WARNING. The steep part around mile 6.5, O'Malley Peak is not "Moderate". There is no trail, lots of loose rock and potential for injury. The views are worth it, just be careful; fore warned is four armed :)
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21 days ago

21 days ago

This trail is moderate. The payout at the end is spectacular while the power line pass portion is just a means to get you to the hidden lakes trailhead. Muddy in a lot of spots today and a lot of snow still on the ground further back on the trail. Some spots of snow were knee deep if falling through. The lake is still almost completely frozen. Saw mountain goats and arctic ground squirrels and the views were amazing!

This hike was amazing very beautiful and a great workout!! It wasn't at all hard and I'm not in good shape either, it was doable. I loved it .

2 months ago

We went early April and most of the early trail was pretty easy with packed down snow or mud with a few icy patches. The path gets more narrow and steep towards the last 1/4 mile of the trail. That combined with several icy patches makes the top part of the trail very difficult. I believe we were the first hikers this season to go all the way to the top at this point of the year as there were no other footprints to follow. The snow at the top was not packed down and snowshoes are not required but would definitely help. That being said, the summit was not clearly marked. Keep going up until you are above the tree line and go slightly past the trail and you will know it when you see it. Round trip, this trail took us about 60 minutes of leisurely hiking and we stopped at the top to watch the sunset for about 15-20 minutes. Would highly recommend this trail, especially during summer months.

went today for my first winter hiking trek and this hike did not disappoint! there was some deep snow in parts and it was pretty steep near the top but totally worth it. you can't beat clear blue skies and snowy mountain views.

4 months ago

Not a good view of the gorge. Simple hike if you aren't looking for a view.

The power-line pass is an easy trail. But the 2 miles to hidden lake are not easy at all if you are out of shape. Took me 3.5 hours to make it to the lake. It's worth every step and plenty of areas to rest with great scenery.

8 months ago

A nice trail if you want to go for a walk and get out of the city while still being in the city.