Gold! Gold! Gold! Gold! So read the headlines of a Seattle newspaper on July 17, 1897, igniting dreams of easy riches in the minds of thousands as word of a rich gold strike in remote northwestern Canada spreads by telegraph across the globe. The Seattle unit of the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park preserves the story of the subsequent stampede to the Yukon gold fields and Seattle's crucial role in this event. Hours vary seasonally.

Loved this hike so amazing

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7 days ago

Unbelievable hike! The views at the top were incredible, and swimming in the lake was surreal. I have to agree with the other reviewers, this hike should be rated as hard...very hard. The first 2.5 miles are very steep and uphill, and during this time you climb 3,000 ft. You can stop at Lower Dewey Lake and there are a lot of spots by the river to rest, and once you reach Upper Dewey Lake all that climbing is worth it. Make sure you bring a bathing suit to swim and cool off in this beautiful alpine lake! I would highly recommend doing the extra 2.5 miles to Devil's Punch Bowl, which offers stunning mountain, glacier, and ocean views, and another alpine lake.

16 days ago

Great hike ! Not moderate though, very strenuous and steep.
You can spend the night at the top:
2 cabins on the edge of the lake (1 first come first served and another one that you have to book in advance), or with your tent. Great views!

20 days ago

Amazing trail
Sundays and Mondays there is no train back so you have to book a plane extraction (or walk on the train tracks -> illegal).
But leaving on a Thursday you can definitely make the last train on Saturday!!

Completed this trail as a shore day a cruise. Definitely not moderate. This is a strenuous hike.The mileage listed here is off as you have to complete the lead trail. The City visitor center trail maps have the distance as 6.9-miles (out and back). The City maps also list this as strenuous. Great views at the top, especially if you add the Devil's Punch Bowl out and back that starts at the end of the Upper Dewey. That will put you at a total distance from the start of the trail head of 9.4-miles with 3,700-feet of elevation gain. Great hike as you will lose the crew ship folks at the Lower Dewey; however the switchbacks are steep and there is not much relief until near the top. Downhill is pretty hard on the feet and knees.

Great trail. Strenuous, all uphill. Bridge is the half way point, bring a pen to sign your name. Most importantly don't quit! The lake at the top and view of the surrounding area is absolutely gorgeous.

Finished the trail on July 7. Spent 5 nights on the trail, amazing experience. Highly recommended!

worth the effort, but moderate is an understatement. sweet mother of god. moderate if you're used to Everest I suppose lol

1 month ago

Completed the hike on 14th of July after 4 nights on the trail. We stayed in Canyon City, Sheep Camp, Happy Camp and Lindemen. Amazing, amazing hike! Would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested!