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Nice easy short trail over prepared gravel paths and sometimes a boardwalk. May see squirrels but not a lot of other wildlife.

Difficult trail with lots of tree roots. Constantly looking at feet.

5 months ago

Wonderful wooded trail to the River. Sat and ate lunch with bald eagles playing above and a black bear feasting on grass on the river island across the way.

Be sure to visit the Huna Tribal House along the trail.

This was definitely a very easy and relaxed stroll that we took the evening we arrived in Gustavus. It is flat and both wheelchair and stroller accessible and can be accessed from the Glacier Bay Lodge. It is very flat and follows the beach so the views are beautiful.

We did this trail from both ends - the trailhead near the lodge and the trailhead at the park boundary a bit closer to downtown Gustavus. The trail is absolutely gorgeous and full of wildlife! We saw porcupines, bear, and lots of varied thrush and other birds. The hiking is easy because it’s mostly flat, however the trail is full of rocks and roots at points.

From the second trailhead closer to town, the first 1.7 miles is all very smooth, straight, and flat and perfect for both biking and hiking.

It is possible to make a loop out of this, but it would require walking on the road for nearly 5 miles, so we did it out-and-back from each end, instead. We loved this trail from both ways!

This trail starts by the dock near the lodge, and goes for a mile or less before ending and veering off onto the beach. The trail is very flat and easy, and we were there at the very end of June and the wildflowers were blooming everywhere, which was beautiful. After the maintained trail ends after one mile, it’s all beach walking over rocks to the point. We only went about 2 miles on the beach and didn’t make it to Point Gustavus, mostly because it was very slow-going trying not to twist ankles on the large rocks. The wildlife was cool (sea otters, several herons, shore birds, and a bear) and the views were beautiful.

This trail was very cool, because there are signs of wildlife everywhere! While we didn’t see any bears, it was obvious they were close (lots of scat) but we did see a moose cow and calf right by the lake! The hiking is very easy and wheelchair/stroller accessible for the first half of it, which is a wooden boardwalk that goes to the pond. A very nice nature walk!

nature trips
Thursday, March 03, 2016

Great views of glaciers and waterfalls. Great birding and whale watching as well. Only accessible by boat.

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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

A rare sight indeed. Try to get there and witness it. Amazing!

on Forest Loop Trail

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