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Beautiful trail! Did the whole Loop East to West and it was stunning!

Really fun trail, with a mix of meadows, forests, creeks, and rocky ridge lines. The grade up to the ridge line is not bad at all, and I saw numerous families with children along the trail. I usually associate Arizona with the more Sedona-type of geography, and this trail broke that stereotype for me completely. Great trail, and a great little region of Arizona.

1 month ago

1 month ago

This trail was very well marked. I agree it is definitely moderate. Not much wildlife except for a few horn toads. We took the short loop, which took us about 3 1/2 hours. Definitely worth it.

Excellent for wildflowers in late spring and summer. Very flat trail for quite a distance, which makes for nice open views. Near the end it finally rises, offering nice views amid tightly packed trees.

Good length for a couple hours hike. Some pretty panoramic views but not as many as you might expect. Not very much elevation gain so good for someone who has bad knees or doesn't want the challenge of a mountain.

Started down the trail of this beautiful hike. We got about 1/3 of a mile in and saw a big cat track that looked somewhat fresh. Were not prepared to be stalked by a mountain lion, or whatever it might be. We turned around and hiked back to the car. No other hikers on the trail. We saw some abandoned cabins about 1/4 mile north of the trailhead. Anybody know the history of those? Pretty dilapidated.

3 months ago

4 months ago

I have hiked this east trail twice now, and it is one of the easiest grades to walk that you can imagine. It is a long hike, but so easy to do. No real steep pitches anywhere along it. Just did one this past fall, 2016, and it had been a long time since my first trek. I had forgotten how nice this trail was. No real great scenic views until you get up on top by the reservation boundary. As most know, the actual peak of Mt. Baldy is off limits unless you are an Apache. The peak is on their land, and is sacred to them. You can apparently get permission before hand if you choose to. A worthwhile hike up there even if you can't summit the actual peak. I'll have to do the west fork trail some day just to see what it's like. Beautiful forest trail for sure.

5 months ago

Tough but fun hike if you do the full 13 miles.

6 months ago

My boyfriend and I are seasoned hikers and were in the area looking for a fun long hike. To be honest, we were a bit disappointed. There weren't that many great scenic points for how long the trail was. It was a great length for a good afternoon activity, but I'd say it is more of an easy rated trail for a quiet enjoyable walk through the woods.

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7 months ago

Cool trail, although pretty hard for me. If you are out of shape and/or not used to the altitude, it will be a great workout. I am both, so I was really huffing at times. Also, I am an experienced bike rider, but not an experienced trail rider. There are two sections at the beginning and end, which have tons of fist-sized rocks. If you go clockwise, the section after about 2-3 miles is very downhill and the one towards the end is very uphill. I had to get off and walk. Great scenery, great views, fresh air. 9 am on a Saturday, I saw two riders in the parking area, and two horse trailers, but I did not see anyone on the trail. It is well-marked, as are most WMTS trails. Going clockwise, towards the end, the trail criss-crosses a big dirt road and is a bit confusing. Just stay on the road and keep your eyes peeled off the road to the left looking for the white diamonds to start again.

The trail was a wonderful combination of climbing combined with more easy and open trail. The fall colors were beautiful and some wildflowers. We didn't see much wildlife, but birds were available for viewing. The burned out portion was very stark and made us feel like we were in the Game of Thrones forest, with raven's calling in the distance! Even so, the hike was a challenge for someone who has not hiked in a while and I felt accomplished after it was complete!

Great trail markings