The views were amazing the entire way up this trail. The ascent was pretty steep, but was all switchbacks. Reaching the top was breathtaking and very windy. Views of Mt. Denali were unbelievable especially if you are lucky enough to get a clear day.

I enjoyed this short hike with my family. it wasn't too challenging for the little ones, and it was still fun for the wife and me.

we went beyond the bridge and further up off the beaten path. we got to a sign saying a bear had made a kill of a young moose, no entrance beyond this point. we didnt want to attempt anything stupid so we hiked back to the loop and returned

The trail I went on was the Savage Alpine trail not the Savage River Trail. It had 887 feet change in elevation and was along a ridge above the Savage River.

2 years ago

Great short hike in Denali National Park,right before the checkpoint past which private vehicles are restricted. Very easy hike, almost a walk/ stroll along a river but still on a trail. Beautiful and easy to access if you're camping out or not going all the way into the park.

Perfect for the family

Great trail, a little short but there are many opportunities to go off trail and explore the landscape, just a great spot to get a good hike in at the beginning of Denali national park.

I had the great privilege of living in Healy last year this trail was one of my favorites. It is a very short but beautiful area full of wildlife as is the rest of Alaska. Although its a bit cooler out I would aim for late August for a trip like this, because you will have a better chance at seeing the northern lights.