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This was awesome hike. I have a titanium ankle and despite the first .8mile being a good leg burner. It was cool and i filled up my water bottle with glacier water

4 days ago

This was a beautiful hike to the lakes and a small waterfall at the end. Definitely worth it. We didn’t encounter any wild life on the way up, but on the way back we came across 8 moose at random points close along the trail. One was on the trail’s bridge & didn’t want to budge, so we had to cross the small river on foot down stream. Bring bear mace just in case.

Great trail....wonderful scenery and a lot of solitude! Good for an overnight or day trip in and out.

Finished this hike this morning. Trail was dry most of the way but the wet/muddy areas were passable. Lakes are free of ice though there are some patches of snow.

10 days ago

I have now done this hike 4 summers in a row. I love it. It is great for kids and my 70 year old mother just finished it. The cabins along the way are great. The views are spectacular.

Such a great trail. Beautiful views. Not steep at all. Plenty water available. Didn’t see bears but the dogs almost got into a porcupine! Yikes!

Started around 11am this morning. trail was nice and dry most of the way with very few patches of snow here and there. Both lakes were still partially frozen but still well worth the hike in

16 days ago

Busy trail, lots of dogs. Fun hike. Still snowy parts but it’s packed.

Saw a bear and some bald eagles. Views were beautiful especially up near the lake.

18 days ago

Awesome hike with breathtaking views. The first mile or so up to the pass is a good leg burner with stunning views at the top. The trail has some snow on it right now but was certainly doable in all types of shoes.
We hiked down the trail, around the lake and crossed the river for some closeup views of the glacier. The river was thigh to waist deep and was freezing- we checked and there was no safe place to rock hop across. Not sure how deep it is at other times of the year, but If you plan on crossing I'd recommend waders or boots or an extra set of pants. There's also a pretty beautiful glacial waterfall you can get a peek of by heading upstream.

Overall such a gorgeous hike with surprises all along the way.

Easy hike as far as elevation goes. Beautiful. We saw moose, ptarmigan and sheep. A little busy for my liking, but it was on Memorial Day. We were geocaching, so we put in 12.5 miles, per the Garmin.

21 days ago

This would be a great hike for family. The first 8/10 Of a mile is up up up. But it’s a well groomed trail with a lot of rock. Can you reach the high point of 800 feet. From that point you can see down into the pass on the other side and Portage Lake and portage glacier.

You work your way down through some fields with good view of the glacier and lake most the way along with the mountains on both sides of you.

I’ve lived here inAlaska for many years and for some reason I just thought this trail was just an easy hike to see the glacier. But it is so much more than that. This is a do over for me despite how “easy“ it was.

22 days ago

Only hiked to the pass (1 mile in) due to the muddy, snowy trail conditions after that. The trail is a good stair master for that first mile! The views were beautiful and I was happy to find out you could see Portage Glacier at the pass. Saw some hoary marmots, bald eagles and a wolf.

22 days ago

Nice easy trip to Symphony and Eagle Lakes. Several good camping spots along shore of Symphony Lake. Trail still a little muddy. Both lakes frozen on 5/27. Many ptarmigan and terns near the lakes.
Very popular day hike. Distance is wrong on trail description. It’s 6.3 miles to the lakes.

Gosh what a great trail. super pleasant walking. not much elevation rewuired. and so many changes in scenery. lush forest with creepy shaped trees, straw meadows, expanse, imposing Mountains. this trail has everything one could ask for on a hike. I wished it never ended and I was still on it instead of writing about it. there's a squirrel in the trail. a little beautiful squirrel that looks at you funny when you pass by.

Hiked this trail today, started off at 0930 with one other vehicle in the parking lot. It was a rather easy hike however, I only made it out about 3.5 to 4 miles. 95% of the trail is soft slushy snow. The views were amazing the entire way. I can't wait to go back in the next few weeks/months once it thaws out a bit more. Most of the incline is right at the beginning of the trail for maybe .3 miles. After that it was pretty flat with small hills.

IWe were just talking to the falls really and back. Got on trail late in the day. First Mile or so was pleasant but a bit of Muck in places. Next came halfway decent trail but muck and snow - you know the bit of snow that’s left over real packed down right on the trail.

As we get near the falls and started getting colder and more snow and I post-holed once or twice.

It was a nice shakedown hike for the beginning of the season.

2 months ago

Gorgeous in winter!

This trail is amazing, the views are beyond words! Went today, a bit icey so coming down was challenging. Would recommend having snowshoes or grips, however if you’re careful good hiking boots will do the trick!!! Enjoy!

Went there on January, it was snowing a lot, it got pretty hard, but amazing hike

easy with great wildlife viewing opportunities

6 months ago

Yes, this is in my top 10 of all time favorites, words can't explain.

8 months ago

Not too hard but great scenery and tons of animals. Better to start from the car park at Flat Top trail head and go across

8 months ago

Awesome easy hike with multiple stunning views of glaciers. Portage glacier is beautiful from all distances but getting up close was a treat!

Might be shorter from Glenn Alps trailhead than prospect heights.
9/30-10/1: Trail was muddy most of the way but still manageable. 2 bull moose spotted towards the mouth of the valley and plenty of Dahl Sheep near the lakes. Easy trail, not too much elevation climb. Lots of choices to go on over Williwaw Pass or veer off to Black Lake

8 months ago

Amazing fall colors. Nobody in trail but us. Very windy at the top but the view of the twin lakes is beyond beautiful.

forest service cabins make this a great trip in not so perfect weather. great spots for tent camping. the middle part from devils creek to east creek is my favorite

9 months ago

My wife and I hiked this trail on Sept.7 and the fall colors were fantastic. We really enjoyed the hike, saw 4 bull moose, 2 cow moose and 7 Dall Sheep.
The hike was easy.

just finished this beautiful hike. me and my husband did it in about 2 hours with turn offs to the river a few times.

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