amazing trail, yesterday climbed, on winter has good snow , reach to the 3 peak ,i needed use crampons, the snow is strong and very uphill

Easy walk/jog

Very nice evening hike. The trailhead begins at Baldy and continues along the ridge line. If you go to the top of the peak it is 6.5 miles round trip and took me about 2.5 hours total. Very pretty views and a beautiful sunset behind the Talkeetna mtns. Little Tupperware with a notebook to sign at the top. Beautiful September evening with a wind chill at the top, so if hiking in fall bring gloves. Good for trail running back to the bottom.

great hike with some good views

The trail is nice though the markings are not necessarily clear when it comes to the fork to go left unless you are familiar with the trail.

Great hike! The last half, after you pop out of the vegetation offers some amazing views.

24Jun17: We took the main trail and followed it about 1.5 miles. It definitely wasn't the trail to mount eklutna, nor was it bear point, but challenging nonetheless. Those steep climbs are no joke.

Rigorous hike, more challenging than I expected. The first half is level, and unremarkable, nice wooded setting. Turning onto the "Mount Eklutna Trail" is where the altitude climb begins, and it gets quite steep for a "moderate" hike. Views from the top were beautiful. Enjoyed seeing some tundra wildflowers, a little snow, and on the way down just below the tree line saw 2 black bears on the trail!

Quite an enjoyable hike. Was able to go all the way to Baldy and down it from this trail. Though if you ever decide to the same go the other direction. Baldy to Ptarmigan. Would have been much easier going downhill instead of up the whole time.

5/6; Black bear sighting to the right of Mount Eklutna summit. Was snowing at the top, some trail still under considerable snow at the top (had to do some post-holing) but still doable. Trail was pretty muddy from Bear Point to the bottom but it was possible to stay just off the main path.
Beautiful views and mostly quiet, loved that it was a loop. Will do again in summer.

definitely a hard hike for somebody overweight aka me but I made it up there.... good times

Amazing hike, it can be kind of rough at times in the snow. There are some rather steep sections towards the top section of the hike. Absolutely beautiful views especially at the top. Enjoy

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Hiked 12/12/16. Main trail was in great shape with lots of traffic from hikers and sleds but the trail head going up Eklutna mountain had quite a bit of snow and only one set of tracks. Made it to the top and decided to hike the ridgeline towards Bear Mt and come down that trail cut off. It was in significantly better shape. Great views up top!

Friday, September 16, 2016

great trail with a good incline when you get to the look out point option to go to three different mtn ranges! great day hike!

Scored a beautiful day between rainy days. Easy hike except the very last bit up the mountain. But if a hiking greenhorn like me can make it, anyone can.

One of my favorites! Hiked on 7/26 and there was a lot of blueberries to be picked. Once you get over the brush it is very steep to get to the peak. Well worth the view and a great work out! Highly recommend.

trail running
Sunday, July 17, 2016

A great option instead of out and back is head south down trail after coming back down from Mt Eklutna. It connects to main trail. No water for pups at elevation.

Nice steep hike with beautiful wildflowers along the way and pretty alpine walk along the ridge line. We had a great birds-eye view of Camp Gorsuch Boy Scout camp on Mirror Lake. We were short of time and didn't complete the entire trail, but the short journey was s great way to spend the Sunday afternoon.

How long did it take you to get to the top of Round Top?

One of the best views of the glen hwy and valley.
But the hike is strenuous

It was great! Got some awesome pictures, great views. Lots of blueberries around this time (August). I'm pretty sure the directions on here are wrong. But we found it and loved it!

Beautiful views of the Knik Arm, surrounding Chugach mountains, and Talkeetna Range to the north.

Great first impression for my families intro to hiking Alaska! We went on a very foggy day...couldn't see much at all but that kept the temperature cool. We left the trail after the Alders and went vertical...hearts were thumping and the tundra was soft to stride on as we climbed. Great experience!

really good uphill hike. One of my favorites. Only wish I had more time to explore the top and surrounding area.

Friday, May 08, 2015

This Is a great trail that starts in Chugiak. The trail map says it goes 6 miles back but this trail can connect all the way to Baldy or black tail which ever you prefer. The first mile of trail is up and down with steep to gradual inclines. Once you get a mile back you get into the valley flat and easy going another mile for this bit. Once you reach the large water crossing with a bridge you'll start climbing elevation slowly. You'll come to a flatter area when your up in the mountains if you look to the North (directly behind you) you'll see the valley and mountains, to your left (east) you'll see round top. Continue on the trail to baldy after that. I would recommend mapping out the last bit of the trail portions of the trail might be difficult to find.
We Hiked this one last night after work and it took us about 4 hrs to the top before you keep going on to baldy.

Sunday, April 05, 2015

I led a hike here once a week for several months (September/October/November) with hike it baby anchorage (mommy/baby hiking group) and it is one of my favorites. Small hills through dense trees and high grass for the first .75miles then goes into a semi-deep fault line. After that it starts to ascend up for about 2 miles then it clears and there are beautiful views of the inlet. I've only made it 3 miles out on the trail but i plan on doing the whole trail this summer. If done at a good pace you could make it a workout if you wanted to. The solitude is the best part, in the trees it has a very peaceful feeling to it

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My fiancé and I did decided to go take a walk/hike. The view was just amazing, but at first it was muddy but after a while it was partly gone. It was only during the beginning.

It was a beautiful day, so my DH and I decided to hike, the hill (Bear Mountain) behind our house, I had hiked it once a few years ago, but the fog and rain came in at the top so didn't get to see the views like we did on Saturday.
It's pretty much uphill the whole hike, still a lot of ice, with snow melting which makes it muddy which makes it slippery. I had my katoolas on and hiking poles for the hike back down.
We saw a Ptarmigan (white), and a yellow plane did a few fly byes.
I might hike it again on Monday with some girl friends before it gets to slippery.

4/6/14 lots of mud, snow, and ice. Worth every step to the top. Was able to watch the sun set.

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