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1 day ago

My favorite spot to hike during summer time!!

The trail was beautiful, fresh snow. We were there in the morning and the sun shining On the other mountains illuminated their profile beautifully! Windy at the top however you get to see an entire view of Turnigan arm from one side!! No snow on the road up their and it was a rough ride.

Amazing like always

nice hike close to town. beautiful views.

8 days ago

Perfect day for this hike! Trail was a little muddy after the rain yesterday and then the top had some snow. But the trail was evident with all the foot traffic. Clear enough to see Denali and the views from the peak were incredible. Saw 3 moose on the way up and then 20 sheep (3 different groups) at the peak. Definitely will do again. Enjoy!

A nice relaxing stroll. Didnt see a waterfall (i think the one pictured is for barbara falls).

20 days ago

This hike is definitely a challenge. I am 22 years old and In pretty good shape. It is mostly up hill the whole entire way. Once you past the second bench it turns into a narrow trail, with grass as tall as you. Come to a corner the trail kinda ends and you can go up at your own risk. This part becomes very hard. It opens up and you can see twin peaks well, did not make it any further to see the lake from the very top. Would recommend hiking boots rather than running shoes. Also saw a black bear on the trail right after second bench on the way down. Bring bear spray lots of water, and pack light. Going down is also very tiring. Shin splints is a real thing !

These views are spectacular! There is nothing to compare the peace and beauty of this trip. You do have to cross a pretty crazy stream; so bring your water shoes. A group of my friends and I backpacked and had an amazing time!! Be prepared for anything. Our trip was about 22 miles because there had been a recent snow storm and we had to hike over the snow. Remember iodine tablets so you can refill your water! Worth every step!!!

We ended up just going up ship creek pass to ship lake to see the reveal. It was amazing. Saw a bunch of moose on our way back couple nice bulls. Moderate hike with a creek the whole way up.

Fun, challenging trail with beautiful views from the top

Just did O’Malley today! Took 3.5 hours roundtrip, however my friend and I ran up to the ascent before little Omalley, then the ball fields, and then down the scree coming back. Every opportunity we could. It’s an incredible hike but does require some confidence when heading up the gulley of big Omalley. We took the goat paths whenever we could find them but it was not technical at all. The view from the top, on a bluebird day, is incredible and well worth the trek! Saw about 4 bull moose and a cow coming back. Pretty highly trafficked, but not too many people once you leave the ball fields and start heading up big Omalley. Totally doable hike!

23 days ago

Beautiful hike with great views. Very steep near the top. Saw many sheep, a black bear and bald eagle.

24 days ago

Great views in early September, had a clear day in the high 50’s F*. Finished in a few hours then went to pizza man. “Big win”

The last 200 feet is very difficult. I got to see some moose on a side trail and the view was outstanding. It was a heavily trafficked trail, but I knew that going in, from the other reviews. I would definitely recommend it if you're looking for a challenge.

This trail was a bit difficult but so worth the steps and struggles (carrying a toddler)! Ha-Ha!!!! I loved the overlook of the lake and our son really enjoyed the views too! I am so glad we finally got around to do this trail and did not stop at the second bench of the Twin Peaks trail.
I would say this is a "must-do" hike, at least once. ;-)

Good views like every other mountain in the state, this app labels it as hard but it’s definitely not. It should be rated as moderate.

1 month ago

Had a frightening bear encounter with a sow and three cubs less than a mile in and sadly didn't get to do the hike this day. It's on my "to conquer" list now for sure. Be alert and be bear aware through here folks.

1 month ago

Gorgeous with the fall colors! A perfect hike if you want to be able to talk and hike. The trail is wide enough to walk side by side most of the way.

This was an absolutely perfect day for hiking this trail. Beautiful views, a few varying temperatures but hey that’s what you get in Alaska. One thing I wish I had known prior to arrival was that there is a $5 fee to park at the lodge area. This was my first time hiking the trail and had to make a decision at the fork in the trail as to go left or right. Decided to go right which took us up the path along the ski lift. That path is fairly vertical and will wear you out fast with the gain in elevation. Not for the novice hiker in my opinion or if you want a more leisure hike. Once to the top there were spectacular views of all the changing colors of the landscape below. It is solemnly quiet at the top. Started at 5 pm so the clouds began gently rolling in and gave an amazing show as they crept across the tops and through some of the saddles. Also we found the easier trail that has far less elevation gain up to the ridge-line-between the two peeks. After taking in the spectacular show of the sunlight through the clouds, we headed down the backside ridge-line and followed the spring track. The mountain spring was flowing gently and provided some great sounds. The sun was beginning to get pretty low and provided breathtaking scenery at a much more enjoyable descent. There were 6-7 people we crossed paths with on the hike. I would highly recommend this for someone likes evening hikes for how gorgeous the day was. If you plan on hiking this trail on a wet day make sure you have good shoes or boots. Well worth the work to get to the top.

Amazing views. Tough terrain with a few washouts and rerouting of path. Started in girdwood and finished in eagle river over 2 nights. No bears or moose seen. River crossing was knee height around 330pm.

This peak took us almost 4hrs to reach the top, taking our time in some places due to the loose ground and a few steep areas that are probably out of most people’s comfort zone, but if you don’t mind heights, the view is unbelievable!

Definitely a decent hike. A friend and I hiked about 5 miles in our first evening there and decided to set up camp at the bottom of the glacier after seeing a monster grizzly hanging around the hillside. I swear the second day it felt like we had hiked 20+ miles. Although it was a long second day, the weather, the views, the river crossings, were all an experience that was well worth the hike.

1 month ago

Great trail, agree with previous comments about not taking your dog. At about the 2 mile point I lost the trail and found myself drifting to the east along the ridge. Going downhill was more difficult, dry dusty ground and lots of loose rock made for some slippery situations and yes I did bruise my pride. Great views, no wildlife. GPS tracker had me at 5.2 miles round trip.

1 month ago

Walked through a green tunnel of brush for half an hour then got to the rocky stream bed. Had to cross over the glacially cold stream to go look at the snow caves, which were pretty neat! Sept 9, 2018.

All the stairs got me a little winded. After that though, it's like a choose your own adventure, scrambling up all the rock. Definitely flat at the top, hence the name. Went on a beautiful bluebird day and got views of everything from Iliamna to Denali. (of course, you can get that from the parking lot too... :P) Sept 8, 2018. Took me about an hour and a half to get from parking lot to the top, including breaks.

It was a fun scramble at the top but too many people. 1 hour and 15 minutes total up and back.

Nice hike! Love the rushing water!

1 month ago

Beautiful hike. If you’re a beginner consider warming up for this hike with maybe one or two before. A steady incline with a few flat areas throughout. But mostly you’re trekking up. Beautiful views this time of year.

I don't think I would necessarily classify this hike as 'hard' but I also did it on an absolutely perfect day in terms of weather conditions. It would certainly be more challenging in poor weather or with small children.
Very busy trail but that was also probably increased due to the great weather and time I went (late afternoon on a Saturday).

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