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3 days ago

This is, by far, my favorite trail in all of Denali National Park.
The climb up is tough at times but it is then that you can stop and look around at the majestic views. Once up top, the scene is amazing but don't stop at the marked trail. Continue towards Denali and you will find some of the most spectacular scenery anywhere in the park.
I felt like I was in the movie "Sound of Music" on one peak then a totally different feeling on the next. Then, I sat and watched the Mountain they call The Great One, Denali, as the afternoon wore on. An amazing hike and well worth the effort.

4 days ago

Short and easy trail off the tundra trail at the Eielson visitor center

6 days ago

Short and easy trail below the Eielson visitor center

Nice trail with views that can be accessed from the campground instead of walking up to the road.

8 days ago

Fun to get one of the five cabins that the park service uses in the winter as they patrol the trails with dogsleds.

The trail tends to get a bit crowded with people but there is still plenty of room to see the beauty of the river. The path is very well-marked and level. Great hike for someone who wants to get into the park a little bit further that the visitor center.

9 days ago

Brisk and breathtaking!

I did this trail on a rainy day starting from the campground stop. I did carry bear spray just in case but never needed it. The most aggressive animal I saw was a squirrel. I did see some amazing views even in the clouds. On the way back down it was hard to concentrate on my footing because I was in awe of the view. That lead to one fall but I was luck to land on my padding and hop back up. In some areas, a fall could have been disastrous.

If you are riding the shuttle, catch a ride back from the Ranger booth at the river. The Rangers are always happy to point you in the right direction.

I was just in awe to be in Denali National Park!! Went during the last week of May!

13 days ago

Nice trail after bus ride to Eielson. Really enjoyed looking at Mt. Denali from the trail. Ran into lots of cute ground squirrels along the way.

Absolutely beautiful hike! We had breathtaking views of Denali from the top! If you start on the gradual side and go down the steep side, it really isn’t too strenuous. We saw hikers of all ages. It’s heavily trafficked so bears weren’t a huge concern but carry bear spray just in case. Be prepared for A LOT of wind. Even on a calm day we had around 50mph prevailing winds on the exposed side. Highly recommend this hike!

Did the trail with my boys, 14 and 12 years old in 2.5 hours. Rigorous uphill but great vista views. Temp changes so layers helped.

Moderately trafficked area with more commercialization than desired at the trail head, but the views and scenery were still incredible! It’s a short hike, relatively easy. The hike takes you out and back along the edges of the river, back into some beautiful rock formations.

Started at wilderness trail loop and ended at the Savage river (4mile hike). We had two 4 yr olds and two 7 yr olds and they nailed it! Breathtaking views and we even saw a big blonde bear.

1 month ago

Not an easy hike, however the views are stupendous! We did this with our 2 teenage daughters, and it was fully within everyone’s capability. I felt like we were on The Sound of Music while hiking the ridge line. I highly recommend starting at the Savage River trailhead and hiking towards Mountain Vista area. This gets the hardest part done early in the hike.

Nice if you go off trail a bit, this is a very busy trail!

Was a lot of fun even though it was raining and hailing with no visibility. Short enough to enjoy the bad weather and challenging incline. Nice contrast to long bus rides through the park

1 month ago

Hiked up to the high point from the Savage River lot. The incline is for sure brutal on the west side. Elected to head back down to the lot from there as it was raining pretty hard and we were soaked through. That view at the top is worth the climb, though.

Three stars since it's still in Denali, but it's not the most exciting trail. Up the ante by going off the trail at the north end and hopefully seeing some wildlife that people on the trail can't see.

1 month ago

Super easy hike, beautiful scenery, good for kids or those with bad knees. There’s usually a fair amount of traffic, but some peaceful spots to sit and reflect just off trail.

fantastic hike, started from the savage river parking lot with a steep climb. amazing views of the valley and savage river.

Only did the section from the Savage River parking lot to highpoint, but WHATA VIEW!

A real quad burner and quite windy at the top but worth the view.

Fantastic hike! Left from river side with a good strenuous vertical start to the top of the crest. Spectacular views as the weather moved in. Freezing rain and snow rest of the way. High north winds at the outset but just be prepared. Weather changes in an instant there. Highly recommend this hike. Went in early June.

2 months ago

So I did this hike with a friend on 9/1/2014, not expecting much to change from a beautiful, clear morning hike we'd had elsewhere. Everything started off fine as we headed along the river. We noticed what looked like a storm a ways off. By the time we started gaining elevation we were getting into it, and soon we found ourselves in a quite the little blizzard. Semi-high winds, couldn't see beyond the next ridge often, it was pretty cool and a few times slightly scary. It was like being in a Game of Thrones episode. So this is all to make the point, check the weather before you head up so you know what you might be getting into.

Anyway, quite the workout and fun hike. Hard to speak of the view since we couldn't see much, but I bet it's great on a clear day. We only went one way, then hitched a ride back to the trailhead. Overall highly recommended.

2 months ago

Awesome hike, but wouldn’t recommend if there’s still snow. We lost the trail and ended up making our own path through some sections.

Continued past the “maintained” trail to a waterfall where we saw Dall Sheep on the other side of the river (high up). Also saw ground squirrels, snowshoe hares and caribou.

Very easy, level terrain. Got to see some Caribou close up but otherwise not too interesting.

2 months ago

I found it challenging but definitely doable. Real windy on the south side so bring some layers. Featureless near the top but great views of Denali if you’re lucky enough to have clearer skies. Hiked in May and didn’t see any wildlife except squirrels. Would love to do again in the Summer months for better surroundings and less snow track .

4 months ago

It's a beautiful trail and such a short loop, but don't go in the spring without proper hiking shoes, the ice is still there (wow i'm such a lower 48er) and you can end up nearly falling in the river multiple times.

Windy and sublime

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