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on Winner Creek Trail

22 hours ago

Hand tram was still closed as of today, but a beautiful hike nonetheless! Plenty of boardwalks and gravel sections to keep you from getting too muddy.

Gosh what a great trail. super pleasant walking. not much elevation rewuired. and so many changes in scenery. lush forest with creepy shaped trees, straw meadows, expanse, imposing Mountains. this trail has everything one could ask for on a hike. I wished it never ended and I was still on it instead of writing about it. there's a squirrel in the trail. a little beautiful squirrel that looks at you funny when you pass by.

trail running
2 days ago

quick and easy. still a bit of ice at the very end of the creek trail before the waterfall.

Nice and easy, still a bit of snow down at the base of the falls

8 days ago

Easy peasy lemon squeezy. My fiancé and I hiked this with our yellow lab on a windy May afternoon. Took about 2 hours, but we didn’t go all the way to the end. You get great views of Turnagain Arm and other beautiful mountain ranges.

5 minutes outside of town, great little hike for the family. slight incline the first half mile, pretty mild after that.

11 days ago

WOW. absolutely amazing hike with incredible views. My boyfriend and I have gone on quite a few in the last week, and this one is our favorite!
The trail was well kept, but it did get mucky in some areas where the snow was still melting. I imagine it gets reallllly muddy after a good rain, so be aware. Also, there are a couple trail options: a windy switchback, and a straight uphill scramble that starts about 1/3 of the way in. We took the scramble up and the switchbacks down, which worked pretty well! 10/10 would recommend.

12 days ago

It's a beautiful hike! The view from the top is amazing. It is steep, bring good shoes and water. You can ride the tram down if its running.

12 days ago

Very well maintained! The first portion of the trail is maintained for wheelchair access. This is a rainforest- very green and lush

Good for hiking in the summer or snowshoeing in the winter- the snow generally isn't groomed for skiing. The woods are gorgeous

nature trips
12 days ago

Snow is pretty much cleared up, but there are parts of ice in areas, but not much. There are patches of mud and wet forest floor, but overall not bad! It was a good hike. We were able to climb down into the gorge and walk to see the waterfall that was quite awesome! A must hike for amateurs and avid hikers all alike!

14 days ago

I used to guide backpacking trips on this trail when I was 18 and 19 (32 now!) The full hike was amazing, yes mosquitos, yes cold at night, yes very rainy- but totally worth it for the pristine wilderness and waterfall (see my b and w photo) hoping to go back next year and do this trail again :)

Quick and easy hike with plenty of people with dogs and even strollers in some cases. a good twenty to thirty minute jaunt.

Hiked this trail today, started off at 0930 with one other vehicle in the parking lot. It was a rather easy hike however, I only made it out about 3.5 to 4 miles. 95% of the trail is soft slushy snow. The views were amazing the entire way. I can't wait to go back in the next few weeks/months once it thaws out a bit more. Most of the incline is right at the beginning of the trail for maybe .3 miles. After that it was pretty flat with small hills.

Views are beautiful, the falls are more active since it’s getting warmer and thawing out. Very muddy in some areas but not terrible as long as you have good waterproof shoes / boots.

Beautiful. Quick hike. Muddy and icy in spots. Definitely worth taking the detour down the creek trail near the falls viewpoint.

*There is a $5 parking fee. Doesn’t seem highly enforced, however.

IWe were just talking to the falls really and back. Got on trail late in the day. First Mile or so was pleasant but a bit of Muck in places. Next came halfway decent trail but muck and snow - you know the bit of snow that’s left over real packed down right on the trail.

As we get near the falls and started getting colder and more snow and I post-holed once or twice.

It was a nice shakedown hike for the beginning of the season.

Very quick hike year round.

Still a bit slippery for some parts in mid April. The trail down to the creek looked almost impossible due to a patch of ice at the top. Everything else is pretty easy, well marked. If you want solitude this trail probably isn’t best as I still saw a few people during the icy months.

1 month ago

I can be a bit slipery during the winter. with all the snow. make sure you bring some yaktracks or some other kind of traction for waking up and down the hills

Easy to take the wrong path in the snowy months and end up on some random mountain thigh deep in snow. Needs better signage.

Was icy and muddy but still a nice short hike.

1 month ago

Nice and scenic trail with falls and streams. It is steep in some places but offers a lot of view and lots of areas of nice scenery. I would recommend this trail to people who like to be just far away from the city but not too far.

Beautiful hike

Gorgeous in winter!

This trail is amazing, the views are beyond words! Went today, a bit icey so coming down was challenging. Would recommend having snowshoes or grips, however if you’re careful good hiking boots will do the trick!!! Enjoy!

1 month ago

This trail is great for locals and tourists alike. It is located IN Girdwood not 'near' Girdwood and if you have a well behaved dog let him/her romp in the woods leash-free. I'm a local and Girdwood loves dogs.

2 months ago

Loved hiking this trail 03-18-2018. We hiked to the hand tram with our 1 year old even though it is closed during Winter season. Snow was nicely compact and there was quite a few other groups hiking in the area. We noticed ski areas as well as signs leading the way for other trails. Use caution when hiking the bridge section, careful not to step on the sides of the bridge or else you'll be up to your hips in snow! We saw lots of snowmen on the trail and could see signs of spring approaching as the squirrels were running about, making noise and chasing one another. Very peaceful.

Went there on January, it was snowing a lot, it got pretty hard, but amazing hike

2 months ago

Fantastic, well maintained trail that was truly enjoyable to hike. Fairly highly trafficked so don't expect much privacy. The views are nice. In the summer season, you'll get to watch the flight-seeing planes flying along the valley below you. The trail can be hiked round-trip. If you aren't quite up to this, an easier option would be do a one-way hike and ride the Alyeska Aerial Tram the other way (be sure to check the schedule to see if it is running). If you hike up, the ride down on the Tram is free. Alternatively, pay for the Tram ride up and take the relatively easy hike down.

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