Big Horn Peak emerges 1,800 feet above a desert plain near the middle of this Wilderness. Neighboring escarpments add to this area's exceptional scenic value. Nine miles of the jumbled ridgeline of the Big Horn Mountains cross the Wilderness, surrounded by small hills, fissures, chimneys, and slim canyons. Here you'll find desert bighorn sheep as well as Gila monsters, kit foxes, and desert tortoise. Other permanent residents include golden eagles, prairie falcons, barn owls, and great horned owls, all of whom nest on the walls of the canyons. Just to the north of this area, separated only by a jeep road, lies Hummingbird Springs Wilderness. Although there are no trails, hikers can access the area via unmaintained dirt roads from the northern, eastern, and western boundaries. In addition to backpackers, the area draws expert rock climbers. Primitive camping opportunities exist throughout the wilderness for the well versed camper. Water is limited and during most months unavailable.