockwise) around to the Court House Butte. We were on the edge of the wilderness and the scenery was beautiful. Moderate. Not many people & no bikes. Total 7 miles

11 days ago

This is a great trail to take in the beautiful scenery of both Courthouse and Bell rocks. The trail is smooth and clear and once your are on the south side of the trail you fell like you’re deep in the desert as it’s so quiet and peaceful! It’s a great mid morning hike!

Easy trail - took 3 hours due to stopping to take pictures! It was recommended that we do the loop counter clockwise and really glad we took that advice. Beautiful views of the rocks on our left and on the right the expanse of the valley and surrounding mountains as we started out. Coming back we were walking into the sunset with red rocks on 3 sides. Amazing.

Great hike that we did the last part of the day, just making it back by sunset. Took us just over 2 hours. As it's a loop, scenery is constantly changing. Fantastic rock formations as you circle round the back of Courthouse Butte. Very pleasant January day, I imagine this is very hot in summer and should be tackled early doors. Not steep at all, just a few inclines to deal with. Highly recommended. Bonus... we went back to same trailhead (The one for the Bell Rock climb) next morning for sunrise. Almost no one around and was just gorgeous as the sun lit up rocks all around.

1 month ago

very pleasant hike in winter. did this before in may too and it was far more difficult with the heat.

Fantastic walk around magnificent courthouse butte and bell rock... the wooded scenery keeps you enthralled

Great trail not the most exciting place but a good hike! Parking lots are sometime not so easy to find a spot.

Great trail, beautiful scenery. Not too hard but it does get rugged during certain stretches. There are several connecting trails during the course, so you have plenty of options to veer off onto connecting trails. You also have the option to do the Bell Rock Climb which is really awesome!!

Smiles all around. Off season; rarely saw any people. Spectacular scenery. Don’t forget to seek our Space Ship Rock. Hike to the back and climb to the top. Raced the sun to the top of Bell Rock for a geocache. Flashlights to climb down, and another hour night hiking to get back to the parking lot (near Circle K). Caught a predator tracking us on the west side of Bell rock. Thankful for glowing eyes and tactical flashlights.

Picturesque. Easy to find. Spots to climb a little and take photos.

3 months ago

Nice loop trail that was well maintained and clearly marked. Added on the Bell Rock Climb which was a little tough for me. Lots of photo ops! Take enough water!

Nice moderate trail with lovely scenery. We parked at the vista parking and hiked clockwise. Most people were going the opposite way but we appreciated the downhill, sun at back later and views. Also less crowded. Parking busy but people were coming and going so we waited just a couple of minutes for a spot. Used national park pass to park. Took about an hour 45 at moderate pace.

Come early to avoid getting shut out due to lack of parking! There is a fee machine, so no need to wait until it opens. Several trails originate at the same spot, so the lot fills up quickly. Very little shade, so going early in the day is key. Fortunately it's not too difficult, which is a good thing because the views are so spectacular that it's hard to focus on where you're walking! I don't think I would ever tire of this trail. The views are jaw dropping at every turn.

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4 months ago

Pure beauty. I recommend going at sunrise to take in the fresh am viibes and beat the crowds, I imagine it gets pretty busy during the day.

We really liked the dry water beds and the variety of shade and open air. We are old so it kicked our ass a bit and we don't understand why because 4 miles isn't that big of a deal. We has confused.

I felt the Trail was too easy. However the views were worth it.

A nice combination of shade, open terrain, slick rock, dried stream beds and incredible views. We did the trail in a counter clockwise direction which I believe offers the best views.

EASY trail. A beautiful walk/hike that allows you to take in the red rock scenery

Puts the Awe in awesome! After parking, begin with the Bell Rock Pathway. This connects with Courthouse Butte Trail. Many thanks to the biker who told us (when looping clockwise), keep Courthouse Butte to your right shoulder. It was beautiful.

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