fun not too hard

Really easy hike. Can be done within an hour. But does have some pretty great views.

Not too much to see on this hike, but still general beautiful Sedona views. A nice one for kids and older individuals.

Did this clockwise. Some nice views during the first half... got a bit repetitive, but a nice walk.

Would rate this as easy, personally.

20 days ago

Easy but really beautiful. Did this hike Christmas week so lots of tourists near Bell Rock. They don't go very far, so had a peaceful, scenic hike.

I accidentally missed the Courthouse Trail so went further than planned. Signage in certain spots can be confusing.

Pretty simple and easy trail. Nice rock formations along the way and few people.

Awesome views and trail!

We took this trail traveling counterclockwise the morning after a storm. The scenery and views were spectacular around every corner. We encountered few hikers coming clockwise, but otherwise had the trail mostly to ourselves.

4 months ago

Did this hike at noon with one small bottle of water. Lots of mountain bikers on trail today. Vortexes along the way.

5 months ago


5 months ago

Beautiful back country. Not well marked, but you will be fine if you have a decent sense of direction.
Can’t beat the seeing both Bell Rock and The Buttes from every angle. Strong vibes here.

6 months ago

Nice morning hike. Start early take plenty of water as it gets hot quick.

I started this trail but did not finish. It’s relatively easy, but you MUST bring enough water on a hot day. We did not bring enough water, so we decided to turn back, also because we had just gotten off the plane and we’re pretty tired as it was, plus it was very hot. What I didn’t like about this hike is that, truly, it was kind of boring. It’s literally a loop around Courthouse Butte, so there aren’t many other sights other than Bell Rock. It’s also not very well marked, I found it to be confusing.

Easy enough hike assuming it isn’t too warm and the crowds aren’t too bad. We had fun exploring the area and taking in the amazing views.

Nice easy walk. Good for kids and the grandparents.

Awesome sights. The trail was not marked very well though

Did this as part of the bell rock hike. Quite and peaceful except on North side. We had several bike groups go by on north side. The other sides were very quite we found the east and north east side of butte very pretty with moderate trails. I’d do this again for sure.

Set out from the Courthouse Vista parking to Bellpark Pathway which connects to the courthouse butte trail. I went counter clockwise so that I could hit the front side of bell Rick and courthouse butte around 6:30 pm (hour before sunset). Great light. It took me about 2 hours in total but I was moving a decent clip. The backside of the butte isn’t too exciting but the whole trip is a great walk. Would be great with dogs.

Nice loop trail, only a few people 8:00-11:30 am. Park at either Courthouse Butte parking or Bell Rock parking. Start early, wear a hat, take water. Climbing possible at Spaceship, Baby Bell, and Bell. The Bell Pathway is more crowded but except right at parking areas, you can avoid most with short alternate loops. Shaded spots on trail occasionally but mostly open sun. Bikes on part of trail but not a hazard. Fantastic views every few yards. Other than dogs, a lizard and a blue bird like a grackle, no animals seen. Juniper, yucca, and prickly pear. Dry red sand/dust, rock slide washes and loose stones. Moderate climbing up maintained trails (with optional rock climbing), lots of signs but take a map because the signs are somewhat confusing. No water or restrooms. Great trail to start a Sedona visit.

Absolutely beautiful area... no surprise being Sedona. It was actually pretty empty once we got past Bell. Don’t mistake this trail. It’s fairly easy but when the temperatures start to climb there’s little shade and make sure you have water. Also, get there early. The entire area fills up and it’s difficult to find a parking spot.

Great hike with ever changing views of the butte. Did it with our kids.

Lots of competition for parking in March! The trail is not hard. Nice walk with beautiful scenery and random rocks you can climb

We got there right at 7 am so very little traffic. Very pretty. Ended up doing the bell rock climb at the end. Gorgeous. Well marked trail

10 months ago

Provides fantastic views of the butte from all sides. Combine with the Bell Rock trail for a photographers dream.

Great Trail, beautiful views!

My wife and I loved this trail. We started at Bell Rock TH and took the Big Park Loop (counterclockwise) around to the Court House Butte. We were on the edge of the wilderness and the scenery was beautiful. Moderate. Not many people & no bikes. Total 7 miles

11 months ago

This is a great trail to take in the beautiful scenery of both Courthouse and Bell rocks. The trail is smooth and clear and once your are on the south side of the trail you fell like you’re deep in the desert as it’s so quiet and peaceful! It’s a great mid morning hike!

Easy trail - took 3 hours due to stopping to take pictures! It was recommended that we do the loop counter clockwise and really glad we took that advice. Beautiful views of the rocks on our left and on the right the expanse of the valley and surrounding mountains as we started out. Coming back we were walking into the sunset with red rocks on 3 sides. Amazing.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Great hike that we did the last part of the day, just making it back by sunset. Took us just over 2 hours. As it's a loop, scenery is constantly changing. Fantastic rock formations as you circle round the back of Courthouse Butte. Very pleasant January day, I imagine this is very hot in summer and should be tackled early doors. Not steep at all, just a few inclines to deal with. Highly recommended. Bonus... we went back to same trailhead (The one for the Bell Rock climb) next morning for sunrise. Almost no one around and was just gorgeous as the sun lit up rocks all around.

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