Great hike! The last half, after you pop out of the vegetation offers some amazing views.

24Jun17: We took the main trail and followed it about 1.5 miles. It definitely wasn't the trail to mount eklutna, nor was it bear point, but challenging nonetheless. Those steep climbs are no joke.

Rigorous hike, more challenging than I expected. The first half is level, and unremarkable, nice wooded setting. Turning onto the "Mount Eklutna Trail" is where the altitude climb begins, and it gets quite steep for a "moderate" hike. Views from the top were beautiful. Enjoyed seeing some tundra wildflowers, a little snow, and on the way down just below the tree line saw 2 black bears on the trail!

Quite an enjoyable hike. Was able to go all the way to Baldy and down it from this trail. Though if you ever decide to the same go the other direction. Baldy to Ptarmigan. Would have been much easier going downhill instead of up the whole time.

5/6; Black bear sighting to the right of Mount Eklutna summit. Was snowing at the top, some trail still under considerable snow at the top (had to do some post-holing) but still doable. Trail was pretty muddy from Bear Point to the bottom but it was possible to stay just off the main path.
Beautiful views and mostly quiet, loved that it was a loop. Will do again in summer.

definitely a hard hike for somebody overweight aka me but I made it up there.... good times

Amazing hike, it can be kind of rough at times in the snow. There are some rather steep sections towards the top section of the hike. Absolutely beautiful views especially at the top. Enjoy

Hiked 12/12/16. Main trail was in great shape with lots of traffic from hikers and sleds but the trail head going up Eklutna mountain had quite a bit of snow and only one set of tracks. Made it to the top and decided to hike the ridgeline towards Bear Mt and come down that trail cut off. It was in significantly better shape. Great views up top!