Photos of Haines State Forest Trails

This hike is amazzzzzzing! The majority of the trail take place in pretty dense, but enchanting forest with tons of blueberries and different kinds of mushrooms to enjoy and spot the entire way up.
Important to note, the marked trail in the app ends before getting to views. However, if you continue about 30 more minutes, you’ll find yourself out of the trees, on an exposed hillside/cliffside with the most unbelievable views overlooking Haines, surrounded by all the impressive snow capped mountain ranges. Me and my boyfriend couldn’t stop smiling and laughing when we reached this point.
Unfortunately, we were short on time and unable to continue to the summit or cliffs overlook. I’m sure they are very nice, but i was completely satisfied with the hike and views we did get. We were also told that the summit was cool, but the view from lower down (where we stopped) was less obstructed by views of the lower hills on the way up and actually better. Good to know if you’re short on time or don’t feel like going up! The trail does have a pretty good incline the entire time and is basically straight up as you’re getting to the viewpoint where we stopped. You’ll know when you get there!