Gold! Gold! Gold! Gold! So read the headlines of a Seattle newspaper on July 17, 1897, igniting dreams of easy riches in the minds of thousands as word of a rich gold strike in remote northwestern Canada spreads by telegraph across the globe. The Seattle unit of the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park preserves the story of the subsequent stampede to the Yukon gold fields and Seattle's crucial role in this event. Hours vary seasonally.

Just finished on June 23rd. Lots of snow still on the Canadian side. Gorgeous views and great hiking trails

6 days ago

This was a really gorgeous hike. We were able to walk here from Port while visiting on a Cruise.

Don't give up the lake is amazing

12 days ago

It's a tough first 30 min, but then it's amazing

We arrived from the Czech Republic. Three wonderful days in June. Sun, snow, beautiful lakes and rivers

We had to delay our hike due to flooding in mid July. This meant we had to shorten our hike by one night. National Parks did a great job re arranging our itinerary. It was an amazing 4 days.. Lots of fog over the pass but apart from that the views were great. Highly recommend it

Awesome for my first hike! The forest was so comforting

9 months ago

Very easy, make sure you hike about a tenth of a mile (or shorter) up to a rock lookout when you get to the lake by the bridge. It has a beautiful view of the snowcapped mountain.