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Great if you’re looking for a quick hike that will still get your HR up. Views of Prince William Sound and the glaciers were pretty neat even on a rainy spring day and we saw two bald eagles on the way up. We hiked this in early May and there was still knee-deep snow along the entire trail

Beautiful trail.

This was awesome hike. I have a titanium ankle and despite the first .8mile being a good leg burner. It was cool and i filled up my water bottle with glacier water

trail running
4 days ago

Love this for jogging and views. I’m a beginning trail runner but I feel safe and run it two or three times to get the distance in. Just enough small hills to make it a bit of a challenge. Also, do take the side trail at the end to the base of the falls for a bit better view. Worth it.

Great trail, even for a beginner like me. But be ready for the mosquito swarms.

7 days ago

This was a beautiful hike to the lakes and a small waterfall at the end. Definitely worth it. We didn’t encounter any wild life on the way up, but on the way back we came across 8 moose at random points close along the trail. One was on the trail’s bridge & didn’t want to budge, so we had to cross the small river on foot down stream. Bring bear mace just in case.

There’s about 5 miles or so of unpaved road, mostly gravels, to the parking area by the trail head. Some part of the road is muddy and wet. It’s middle of June and we still have to hike over some snow. The view up top is amazing though. It’s all worth it at the end. The hike is a bit steep uphill but I am sorta out of shape so I breath like a dog hiking up. I love it though.

8 days ago

This trail is fairly easy, almost entirely gravel, and doesn’t have any really steep inclines. It also offers some fantastic views of the river, as well as the lush forest surroundings.

Great trail....wonderful scenery and a lot of solitude! Good for an overnight or day trip in and out.

It’s uphill right at the beginning of the trail but not too bad. The waterfall is smaller than I expected. The hike up to the balcony view and down to the creek are easy and short. Lots of mosquitoes!

Finished this hike this morning. Trail was dry most of the way but the wet/muddy areas were passable. Lakes are free of ice though there are some patches of snow.

Great for kids!

12 days ago

This is a great trail, appropriate for all skill levels. The hand tram and Snowcat bridge make the hike extra special. We started at the Alyeska hotel end (park at the hotel, and the trailhead is located at rear of the hotel by the tram station). We did an out-and-back, which totals about 6.4 miles. The hike wends through the beautiful and lush Chugach forest. Concerned about bears? When we went, there were so many people on the trail that the wildlife (other than birds) stayed in hiding. Our fellow hikers were for the most part friendly and pretty laid back. The trail is impressively well maintained. All in all a great hike.

13 days ago

I have now done this hike 4 summers in a row. I love it. It is great for kids and my 70 year old mother just finished it. The cabins along the way are great. The views are spectacular.

We love this trail! The end gets a little tricky—you need to know where the parking is that you left your car at. There are 3 exits so you need to know which one to follow. Can be a little steep, but our kids love it. My 2 and 4 yr old can’t walk the whole thing but they walked at least half.

14 days ago

Not sure I’d rate this as easy, moderate would be a better description due to the incline. Lots of running water, mud and snow still on the trail.

14 days ago

Gorgeous Gorge. Definitely would recommend this one for the easier goers. Some incline but not bad. Hiked it on Thursday afternoon and it was only slightly busy.

Great little hike. A bit crowded, but it was a beautiful day. Some hills, so may be challenging for young children, but if you don’t go to the bottom of the falls it’s a very quick easy hike.

My 4 yr old walked the whole time. Lots of up and down but trail is very well maintained and not muddy at all. I would not take my dad (he’s 70) but my 2 yr old walked most of it too and my 5 month old golden doodle LOVED the water and trees. Easy enough for babies, interesting enough for teens. My 3 teens enjoyed the activities as well.

Started around 11am this morning. trail was nice and dry most of the way with very few patches of snow here and there. Both lakes were still partially frozen but still well worth the hike in

nature trips
17 days ago

We walked this trail today with our 5 and 10 y.o.s and they loved it! We also had our mid sized lab with us and she did great! There is some incline during this hike so be prepared for that. Muddy in some areas but it’s doable in sneaks or hiking shoes. It was our first time there and we really enjoyed it.

Waterfall was so amazing! Lots of people around great for kids. Great hike for beginners.

19 days ago

Busy trail, lots of dogs. Fun hike. Still snowy parts but it’s packed.

nature trips
19 days ago

Hiked on 6-1-18, enjoyed beautiful weather and a serene forest walk. The forest ground is rich and dense with green ground cover—the beauty is in the details of this trail. No wildlife observed, we saw about a dozen people in three hours, the trail is clear and mostly easy walking with the exception of lots of incline near the creek. The Gorge is a beautiful sight, and there are lots of opportunities to get near the creek along the way. Afternoon well spent!

Easy trail, very busy. Waterfall was okay though not spectacular. There was a guy in a wetsuit hanging out in the falls when we went. Brrrr.

Easy trail, could be considered more of a walk than a hike. Saw many strollers so you can tell that it's more of a walk. Nice wide trail, maintained well

Need to pay park fee of $5 but it's definitely worth it to maintain the quality of trail.

21 days ago

Awesome hike with breathtaking views. The first mile or so up to the pass is a good leg burner with stunning views at the top. The trail has some snow on it right now but was certainly doable in all types of shoes.
We hiked down the trail, around the lake and crossed the river for some closeup views of the glacier. The river was thigh to waist deep and was freezing- we checked and there was no safe place to rock hop across. Not sure how deep it is at other times of the year, but If you plan on crossing I'd recommend waders or boots or an extra set of pants. There's also a pretty beautiful glacial waterfall you can get a peek of by heading upstream.

Overall such a gorgeous hike with surprises all along the way.

21 days ago

Hike is gorgeous and easy. You can climb down the rocks and get right next to the waterfalls. Went on 5/26 and the hand tram was open, but there was a pretty big line so we just turned around. Only issue is how heavily trafficked it was, but that's to be expected on memorial day weekend.

Easy hike as far as elevation goes. Beautiful. We saw moose, ptarmigan and sheep. A little busy for my liking, but it was on Memorial Day. We were geocaching, so we put in 12.5 miles, per the Garmin.

on Winner Creek Trail

22 days ago

Truly amazing hike along the river!! Will definitely be back for this one!! Bridge and hand tram are fun extras!! Beautiful!!

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