Great views, but best from atop Baby Bell.

this is a very easy Trail and one that just about anybody could take. it starts out a little boring down a little dirt path, but don't give up the more you get into this Trail the more beautiful it becomes and the more views your able to see. do the whole Loop and as you do if you walk around the entire rock formation of Courthouse Butte and this seemed just keeps changing and changing and changing. When you get to the back, look for the muffin top formation or some people call it the cupcake formation, and do a little climb to the top of it by going to the back of it and there's a very easy way to get some hike up there and the views from up there are just stunning. as I sat on top of muffin top and looked out, I was looking on the scene from every western movie I've ever watched. really fun and doable hike!

Hiked bell pathway to courthouse loop, and it was a nice morning trail. Went mid janurary and there was some snow on the higher portions of the rocks. Really enjoyed how close the trail takes you to the red rocks and the contrast between the flat land on the southern portion and the rocks farther north. Melting snow caused a beautiful stream area halfway through.