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Beautiful easy hike. Great views of Mendenhall Glacier. The waterfall is huge and you can get up close to it. There is also a nice visitor center at the head of the trail. I know this trail can be crazy busy. We hit it just right in the middle of September and hiked it before the cruise ship came into port. We saw maybe a total of ten people the whole time. Worth the hike, just plan around the cruise ship schedule so it's not to crowded.

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This is a great hike! Make sure you bring good hiking boots because the paths get really rocky and there is some climbing involved. It was a rainy day, so the climbing was challenging because it got slippery in some areas. I'm from Florida, so this definetely felt like a hard hike for me! But well worth every ounce of effort becase the views were absolutely breathtaking.

On our way there, other visitors told us that a piece of the cave collapsed and we saw a chunk of the glacier fall into the water ourselves :( this hike is a must do!

It was a beautiful hike walking on the glacier was a great time. Did this hike on 09/13/17. I booked it though Packer Expeditions our guides Andy and Smith are great

12 days ago

It's almost gone! I was there a week ago and there was only about a 30 yard section still there. I heard from some locals that a portion has collapsed the week prior. I didn't realize this, but the cave is created by a river that enters the glacier from the side. The glacier has now almost retreated past that rivers path. We were able to walk in the mouth of the cave from both ends (where the river goes in and where it goes out. I wouldn't expect the glacier cave to last another month.

As far as the hike goes... our group laughed at some of the comments posted. The trail is actually marked quite well with neon ribbon tied to trees and bushes along the trail. If you stay on the trail anyone with half of an adventurous spirit and able to jog a half mile without stopping to die should be fine. No you do not need special gear. You can do it just fine in tennis shoes. We did it in the rain and loved it. No, you do not need a guide. My in-laws each paid $300 per person for a tour guide to take them by canoe/kayak across the lake to the glacier. We beat them to the glacier. They were pissed to have paid so much. Their guide didn't even let them go inside the cave due to the risk of it caving in. We paid $20 per person for a van to take our hiking group to the trailhead and back. I walked on the glacier for about 10 yards (slippery... duh) The hardest part is climbing up a steep rocky section where you will need to use your hands, but there are plenty of foot and hand holds. Be careful and you'll be fine.

Easy trail with nice views of Nugget Falls and Mendenhall Glacier. Only downside is the large number of other people on the trail.

14 days ago

It's not easy.

Cool Trail

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Challenging hike. Slightly more difficult than I anticipated but well worth it. Trail is pretty wet until you get above the tree line. Cold and windy on top -jacket, hat and gloves in case you're delayed up there is always a good idea. Easy to get turned around especially when coming down. Look closely for orange tape in the trees marking the way. If you feel lost you probably are.....climb back up and locate the marker tape to get back on track. My phone battery died for a few minutes so my track says 9.7 miles. I think that's a little short .....felt like 11 miles to me:) I walked up on a porcupine that was so big I thought it was a bear at first. My "Lyft" was waiting for me at the bottom right when I finished so life is good. Now I'm going to sleep!

20 days ago