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3 hours ago

Easy and beautiful views! Totally worth it!

A little sloppy in some spots and slick in others. Poles and traction helped. Went down the back side as we were concerned about slipping going back down the front side. Snow is deep on the backside but manageable. Overall a good hike.

a bit of snow and ice still on the trail, but not bad. great trail system in the area for camping, hiking and biking

avoid the steep side when it's raining, mud city. lots of slipping

5 days ago

Gets a bit steep at the end which can be difficult without good traction as there is still deep snow in some areas. Take the back side down the mountain (winds down towards the left side) if you’re worried about sliding down the front!

5/13/2018. Really nice escalation of difficulty as you progress. Last 100m or so is basically easy rock climbing as opposed to hiking. Still lots of snow and mud

7 days ago

The steep trail still has areas on it this time of year where you will have to hike through snow and wet mud. Hiking poles are extremely helpful.

The views are breathtaking. There are parts that are challenging, especially the rocks at the top, but it is well worth it.

7 days ago

This is a very steep hike with very rewarding views. It’ll give your knees a challenge on the way down. Very challenging, but a great workout.

8 days ago

Nice, short trail. Great for children! Still a little muddy but nothing terrible

This is an easy trail most of the way. I always keep my cramp ons in my bag and i wear gloves. Past the baseball field is a beautiful lake.

I hike this trail at least once a month. It has been muddy lately. I take extra clothing and my cramp ons.

I hiked this trail for the first time on 5/5/18. It was indeed challenging in certain parts because the snow was slushy/slippery and I didn’t have good traction on my feet. Some parts of the hike were very steep so please pay close attention to where you step. As you get closer to the top there are some wooden steps to help lift you and not lose track of the path. I recommend this hike in the summer where the snow isn’t too over bearing. The view, however, was incredible the whole way up. It was an excellent experience.

Went on 5/8/18 view was amazing as we caught some cloud separation over the ocean. Still icy and can be a bit difficult if you are carrying little children (2,4). Muddy in some spots as well. Was extremely dissapointed by all the dog poop, saw a few LEASHLESS DOGS. If you hike clean up after your animal, leaving full dog poop bags along the trail is still not cool.

View from the top is amazing. Some steep sections, can scramble up. Can be pretty busy during the summer. Would highly recommend during the solstice

11 days ago

Absolutely beautiful views throughout the entirety of the hike. Snow is still knee-deep in most places so you will definitely need waterproof shoes with good traction. We had to stop a bit before the summit because we did not have good enough traction for the amount of snow and scrambling required to get to the peak

11 days ago

Beautiful trail and surroundings, but definitely not easy. The snow makes the trail difficult to navigate, lots of slipping and sliding around. The last couple hundred yards were covered in boulders that we had to climb across. I’m sure this one is easier in summer. I’d do again because it was so beautiful!

13 days ago

Great trail with beautiful views! Reasonable incline gets your heart rate going but it’s nothing too challenging. The “moderate” difficulty rating is accurate. The trail is well kept, and we ran into a lot of people (and their lovely dogs!) today. Still a bit of snow near the top, but nothing you would sink in to. Overall, a splendid hike!

Great trail, still lots of snow on the top. Heck of a workout

Great view of lake. Upper 1/4 of trail still covered in snow, but manageable. Good cardio challenge.

nice, short trail. very little mud.

This is not the Ramp, what the map is showing is Powerline Pass. It’s an easy biking, running, walking trail all the way to the back of the bowl. If you hike over the saddle you drop down into Indian, also part of the Powerline Pass route. The photo for this trail shown, is showing the valley for the Ramp Hike. Not sure how this got messed up.

25 days ago

well maintained trail that is wide and gradually inclines from the trees to an amazing view of the lake.

starts off easy and then becomes extremely difficult until you reach the ridge line. amazing views. wear a good pair of shoes, it is muddy in the early spring.

this trail is heavily used; two sides: hard/ steep or a moderate incline.
muddy in early spring!
bring a light jacket for the windy condition at the top.

26 days ago

Can lose the trail pretty easily when there’s a little snow. The views aren’t that great but nice enough. But you’ll work up a sweat if you aren’t a regular hiker!

Just did this hike on 4/22/2018 and it was awesome! A bit muddy at the start with snow following after but no postholing. Would recommend trekking sticks and once we reached the ridge top it was covered in snow, but crunchy snow. Amazing views! I will be attempting this again later this summer. Round trip we knocked it out in 5 1/2 hours with multiple breaks for snacks and such.

28 days ago

Took the backside trail up to the top, that side is in much better condition right now. Took the frontside trail still has snow mixed with lots of mud, definitely need yaktraks/crampons. As luck would have it, there’s a stray pair on the top somewhere, lost mine on the way down! Poles were also helpful.

Awesome running trail but have to hit the seasons right. Lower parts of trail can be boggy in Spring/Summer.

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